• IUeconAlum

    I remember when I played elementary basketball and we learned this thing call “switch” if you couldn’t get through a screen in time. It’s basic communication and pretty easy to do. Just speak loudly so others on the team can hear you

  • IU ED

    CTC is a poor bench coach who will not take blame for some of his poor decisions. We will never wiin #6 with him on bench Have a world of talent, but he cannot put the right pieces together. As soon as someone get hot, he does his stupid sub patterns. Also, when was the last time we have scored after a timeout??????

  • twarrior87

    Ha, I knew what I would see on here after the game. Bashing CTC. Whenever we win he’s great and win we lose we should fire him. He’s not the one on the floor executing the plays.

  • SCHoosier

    Always taught to yell screen to the guard at the top of the key. also…but our guys get picked off often.