Around the Hall: Big Ten champions

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Around the Hall is recommended reading from the Inside the Hall staff.

· Gary Parrish of CBS Sports weighs-in from Ann Arbor on a fitting finish to the Big Ten regular season.

· Rick Bozich of WDRB writes that IU’s celebration in Ann Arbor included hats, hugs and tears. He also looked at Crean not giving an inch, even in the postgame handshake line.

· Andrew Sharp of SBNation: “Michigan-Indiana serves our first taste of March Madness insanity.”

· Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports believes these Hoosiers mirror their fiery coach.

· The New York Times profiles Victor Oladipo, who knows how to wow a crowd.

· Pat Forde of Yahoo! Sports looks at the weird relationship between Oladipo and his father, Chris.

· UMHoops has the Michigan perspective on IU’s wild 72-71 win over the Wolverines.

· Brent Yarina of The Big Ten Network states his case for Oladipo as the conference player of the year.

· Drew Sharp of The Detroit Free-Press writes that Michigan’s “gag” against IU proves it isn’t that good.

· Michael Rothstein of ESPN looks at the one roll of the ball that decided the outcome in the Crisler Center.

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  • Geoff_85

    I absolutely LOVE this picture. These recommended readings are also great. Quick jumps to a lot of different takes on different stories. Thanks a lot guys. Keep up the good work.

  • Miamihoosier

    If the higher seeds win this week, all 3 of IU’s games will be against teams that beat us, good luck doing it twice…..I’m going to be a huge Wisconsin fan on Friday. I want the chance to play them again. They knocked us out last year, and screamed 18 in a row in our house…..we need to vanquish them.

  • twarrior87

    100% agree, I want Wisconsin as well

  • Geoff_85

    I wanted them last year…didn’t work out so well. At this point I’m not sure if I want IU to get them Saturday, or if I never want IU to play them again. Ever.

  • CreamandCrimson

    Conference re-alignment….let’s send the Badgers to the restructured Big East. Instead of adding someone like Creighton, they can take Wisconsin for their 10th team.

  • PDXHoosier

    Seeing Cheaney celebrate like a kid after the game was priceless. love it.

  • xCowHoosier

    I love the fact that Cheaney is on this coaching staff…the picture cliche holds true for this photo!

  • OhioHoosier

    Anyone know where I can find video of the Oladipo/Crean interview on the court yesterday after the game? It was on ESPN after the game, but I cannot find it anywhere!! Help? It was a great interview and I want to see it again…

  • Earl Scheib

    Brilliant, all of it, and a great cobbling together of pieces, folks. Well done. One banner up, two more to go! Crean and company should now play loose and confident with the air of the undisputed champions they are. Well done Hoosiers! Keep up the momentum and fire on all cylinders! As for the Big tourney, I’ll be having a “doctor’s appointment” around noon this Friday and slipping out of the office to the nearest sports bar to watch us stomp our next victim. (I hope it’s Illinois for some reason, perhaps because I don’t want to see Cody get pummeled again by those bruisers from Shittyapolis.) To banner #6!

  • Dave

    I can’t remember if it was ’93 or ’94, but one of those years Alan Henderson blocked a shot in the final second or two in Ann Arbor to win the game against the Fab Five. This ending reminded me of that one.

  • Daburns0

    I just set that picture as my desktop. Love it! He is still my favorite all time Hoosier.

  • Daburns0

    I just set that picture as my desktop. Love it! He is still my favorite all time Hoosier.

  • CutterInChicago

    Love it as well. The man also looks likes he did back in 1993… I say we check into his eligibility. He’d be a nice addition to this year’s squad…

  • Fowler

    Yeah, there nothing more that I’d like to see than us beating Wisconsin after they took us in AH, but after Crean’s post game comments I think Michigan round 3 would be just as tantalizing.

  • calbert40

    Which team do you guys think was better, ’93 or ’13? That’s tough. I know I was comparing those two teams in my own head at the beginning of the season, but now that they have a banner, the comparisons are warranted. Being mentioned in the same breath is quite a compliment. Hopefully, this team can accomplish something that team couldn’t quite attain. (I still think we got screwed in ’92!)

  • Yeah, that’s an awesome photo. Love seeing Calbert celebrate like that. He’s my all-time favorite Hoosier, and I’m glad he’s back impacting the program!

  • I think it’s at the bottom of the CBS article by Parrish.

  • AJ_IU_ColtsFan

    I know this sounds like a cop out, but: It’s not a simple comparison. I can start with the ostensibly easy one: The “5”, which goes to Cody. But at the same time, it’s not clean: Nover and Henderson both played the low post, and Cheaney was often in there too, although without his back to the basket. But Cody’s not a pure low post player either; as I’ve said before, he’s more a high post driving forward than a low post center. So it’s already hard to directly compare, yet this is probably the easiest, most clear-cut aspect to analyze.

    It just gets murkier from there. What about the “4” position? Watford fits that role the most for the current team, but he plays it more like Cheaney played the small forward “3” role. The ’93 team had a more clearly defined PF position with Nover and Henderson, but yet they often played as low post players i.e. like centers.

