Five takeaways from Indiana’s loss to Wisconsin

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IUB1G1ITH0015CHICAGO — In front of a pro-Indiana crowd on Saturday afternoon at the United Center, the Hoosiers dropped a 12th straight decision to Wisconsin, falling 68-56 in the Big Ten Tournament semifinals.

Here’s a look at five takeaways from IU’s loss to the Badgers:

· Whether coincidence or a blueprint, Wisconsin has IU’s number: This was supposed to be the season that Indiana would finally solve the Wisconsin puzzle. But when the Hoosiers fell to Wisconsin 64-59 back in January, it appeared IU would be forced to wait another year to end the losing streak against Bo Ryan and the Badgers. Saturday’s game in the Big Ten Tournament offered the opportunity to avenge a loss for a second straight day. As Indiana mounted a 9-0 rally in the second half to draw the game even at 40, the Hoosiers had momentum and the crowd behind them. Wisconsin, however, never deviated from its plan to force Indiana into a halfcourt game and out-executed the Big Ten champs down the stretch. IU scored just seven points in the last 9:45 and was dealt its worst loss of the season. “We knew that we were capable of having success against this team if we stuck to our rules and played our style of basketball,” Jared Berggren said. “And we were able to do enough of that today to come up with a win.”

· Wisconsin didn’t let Indiana win with the 3-pointer: The strength of Indiana’s offense is its efficiency from the perimeter. The Hoosiers shot close to 42 percent in Big Ten games on threes, but in two losses to the Badgers, that figure dipped to 27.5 percent (8-of-29). Through the first 20 minutes, it appeared Indiana might be in line to break through from distance by hitting 4-of-8 attempts. The second half was a different story as IU went just 1-of-9 from behind the arc. The struggles were a combination of the Hoosiers missing some open looks and the Badgers shoring up many of the openings IU was able to exploit in the first half.

· Indiana didn’t defend well enough to win: It wasn’t Indiana’s worst defensive performance of the season, but there were plenty of lapses the Hoosiers will be reviewing before the NCAA Tournament tips off next week. Among them: Poor rotations on perimeter shooters, defensive rebounding and allowing Wisconsin to score 30 points in the paint. The Badgers shot 7-of-18 from behind the 3-point line and scored 18 second chance points. “The biggest story for us is we’ve been defending the 3 the last six, seven games at an incredibly high level and today we didn’t,” Tom Crean said. “And they got some kick-out threes and things of that nature, but we got away from what had been making us better. We started to over-help again and tried to cover for one another when there was no need to do it. Those are the things we just can’t do.”

· Badgers bench more effective: A day after Indiana’s bench was a strength in a win over Illinois, the Hoosiers again struggled to find points from beyond the starting five. Will Sheehey shot just 1-of-7 and finished with two points and while Remy Abell played well with six points in 15 minutes, Wisconsin’s bench put together 17 points. Freshman Sam Dekker was especially crucial for Wisconsin, scoring seven straight points in a second half run and later pushing the Badgers back to a seven-point lead with a dunk in transition at the 4:08 mark. “A lot that we don’t talk about is guys like Frank [Kaminsky] and Sam coming in and stepping up, how big that is for us, guys off the bench,” Ryan Evans said. “That’s needed if you want to win championship in any tournament.”

· Indiana may have cost itself the No. 1 seed in the Midwest: It will be the storyline going into tomorrow night’s NCAA Tournament selection show: Indiana vs. Louisville for the No. 1 in the seed in the coveted Midwest Regional being played in Indianapolis. The Hoosiers could have sewn up that path with a win on Saturday, but Louisville’s Big East Tournament championship win over Syracuse thickens the plot heading into Sunday night. Opinions on the matter differ between bracketologists: CBS’ Jerry Palm believes IU is still the No. 1 overall, while Joe Lunardi of ESPN has elevated Louisville to that spot with its win. Ultimately, IU fans will travel well regardless of the venue, but the advantage of playing just 45 miles away from Bloomington for a shot at the Final Four would be major.

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  • Crean lost that one with substituting! Play your studs! CZ & Victor can’t help from the bench!

