• Brklynhoosier

    Nice to see him w/ his back to the basket some (granted, against guys who give up like 2 ft to him). Still think he needs to put on ~20 lbs, but I think by the time he’s a junior, he’ll be really great for us.

  • HoosierMitch

    Like the use of both hands with that little baby hook shot. He does need to put on a few pounds, but J. Jackson will take care of that when Luke gets to campus

  • Andrew

    I’d say by his sophomore year, he’s starting and killing it for us. Vonleh is likely in and out after a year and without a doubt Zeller is gone by 2014, if he even stays on board next year. Fischer, HP and Troy Williams in the front court, with a combo of Yogi, Remy, JBlackmon Jr at guard. jeremy Hollowell off the bench with Standford, Jurkin, Hartford and whomever we add to our 2014 class. Pretty exciting.

    I just don’t know who he would behind in the depth charts and his skills look pretty solid to me. Give CTC 18 months with the guy and watch out. I love seeing him stepping behind the line with his size AND going tot he left hand in the lane.

  • MillaRed

    Luke is no Cody Zeller, but he sure is the closest thing to him based on what I have seen in the 2013 recruiting circuit.

    Germantown is just killing it this season.

  • SCHoosier

    What’s not to like here? Shoots, passes, runs the floor and appears to have a better left hand than Cody ( who could also use Luke’s soft jump hook from either side) Yes he needs to be stronger..and will be. Only downside is that he is not playing against upper level urban competition that some of the other recruits are. Luke is dominant against those he is playing..which I think shows his game has upside against any level of competition. Weep in your WIS beer Bo!

  • Who is the guy who compared him to Christian Laettner on the Twitter feed? Sounds good to me.

  • I have absolutely no problem believing that Luke will be a better college basketball player than Beejay Anya or Kennedy Meeks, the other 2 big men in 2013 that Indiana recruited.

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I’ve said it from day 1 and I’ll keep saying it: Luke may not have the star power Cody has and he may not end up being an NBA player, but he’s going to do just as much to help IU hang some banners at AH! This kid is going to be big! He has good hands, a better shot than CZ, passes just as well, uses both hands, runs the court, defends, bangs, and we stole him from Bo Ryan and Wisconsin which makes it even sweeter.

    I honestly think he’ll be able to play right away but if not he’ll have at least 3 solid seasons at IU where he steadily improves each year and plays a bigger role. Guys like Zeller and Vonleh may end up 2 years and out or even 1 in the case of Noah, but Luke will most likely play four solid years at IU and I’m guessing we’ll all love seeing him in candy stripes for years! He’s the type player that hangs around for 4 years and complements other star players who may not be there 4 years. That makes him special and he’s a winner!

    I’m extremely excited about Luke Fischer!

  • HoosierGrad07

    I’m gonna go ahead and agree with every single word you just said. Luke WILL be an impact rotation player for us next year (unless Cody comes back).