• Jim

    Did someone in that press conference really ask: “If they (Minnesota) plays like that they should win their next three games shouldn’t they?” Seriously…what a moronic question. I would love to see Crean’s reaction to that same question if an IU beat writer asked it.

  • This game game was lost on the boards. No other excuse.

  • This game game was lost on the boards. No other excuse.

  • HoosierCruz

    The game was lost on the boards, but I gotta disagree with Crean – it seemed very much due to a lack of toughness. Toughness is the only way to rebound consistently, plain & simple.

    Hopefully this is a big learning experience, and they prob wouldn’t have learned any lessons had we squeaked out a win. If the team maintains their toughness from here on out, it was a mistake worth making.

  • Eastwood88_2

    He kind of talks out of both sides of his mouth. Stated not getting into their bodies making first contact. 100% true,but isn’t that toughness?

  • IUFan

    The reason IU lost was because they played zone. They were leading until they went to the zone in the second half. This happens every time. Every IU loss this year has been in part becauset they played a lot of zone. The reason why Minnessota got so many rebounds is in part because IU was playing zone. I don’t know why nobody calls Crean on it? Why doesn’t any reporter ask him about this? Dakich has picked it up. Hopefully reporters will do a better job of calling Crean on this. This is the one area where IU could get beat, is if they beat themselves by playing zone as they have several times this year.

  • breadtree

    Good thing Crean took 75 minutes to cool off before showing up for the press conference.

  • It’s Sid Hartman. He’s like 92 years old.

  • Cohen Maxwell

    The game was lost on the boards,due to lack of toughness simple. Zone play lost some crucial. Point at the end of the half but. Bottom line they weren’t tough enough

  • Snookafly

    Our playing zone had virtually nothing to do with the loss. I could see blaming the zone if Minny was stretching us out and killing us with threes, but they weren’t. Dakich and all the other old timers whine about zone because Saint Bobby didn’t like it, but they usually can’t even explain their own argument. Truthfully there are some good reasons for having it in our back pocket, but most old timers would rather lose the old fashioned way than have the team try something new.

  • And_One

    Yep. I actually think this game helps us down the road. I’m not happy about it–I think it would have helped almost as much if we’d won by one point.

  • Robert

    Uh no. Those that complain about us playing zone are ones that are living in the 70’s and really don’t have any clue about points per possession and defensive strategy against poor outside shooting teams.

  • BVoiles

    Indiana will not go past the Sweet Sixteen unless they can match up better with teams that have physical big guys.

  • Myersey

    You are exactly right with the way we play zone we are way out of position to block out when a shot goes up. Therefore a zone is not going to help us get any rebounds in fact we get less with it. This young punks can gripe about playing a tough man to man vs zone all day long but the stats shows we are getting beat when we play it. period end of story.

  • HoosierCruz

    hah I actually liked that old dude! he was pressing Crean nicely

  • Snookafly

    Zone doesn’t prevent a player from rebounding, and you don’t know anything about the numbers.

  • janet

    I have to agree to a certain level that every time we go to that zone it hurts us.But I really think Coach Crean will really be getting these guys ready. to be more physical,more assertive,and pound inside.That to me is where Zeller has a tendency to let them down.He himself needs to be all of the above at all games…Not just here and there and to me he has been doing such.Indiana needs to work on their Offence more.They ust to be a lot better offence than any team out there,but anymore I just don’t know? Indiana will still be the # 1 seed,Maybe not # 1 in the polls,but shut why would they want to be? When they play in the NCAA,There will be what they call a tighter whistle,so they better come out playing very physical,pounding those boards,because they will have more freedom of movement and play the Indiana Hoosier Way,THEIR WAY…!!! And don’t use that Zone,Only When They need to.