  • SCHoosier

    In a network interview earlier this year..after IU first game..Bo was asked about his offense and defense. Para-phrased..he said.. said “it’s simple..we hold the ball for as long as possible (unless we have a wide open drive) because 1) during that possession time we are expecting the defense to break down at some point…that’s when we try to shoot the ball 2) Working the clock also gives teams that like a lot of offensive possession and shots..fewer opportunities to score. Of course WE have to make our shots. 3) on defense we try to attack where we know the other guys like to take the ball.”Simple approach when you think about it..

  • Hoo Hoo Hound dog

    No secret to what Bo Ryan does. Spacing, ball movement and patience on offense. Deny the ball,block out and hustle on defense. We all learned these skills in elementary. Hard to beat them with one on one plays and not blocking out.

  • marcusgresham

    When Louisville went on that run against Syracuse last night there were plays that would have drawn flags in football that were ignored.

  • PDXHoosier

    I think he’ll tighten up the rotation for the tournament; he did last year (Roth got almost zero PT). i do like taking CZ/VO out just before the under 12/8/4 timeout to get them a few extra minutes of rest, though.

  • marcusgresham

    IU also had the misfortune of a seriously back-loaded schedule. They don’t put the emphasis on the last few weeks the way they used to and IU’s body of work is as good if not better than anyone else in the country–there have been bad loses to no one (Louisville got beaten by Villanova, Duke was KILLED by Miami, Kansas lost to TCU, Gonzaga took a pretty thorough beating from Illinois, Miami went down to a bad Wake Forest team….)

  • marcusgresham

    The same guy who managed to find a way to beat Michigan (twice,) Michigan State (twice,) Ohio State in Columbus. The same guy who has a barely-recruited kid on the cusp of a national player of the year award? No idea what he’s doing on the sidelines? No can’t coach at all.
    You’re probably the same guy who thought Peyton Manning sucked because the Colts struggled to beat the Patriots or Bills sucked because they lost 4 straight Super Bowls.
    Also, here’s a news flash, NO ONE can win consistently without talent around him.

  • marcusgresham

    If Wisconsin plays Louisville will they just go first team to 10 wins?

  • SCHoosier

    Well not much doubt that OSU defended the Badgers a hell of a lot better than we did. IU forced 2-3 last second shots in the WIS possessions..I counted 8 or 9 today where WIS had to throw up a prayer with a couple of seconds left. Congrats Bucks..nice job. National audience..Big-10 championship..the winner gets 50 pts..the loser 43…how do we every recruit athletes to play in this ugly league?

  • hoosierdaddy3

    As long as IU isn’t traveling to an 8 or 9 seeds home floor consider me extremely confident. I’m not saying they couldn’t/won’t lose to an 8 or 9, but a top 5 team for the entire season isn’t losing to them in the tournament.

  • Bo Zinger

    Scoring is the name of the game,especially in tourney play.IU had too many missed shors against UW.

  • notfargj

    pass away, arch. it’s not you i’m suggesting should investigate how and why other programs are successful in certain areas. there’s always room for growth for everyone, a principle i know coach crean embraces. he’s always studying, always learning his craft.

    you boast about our players being top students. is that to suggest coach ryan doesn’t emphasize and uphold academic standards or civic engagement? on the contrary, i think wisconsin runs a superb program and are definitely doing something right. we should esteem what other teams do well and recognize, should take away the positives. there’s a reason bo ryan’s colleagues voted him conference COY; he is held in high esteem for a reason. summarizing their success against us as being a “rugby scrum” is a lazy, cheap insult that does little to further a healthy dialogue.

    to be sure, my comments are by no means to discredit the coach and players that i love and support.

    we can pump our chest, boast about our accomplishments and rest on our laurels but there is much wisdom in much counsel. and, pride goeth before destruction. you see, wisconsin has beaten us 12 times in a row. it would be to our advantage, if we truly want to be a superior program, to expand the breadth and depth of our basketball IQ. if we truly want to be forward thinkers and innovators, we should remain humble and strive for understanding.

  • jaypay23

    IU got out coached and the basic fundamentals were not there. I seen Oladipo try to bounce passes behind Zeller while Zeller was being double teamed. Not gonna win against good teams when you make bone headed plays like that. I am no basketball genius but I know that passes go to the front or in front of the reciever not the side.