Elston returns, Hollowell, Jurkin sit out

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121912aiSenior forward Derek Elston played for the first time this season in No. 6 Indiana’s 93-54 victory against Mount St. Mary’s on Wednesday night, but freshmen Jeremy Hollowell and Peter Jurkin failed to get off the bench.

Hollowell had been part of the Hoosiers’ regular rotation through the first 10 games, and he was in uniform and warmed up with the Hoosiers prior to the game against the Mountaineers. And Jurkin, who was suspended for the first nine games of the season and didn’t get off the bench on Saturday against Butler, also didn’t play on Wednesday despite the Hoosiers’ large lead.

Afterward, Indiana coach Tom Crean didn’t offer much in the way of a concrete explanation.

In his opening statement, Crean said: “We dealt with a multitude of situations with staff and players, whether it be an injury or a sickness.”

He went on to mention that athletic trainer Tim Garl had been sick all day and some of the staff had been as well. But he never said definitively why Hollowell or Jurkin did not play despite repeated inquiries.

When asked if Hollowell was sick as well, Crean said:  “Yeah. We just had a multitude of things we dealt with and we played the guys that were there to play for us and help us.”

And then when asked specifically about Jurkin, Crean continued to be vague: “I went with the guys that I played. That’s who I went with.”

Elston, meanwhile, returned to the floor ahead of schedule. The Tipton native had knee surgery prior to the start of the season, and the team had targeted a return shortly after Christmas.

But Elston worked hard in his rehabilitation, practiced lightly over the last few days, and got on the floor for nine minutes against Mount St. Mary’s. Elston made his only field goal attempt, scoring two points and grabbing two rebounds to go along with a blocked shot.

Elston received a standing ovation from the Assembly Hall crowd when he entered the game in the first half.

“It felt great to get back out there again,” Elston said. “You can only go through so many practices without it actually hitting you that you want to get out there, get in front of the crowd and see what you can do.

“The standing ovation, that just shows that these people really haven’t forgotten about me. It shows that maybe I do [matter] to this program. Sometimes when you get hurt like that and you’re out so long, you feel like people kind of forget about you. Sometimes, inside of any player, especially me, I feel like people just don’t remember you. But when I go out there and I get that, that standing ovation, it makes me feel special.”

Elston was in uniform and warmed up prior to Saturday’s game against Butler at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, but he didn’t play. He said Crean thought he looked good enough in that session to throw him into practice on Tuesday.

“I kind of held my own, I think so,” Elston said. “I held my own pretty good. And he asked me today if I was ready to go, and I said ‘yeah.'”

But then again, there’s no chance Elston would have told Crean he wasn’t ready.

“I’ve been on the bench for so long. If I could have gone out there to wipe down the floor when these guys were sweating or fell on the floor, I would have.”

Elston said he was able to dunk the ball off his injured knee for the first time Wednesday morning and that gave him the confidence he was ready to return to the floor. He admitted he was a little sore after the game, but that’s to be expected, Garl told him.

“I’m getting ready to head to the ice tub, so that should take care of it,” Elston said.

Elston still have a ways to go before he’s back to being part of Indiana’s regular rotation, but he’s back now, and is return is ahead of schedule.

“I felt pretty comfortable,” he said. “I hadn’t really gone much of full court anything, so that part was kind of fuzzy. The conditioning, I’m not there yet, especially for this team. My legs were a little woozy.”


· Ferrell posts career-high: In assists, that is. Freshman point guard Yogi Ferrell dished out a career-best nine assists to go along with his eight points. He also had only two turnovers.

· Hoosiers shoot blistering percentage: Indiana shot 70.6 percent from the field in Wednesday night’s win, marking the fourth-best shooting percentage in a game in program history. It was the best field-goal percentage since the Hoosiers shot 71.1 percent against Michigan State in 1989.

· Mosquera-Perea a work in progress: Freshman forward Hanner Mosquera-Perea played 10 minutes against Mount St. Mary’s, and he struggled a bit. Perea missed his only two field goal attempts and both of his free throws, recording a rebound and a steal.

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  • Ryan Goods

    right foot injury. Unsure what his timetable is. he said he will be back this season on his twitter account, but no news from doctors or athletic trainers about his potential return which could possibly not happen this season.

  • SCHoosier

    I thought DE moved well given his injury. Obviously needs to find his way back into the offensive flow. Crean might as well redshirt Jurkin if he can afford one more scholarship year with the over signing.s etc.Doesn’t appear that PJ is looking at much playing time…no comment on JH..something has to be happening there with the lame answer Crean was giving.

  • DE is just what Crean ans Zeller need: a few productive minutes off the bench to handle the duty on the opposing big men. I think the absence of his bruising led directly to Z’s problems with Smith and Fromm in the Butler game. Those two could give all their attention (and ten fouls) to Zeller!

