The curious case of Zeller and Nix: Who’s at fault?

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Disclaimer: I find it pretty ridiculous that I am writing these words. I find it even more outrageous that I spent a good portion of my afternoon watching a nine-second video over and over and over again to try to determine if Derrick Nix did or did not hit Indiana’s Cody Zeller on purpose Tuesday night.

But with that being said, it’s an interesting topic for debate the day after one of the best college basketball games of the season.

The play in question, of course, occurred during the second half of Tuesday night’s game. Zeller and Nix were standing side by side in the post, and suddenly Zeller leveled over holding his mid-section and looking to the official for a call. The play was reviewed, but no flagrant foul was called on Nix.

So, what happened? Well, if you watch this video, you’ll see that Zeller has a hold of Nix’s left arm and seems to lightly pull it toward him. Some have called it a “dirty move” by Zeller and perceived that Zeller hit himself in the midsection with Nix’s arm to draw a foul.

My reaction: Seriously? Why would anyone in their right mind (and Zeller’s mind is pretty good) hit himself in that spot?

“If you’re a guy and you’ve ever been hit in that area, you’re not going to want to hit yourself in that area,” Zeller told Doug Gottlieb on CBS Radio Wednesday afternoon.

I’m not necessarily saying Nix did anything terrible on the play either. The contact didn’t look like it was that severe. But from my perspective, Nix is still the one who initiated the contact, despite the fact Zeller’s hand was on his arm.

“I guess that stuff happens,” Zeller told Gottlieb. “I’ve just come to expect it because I’m kind of the marked guy.”

Your thoughts on this ridiculous topic?

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