• unclekerfuffle

    Coach’s comment about not focusing on where the team is but rather on where they are going is key. IMHO, the importance of the Hoosiers winning the Big Ten going away rather than hanging on cannot be overstated. That will not only impact the 2012-2013 team as they start dancing but set the model and tone for future teams.


    Thought CTC said some really good things in this preview. It’s not about who the points are coming from but rather how they are getting those points. Bench doesn’t HAVE to score a bunch of points but rather it just as important, if not more important that they play well. It’s not about where we are but rather where we want to be going. Nice to hear that he feels like the team has done a really good job of doing focusing on that all year. I really like hearing him take some of the blame for how we played in the second half against Minny as well. I’m not saying he was out coached in that second half but just liked that he took his share of the blame for how we played in that portion of the game. Sometimes I feel like he doesn’t seem to want to shoulder any of the blame when it comes to things like that and it was refreshing to hear him do that. Guess it’s nitpicking to call him out on that but like it when he publicly takes his share of the blame.

  • Benhyoung14

    Do you really want him saying “Maybe I’m not the man for the job?”

  • nate

    i think the gophers can win toinght


    No not in the least bit. I’m a very big Crean fan and don’t want to ever hear those words come out of his mouth. I wanted him as our coach when the last two coaches were handed the job and told him exactly that personally on a chance meeting in Indy years ago & shortly after, he who shall not have his name spoken, was handed the job. There’s a big difference between him saying maybe he isn’t the man for the job and him sometimes acknowledging, publicly, that part of the blame is his because he should have maybe done something different when something doesn’t go as smoothly as it should. I didn’t mean it in a, ah hah, so, you finally admit you’re not good enough for this job, way. Not going to go down the, ” he got outcoached”, road either cause I think that line of reasoning is BS IMHO, but I think, just like any other human being, there are certain times where if he could have a do over he would do things a little bit differently. Nothing wrong with a person admitting that they should have done something differently than they did. In fact it makes me think more of that person when they are able to admit mistakes.