• Varsity Club Member

    CTC says the kids are ready to play. Is that ready to play the first half and not show up in the second half? This teams has more talent on it then most teams i the past. And yet they play lazy at times. I think we have a good coach but not an x and o coach. The reporters need to ask the burning questions. Why this team gives up so much. Sloppy play, turnovers. I just dont understand why it is so hard for these kids to play 40 min of basketball. With CTC substitution patterns they should be fully rested when they come in. Im not sold on this teams attitude yet. Only time will tell.

  • InTheMtns

    True that only time will tell. But in case you missed it – and it sounds like you have – we are 17-2. Hard to play lazy or be without an x and o coach and be 17-2, no matter who you play. Go IU!