  • IU is not fine, IF
    They continue their process of outside motion offense like they ran last night–dang it, we’ve watched that crap offense for three years; everybody in the B1G knows what’s coming when IU plays them.
    They continue not to go to Cody–forget this talk about him being more aggressive–If I had a dollar for every time he’s been open and they didn’t pass him the ball, I could take a nice vacation
    Crean doesn’t stop being so stubborn–I’m sure he can make better in-game adjustments–look at the out of bounds’ plays he draws up.
    Watford doesn’t get his head out of his “grill”–last night he mostly took his shots in the flow of the game; but how many times does he force the action?

    Yes, this can all be “cleaned” up–But it depends on Crean as much as the players.

    Also, Iowa will be looking for a statement win when we go to their town on New Year’s Eve. Plus, they always give us hell up there. So the possibility of an upset is very, very real.

    Love the Hoosiers
    But I’m old and been watching this game to long to offer roses when they aren’t appropriate.

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    JHo looked very distraught during the game and walking to the locker room at half time. He doesn’t seem happy. I hope this a wrong observation by me. The kid has huge potential at Indiana. We need you Jeremy. Hang in there and fight.

  • Bob

    maybe I’m wrong on this but I saw a quirky smile on Zeller’s face as he talked to players a couple of times and I’m thinking is he telling these guys he’s open and get the ball to me…It was like..”come on I’m open”…just sayin’

  • MillaRed

    What’s with all the secrecy? They are our 9th and 12th players at best. Spit it out coach.

  • marcusgresham

    Maybe he’s trying to be gentle with psyches. He may also be considering a redshirt for PJ.

  • marcusgresham

    If Mosquera-Perea is the more advanced player, then Jurkin isn’t going to see the court and may as well redshirt because Hanner still looks extremely raw.
    Honestly, from what I remember seeing of Peter at Hoosier Hysteria, I don’t know that Hanner is all that far ahead of him, though.

  • marcusgresham

    I was going to say what RWA said about Elston’s injuries, but don’t forget last year, when he finally was healthy he had the highest 3-pt.% on the team. I’ll take 16-29 again.

  • Benhyoung14

    If IU’s offense is so horrible – and not just horrible to watch – then why were they first in the B1G last year, and top 5 among BCS schools? Crean has been around for years. Plenty of film for B1G coaches to watch. I’ve got a fondness for the Coach Knight’s motion offense, but c’mon.

  • b_side

    I don’t see how PJ can redshirt when we’re already over the limit for next year by 3 players. If all 6 come, now a 4th will have to depart via NBA, transfer, etc?

  • HoosierGrad07

    Go even a step further, why is it #1 in the country THIS YEAR? It was I believe #4 (via KenPom) last year and is clearly #1 this season so I guess at times looks can be deceiving because our offense is all you could want it to be by an efficiency standpoint.

  • HoosierGrad07

    Well a redshirt wouldn’t add a scholarship for next year since most would assume PJ would still be using one for next year. So we’d still need to clear up the 3 on top of the 3 seniors for next year. But I also don’t see PJ taking a redshirt either though. I won’t speculate on who may or may not transfer cuz obviously at least 1 person is going to at season’s end, but I find it very odd that PJ saw 0 minutes last night. If he was in the plans AT ALL for this year, you gotta think he would have seen at least a little action in that game. And I don’t really buy in to a player seeing 0 minutes as a freshman and just assuming he can become a relevant part of the team as a soph and so on. IMO, if Crean doesn’t feel like he can play him this year at all, that’s says a lot about his feelings towards PJ and his future at IU.

  • SCHoosier

    Expectations for Hanner in my view were WAY out of line..even had people suggesting he was a one and doner. Whew! In HS ..kid had trouble catching it..and was foul prone. He’s just..in experience a b-ball baby. Needs development time…quality athlete who has to learn the the fine points of the game.

  • b_side

    Yep, good point. Definitely odd that Howard got meaningful minutes over PJ. Tonight should tell us a lot.

  • Dagwoods

    I also think that a redshirt for PJ would mean his suspension wouldn’t have been served and it would have to start again next year.

  • Bob

    I watched the replay of the game and concentrated on Hollowell and I did see him touching hands when players were coming to bench (Zeller) and saw him clapping after some plays so I don’t think it was so much of a attitude problem. May have something to do with grades.

  • Hoosier97

    I thought he looked upset at the half too. I wondered how it would play out with him when Perea returned. The thing is, I thought Perea was supposed to be amazing. I know we haven’t seen him much yet but he looks like he has no idea what he’s doing on the court. Hollowell certainly looks better at this point to me.