• MillaRed

    For the record, at the 38 second mark, that is the 13 billionth time a short red-headed kid had a shot blocked.

  • Matt S

    If you’re going to the game next weekend, be sure to give him some love.

  • kennygeorge

    float like a butterfly, stig like a bee,,,he’s for real, call him theo!!!!!


    couldnt tel much by that video but from what ive read seems to b highlevel player…theres so many players in 14 class dont now who i want..i like bluiett and exum n throw in a big…that class will keep iu rollin


    Hmmm, why did I laugh when I read that and then immediately think of CW ?

  • Indiana_Banners

    Sick player. Has every skill you want in an off guard. He can shoot, drive, pass,recognize and make the proper play in transition, move without the ball… this kid will be a stud anywhere.

  • Matt Humphrey

    I could have made that “highlight” video about 1:50 seconds shorter.