Zeller debuts at No. 3 in KenPom POY race

  • 01/02/2013 4:51 pm in

KenPom.com: The 2013 kenpom.com POY race

It’s really a two-man race at this point between Mason Plumlee and Russ Smith. I’ve been championing Smith’s case simply because he doesn’t seem to be getting a fair shake nationally. In addition to large improvements in shooting percentages, Smith plays for the #1 ranked defense in the nation and he plays a significant part in that.

At #3, Cody Zeller has fallen out of favor with the national media and this is another interesting development considering he’s the opposite of Smith in almost every way. Zeller’s numbers are up across the board from last season, which is partly due to the weak schedule the Hoosiers have played. However, when you consider his impressive production against the five top-100 opponents on Indiana’s ledger thus far, he’s probably not due for a ton of regression in league play. His worst games to date have come against Coppin State, Jacksonville, and Georgia.

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