Podcast on the Brink: Michigan State

  • 01/25/2013 9:00 am in

012512qwJohn Gasaway of ESPN Insider joins this week’s show to discuss Indiana’s upcoming clash with No. 13 Michigan State and the Big Ten as a whole.

Podcast on the Brink hosts Matt Dollinger and Greg Rosenstein talk to Gasaway about the current climate in the conference and where the Hoosiers rank among the best in the Big Ten. The three also debate whether IU has lived up to preseason expectations and if the Hoosiers can beat the Spartans on Sunday.

Among the other topics discussed in this week’s show:

· Opposing strategies against the Hoosiers
· The team MVP debate and Cody Zeller
· Most interesting matchups against MSU
· Is Indiana the best team in the Big Ten?
· Yogi Ferrell as a pass-first, no-shoot PG

So tune in and enjoy. As always, feel free to drop us a note at [email protected].

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  • CreanhouseEffect

    Podcast on the Brink is a fantastic idea, but the execution has honestly been very disappointing for two primary reasons. The first is the audio quality. While the guests they have gotten have been routinely people that fans would want to hear from (particularly the one with Luke Fischer), the connection frequently cuts in and out. The second, and I’m hesitant to bring this up because the content is free, is the hosts. Know your audience, guys. Hardcore IU basketball fans. Not to be harsh, but no one cares about your Washington sports allegiances or inside jokes about your rec league skills. Their questions rarely lead the guest where discussions should go. By and large, the questions and their comments are big picture generalizations. I know you both have jobs, but couldn’t you possibly break down some numbers that would surprise or intrigue us? Talk in detail about Crean’s substitution patterns, matchups, etc. Give us a detailed preview of an opponent by bringing in their beat writer (this was done 1-2 times in the past and was solid). I’m not sure how many times we really need to go over who the best teams in the B1G are, but apparently “every week” is the answer. There are so many ways to make this podcast, which there is clearly a demand for, better. Recurring segments, game breakdowns, player/commit/recruit highlights, bringing former players on the show…I just see so much untapped potential here. While I appreciate the effort, episodes are just hard to listen to at this point and I’m left wondering if it’s worth the download going forward.

  • CincyHoosier


    POTB was a fantastic idea. I’d argue it’s been a pretty fantastic addition to Inside the Hall. I admit there were some sound quality issues with this one, in particular, I look forward to hearing Matt and Greg each time. In fact, when too much time lapses between one podcast and the next, I find myself craving another.

    I think some of your thoughts make sense and are probably very good suggestions (although communicated more in terms of criticism). It’s too bad you haven’t enjoyed them of late because I’d guess most people on this site have. Your point about wanting better break downs is fair, but I think Alex, Justin and Ryan have covered a whole lot of ground — more than I can even digest at times. This is a pretty awesome non subscription-based site and you’d be hard pressed to find much else like it out there (outside of IU).

  • jwcasey

    I completely agree. “CrimsonCast” and “The Assembly Call” podcasts are both available for free on iTunes and provide excellent substantive depth of analysis and their line of questioning with guests effectively directs the discussion to where it needs to be without any of the unnecessary banter you mentioned.

  • Geoff_85

    Yeah, we should be appreciative of Pocast on the Brink if anything. The thing I’d like to see most is them have kind of like a mailbag, but rather than have talking points of questions emailed to them they could do 1 or all of 3 things: 1. talk about questions or comments that aren’t addressed by Alex or the other writers throughout various threads on the site 2. have a segment of “Mailbag on the Brink”. The guys could simply put up a thread with some simple rules such as 1 question per entry, 1 entry per person. It would be similar to “Pick to Click” in a lot of ways. 3. Have Alex and the guys forward the best mailbag questions they receive that they didn’t get to answer. There are a lot of questions that don’t get answered in the comments on the site, and I am sure there are a lot of mailbag questions that Alex and the guys don’t get to as well. Not that I think the show needs improvements, but people are throwing ideas out there (not that you asked for them).

  • Podcast on the Brink

    Hey all — We appreciate the feedback, both positive and negative, and are always looking to improve the show. We’ll definitely take these comments into consideration and try and do our best. If you have anything else to contribute, drop us a line at [email protected]. Thanks for listening.

  • Matt S

    I agree with a lot of this.

    The audio quality is an obvious problem, I don’t feel the need to expound on it further.

    When I discuss the hosts, I want to make it clear that I don’t mean any of it personally. I appreciate having a podcast to enjoy, and I’m thankful to the guys that make it happen. That said, content is becoming an issue. I agree that most of the discussion is big picture generalization, and it repeats fairly often week to week. Try experimenting with the format. Someone below suggested a mailbag feature, a preview of upcoming opponents, maybe a recruiting spotlight. It’s IU basketball, there’s no bad content.

    Second, you all are friends, right? Talk like friends. Too often the guest feels more at ease in the conversation than the hosts. I’m actually okay with banter. I know what I just said earlier, but sometimes there just isn’t much to talk about in a week. Go off topic any time you’d like, just give us the impression that you’re enjoying this. If you all got together to watch the game at a bar, no recording made, how different would the conversation be? One of my favorite podcasts is Giant Bomb. Those dudes can spend half an hour talking about whatever, but it works because you can tell the guys are having fun. Have fun with this. Too often it feels like a weekly chore.

    Thanks again for all you guys do here. I visit the site every day, and PotB is still a highlight of the week.