The Wall Street Journal on Victor Oladipo and his twin sister

  • 03/12/2013 12:51 pm in

The Wall Street Journal: What Victor Owes Victoria

After the No. 1-ranked Indiana Hoosiers lost to unranked Minnesota late last month, Victoria Oladipo wasted no time tapping out a text message to her crestfallen brother, Indiana guard Victor Oladipo.

“I don’t understand,” she wrote, “how you let Trevor Mbakwe score 21 points and get 12 rebounds.”

His response: “LOL. Yeah, I got you.”

Her response to his response: “Never let that happen again.”

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  • Victor has the heart of a champion. My favorite play in the Michigan game was
    when Trey drove and then did a quick step back and up and under move – and Victor
    was right there. Trey had to give up the ball, and he did not want to. Victor
    imposed his will on him as he does to so many players. Looks like his sister has the same mindset. Victor is a leader. As a leader of the team they need to do the
    same. I suspect if we play Mbakwe again both Vic and the team will ready.

  • And_One

    Vic and Will both have twin sisters. How about that.

  • Chitownhoosier

    Looks like the team may get another chance. Either team they get – Ill. Or Min. They need to put down quickly and hard.

  • Hoosiers__1

    I also go to IU and have a twin sister. Too bad I’m not on the basketball team haha.

  • unclekerfuffle

    Someone needs to interview the two sisters–got to be some great stories to tell on Vic and Will.

  • Family will speak the truth that is for sure.