Video: John Beilein, Trey Burke, Mitch McGary react to loss at IU

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Michigan’s John Beilein, Trey Burke and Mitch McGary met with the media following Indiana’s 81-73 win over the Wolverines on Saturday night at Assembly Hall.

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John Beilein

Opening Statement

“Their runs in the game were really big. They have a large amount of experience. Very talented. I’ve seen a lot of players, I don’t know if I have seen one quicker or faster, more athletic than (Victor) Oladipo. It’s tough to stay in front of him. Several times when we were making those runs, he would get to the basket, he may miss, but that’s where (Cody) Zeller was cleaning up. That’s because Mitch (McGary) had to give help. Very few people can stay in front of that. The difference was they got to the foul line because they were fast, experienced, and talented. That was a big difference in the game if you look at not the officiating, but the fact that they got to the foul like because that’s what they do.”

After their early run, did you sense they were cooling off:

“I think our offense was better. Part of their offense early was our offense. We had to go out there, I think there is a time where you have to adjust to how they are playing you. They gave us a couple of looks that we had to adjust to, and we did not show great discipline at times. As a result, all of a sudden you get buried. There were some deja vĂș moments in that from the Ohio (State) game. So now, we learn from it again. This is a young team. These environments are tremendous opportunities for them to grow. And that’s our only message from it now. We’ll grow from it. But we have to get back off the deck real quick.”

What type of encouragement do you take out of a game like this:

“That’s a pretty good team that we just played. We have to play better. We have to shoot the ball better. We did get some good looks several times and the ball didn’t go down. We shot it great in the last minute. We had some really good looks from the outside, but the ball didn’t go down. That could have been a big difference in the game as well. It was two good teams playing. Somebody was going to win that game. We didn’t. Our kids held their own. We’re an extremely young , young team. We had four freshmen out there a lot, and they did well.”

Talk about IU’s defensive effort tonight:

“We have to continue to try to have the coaching staff and guard play to continue to recognize what people are doing and how we can get Glen (Robinson III) even more involved. Like Trey (Burke) said, they were locking the rails on him and Nick (Stauskas) and not giving him the ball, and him putting good pressure. They have a good defensive team, but they have a couple of guys who in one-on-one match-ups are exceptional.”

Trey Burke

Talk about the stretches where you got down:

“That’s something that we are continuing to try to make adjustments on and get better at. Coming out and throwing the first punch. Indiana is a really good team. Playing a great team on the road, you’re going to get everybody’s best shot. I think we did a good job responding to their punch. We just didn’t get over the hump.”

You played a little fast at Ohio State, did you play a little more at your pace today:

“At times it was, at times it wasn’t. I think we all made some plays to try to get us back into the game in the second half. That’s just something we’re continuing to get better at and we’re just trying to continue to learn from a team going on certain runs and responding to them at a poised pace. On the road against a team like Indiana, you have to stay poised when they go on certain runs. I think we did a good job at times throughout the game, but Indiana is a heck of a team. I’m glad we got the opportunity to play them tonight. We’ll get better from it and move on to the next game.”

Talk about trying to get Glen Robinson III and Nick Stauskas involved in the second half:

“Indiana held the rails tonight. Kind of made us win the game from the point guard and center position. We just have to try to continue to get them good looks within our offense. Indiana did a good job of denying them. It was tough getting them the ball.”

Mitch McGary

On defending Cody Zeller:

“I think we did a good job defensively. He didn’t get too many easy buckets. But offensive rebounding, I made a couple of mistakes boxing him out when I was trying to help or block a shot and he got some easy buckets there.”

How much did the crowd play a role in your play tonight:

“It was just like the Ohio State game, but we came out more poised. It was a little bit louder. I think early on, we were ok with the noise. Every arena is going to have noise. They were just hitting shots and we couldn’t come back.”

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  • Dagwoods

    I liked Mitch’s game tonight, but he’s kidding himself if he thinks he shook Cody up tonight.

  • Dagwoods

    I liked Mitch’s game tonight, but he’s kidding himself if he thinks he shook Cody up tonight.

  • Ole Man

    You read my mind! I was laughing when I heard him say that.

  • IU Beats Michigan

    Mitch who is the guy wearing your jersey in the background flipping off the camera while Coach Crean talks???

  • IUeconAlum

    Mitch is from Indiana. He knew what was coming. Cody owned him.


    Did he really just go there ?! Good thing he’s a freshman maybe when he realizes how stupid what he said was or someone tells him how stupid what he said was he can say it was just a freshman mistake. If he actually believes that I guess maybe that goes a little ways towards telling us why Crean quit recruiting him.

  • Mitch isn’t gonna go very far with that arrogance.

  • joebull

    relative or just a fan?? do you really know who it is?

  • azhoosier

    that was probably his Dad doing it since his Dad flipped off the IU students…

  • Juan

    I think that’s McGary’s dad. Isn’t Mitch like a 21-year-old freshman?

  • r

    John Beilein is a stand-up guy. After listening to him talk, he may be my second most favorite coach in the Big Ten. This young Michigan team looks far better than I expected to see from them this year…and I expected them to be pretty good anyway.