    And then we’re at the “3”/small forward. Holy jeebus, how do you compare that? Again, Oladipo does most of this role – and ditto Sheehey when he’s in – but they simply didn’t have the same responsibilities as the 3 in Knight’s system. Calbert played a lot more of the Watford – and lately Elston – role on the baseline, but he was definitely the small forward on his team. Whereas Elston and Watford pretty much qualify for the strong forwards on Crean’s teams. And what Victor and Will do for Crean, we saw Greg Graham and Chris Reynolds do for Knight: Drive on the perimeter, threaten the outside shot, enable the perimeter ball movement, etc.

    It’s getting real confusing now, isn’t it?

    If you had to say “best small forward”, I’d have to hand it to Cheaney, but it’s hard to do this cleanly because Victor spends a lot of time playing small forward/wing responsibilities. And he’s damn good too. But he’s not a baseline guy (save for on rebounds) as much as he is a high post driver himself. It’s the nature of Crean’s dribble drive motion for him to play like that rather than like Cheaney.

    “2”/Shooting guard… well, this is supposed to belong to Jordy. But there are times when Victor plays *this* role instead. So there’s classification blurring here. :-S The “role” of outside shooter would pit Jordy against either Greg Graham (SG) or Brian Evans (SF); in that case, I’m hard pressed to not give it to Graham. But again: Blurred classifications.

    The role of one of the perimeter defenders? That belongs to Victor as much as it does to Jordy and Yogi. But that was a lot of Chris Reynold’s job back in ’93.


    The point guard? I’d have to hand that unequivocably to Yogi, since no one really functioned like a pure point under Knight. You’re splitting that up between Graham, Reynolds, occasionally Pat Graham.

    So how do we judge? If we went strictly by position, ignoring responsibilities:

    Center: Zeller, sort of by default.
    PF: Henderson
    SF: Cheaney
    SG: Victor? Or Jordy? Or Graham? (*dizzy now*)
    PG: Farrell by default.

    But what about by responsibility?
    Low post offense and defense: Henderson/Nover.
    Baseline penetration/driver: Cheaney.
    High post/perimeter driver: Oladipo, although Greg Graham wasn’t bad at all, and Zeller does this a lot.
    “Paint/Lane” player: Cody, but VERY hard to separate out from Henderson when he left the low post.
    Perimeter defender: Again, Oladipo, but the role often falls to Jordy, and there’s a drop-off.
    Perimeter shooter: OMG, buffer overflow error…
    Ball hander: Yogi, but again by default.

    Jesus, I’m working up a headache just trying to think about it.

    It’s hard to give them an honest, direct comparison. It just is. I think to me, it’s enough to go by “Tiers” and place this team on the same tiers as the ’92, ’93, and 2001 teams (for now, presuming they get far in the tourney), almost (but not yet!) on the same tier as the national championship winning teams, and definitely a cut above the rest of them. But damn… it ain’t an easy comparison!

  • AJ_IU_ColtsFan

    Holy Jesus, how’d I write all *THAT*?? 0_0 OMG…

  • Mooks

    Dream Road for B1G Tourney.

    Revenge against Illinois
    Finally beat Bo Ryan’s 1950’s style of play.
    Pull the broom out for a complete 3 game sweep of MSU.

  • LoogooteeHoosier

    Let’s give some love to Calbert Cheaney! He’s the obvious connection between the last two outright Big Ten titles!

  • calbert40

    It’s tough, isn’t it?! Just quickly, I’d say that ’93 was deeper, but I feel like ’13 has a better starting 5. If I had to make a starting unit out of the two teams, it would look similar to yours.

    5: Zeller
    4: Henderson
    3: Calbert
    2: Victor
    1: Yogi

    I’d feel confident playing Victor at the 2 for his D. With Calbert’s ability to stretch the D, we wouldn’t need the more polished offensive 2 guards at our disposal to start. But that team would have one heckuva bench!

  • jermhoosierfan

    I can see Crean getting mad over seeing an IU recruit being at Ann Arbor after losing Lyles. You got to protect that turf. I hope he is just “friends” with the kid from Ft. Wayne he is friends with, who happens to be going to Michigan. Recruiting is a war.

  • Ill to Wisc to OSU would be nice for the seniors

  • Ill to Wisc to OSU would be nice for the seniors

  • Oldguyy

    And without even mentioning Damon Bailey!

  • Ole Man

    That would wear us out for the tourney; but I understand where you’re coming from.

  • LeeTimmer

    One of my favorite memories of the 90s is Calbert driving the left baseline – in any game – and pulling up for a sweet jumper. Nothin’ but net.

  • LeeTimmer

    One of my favorite memories of the 90s is Calbert driving the left baseline – in any game – and pulling up for a sweet jumper. Nothin’ but net.

  • LeeTimmer

    This ending reminded me of the 1986-87 season, when Alford scored the game-winner. He drove for a layup, and the ball bounced on the back of the rim seemingly forever before dropping in. Bobby went nuts, jumping up and down and running off the court (he beat Frieder, after all). Well, the game wasn’t quite over yet, but Bobby never came back out; he wasn’t about to shake Frieder’s hand. Michigan must have the most unfriendly home rims in basketball.