Hoosiers high on 2015 guard Richardson’s list

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The Indiana staff has had a great deal of recruiting success on the East Coast recently, and they seem focused on continuing to hit that part of the country hard.

After scoring commitments from Troy Williams and Noah Vonleh earlier this fall, Crean extended an offer to 2015 New Jersey guard Malachi Richardson last week. Richardson, a 6-foot-6 prospect from Roselle Catholic High School, is ranked 20th in the 2015 class, according to ESPN.com.

Richardson already has offers from Cincinnati, Rutgers, Seton Hall and Miami (Fl.), and has also reportedly received interest from Connecticut.

Despite the interest from other schools, though, Roselle Catholic coach Dave Boff said Richardson has always had an interest in Indiana. The rising sophomore played his first high school season at Treton Catholic.

“They were always high on his list when he transferred to my school,” Boff said. “That was one of the school’s that he really was interested in and was hoping to get an offer from. He’s pretty in touch with what Indiana’s program is all about. I know he spent some time talking to Coach [Crean] over the past few weeks, so I think he has a pretty feel for what Indiana is doing out there and the things that are happening with the program.”

The main strength of Richardson’s game at this point is his shooting ability. Boff said Richardson has continued to gain more range, and his shot has developed remarkable consistency for his age.

“Right now, the only thing I think he has to do is, offensively, just fine-tune a few things,” Boff said. “He already shoots it fantastically, shoots out to 23-24 feet at this point. He can take it to the rim and dunk in traffic. His ability to create space off the dribble to get his own shot is as good as I’ve ever seen.

“And then defensively, he’s just got to work on being consistent, in terms of positioning and things like that. But he’s way ahead of the game for a sophomore.”

Off the court, Boff said Richardson is “as nice a kid as you ever want to see.” That would be consistent with what the Hoosiers typically look for in recruits. Assistant coach Tim Buckley said last week that “character” is the first thing the staff wants to see from a player.

“The president of our school referred to him the other day as a ‘saint,'” Boff said. I don’t know if he actually reaches that status, but he’s just as nice a kid as you’d ever want to see. He comes from a very good family, Mom and Dad are involved in his life, and you can tell he’s been brought up well. He does all the right things, says all the right things, and is just really a pleasure to be around.”

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  • jack_j100

    Malachi, get a seat on this train, we’ll certainly welcome you aboard.

  • Boy we are recruiting way out in the future. I would guess we take one more for 2014 with Blackmon. We could potentially only have one Senior in Will next year and no Seniors in the next class as Cody will be gone and I think Austin will not be here by that point. Perhaps Vonleh is one and done and Yogi is ready to go at that point. Hard to say. I know the IU staff is “saving” a scholly for Pinson. Alexander is a pipe dream, dont think we are even following him any long. Not sure on Blueitt, something tells me if he was really going to be at IU he would be committed.
    The number of commits each year is going to have to slow down at some point. There’s no rides and only a couple of guys I would say even could be NBA ready early.

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    It is so thrilling to hear about guys who are 3 years out being interested in Indiana. What’s that? Would I like a helping of Malachi Richardson next to Eron Gordon? Don’t mind if I do, thank you for offering!

  • Evansville Hoosier

    A two man 2014 class? I doub that, Crean is used to having big classes… I’d expect a 4 man class. You have to think about potential early departures with Vonleh.

  • Evansville Hoosier

    I heard Alex pronounce it “Mal-A-Chee” on podcast on the brink, was that simply an error or is it really pronounced that way and not “Mal-uh-ky”?

  • Evansville Hoosier

    A 2015 of Hyron Edwards/Bryant Crawford, Jalen Coleman, Richardson, and Marcus Derrickson is a pretty ridiculous class, and it still has that Indiana spin that we like.

  • Evansville Hoosier

    Oh, and I’d say our most likely add in 2014 is Dwayne Morgan

  • SCHoosier

    6-6..and can play two positions..great shooter and kid..sounds like a winner to me!

  • WhatsUpKnight

    all i can say is appreciate this year’s team, appreciate the guys who’ve stuck with iu through the rough times. because next year’s team is going to have an entirely different feel. this year is our breakout/long-awaited-return-to-dominance, but in my opinion next year is when we’re going to see the real changing of the guard.

    makes me both happy and sad, to be honest. i’m really going to miss the guys we’ll be losing after this season. i love this group every bit as much as the ’87 team and the calbert era teams. last season was a thrilling roller coaster ride, and this season is like riding the proverbial bull through the proverbial china shop.

    still, i’m really excited about the future and can’t wait to see the new guys (along with yf, hp, pj, and jh as sophomores). think we’ve got athletes this year? oh, just you wait!!!

  • Remy will be a senior.

  • JohnFromBeyond

    Yes, it’s going to seem like a completely different team when we lose Hulls, Watford, and Elston. Those guys were holdovers from the Dark Days. Take away Zeller and possibly Oladipo, and the team really changes even more.

    Regardless of how this season ends, this year’s team will be one of my all time favorites.

  • N71
  • marcusgresham

    Wow, not one person (so far) has whined about him not being from Indiana.

  • Kenneth234

    A bit off of topic, but stay with me as I will try to bring it back to Mr. Richardson. Has anyone noticed this new trend of top recruits re-classifying for earlier graduation dates? I am not sure of how many have done this of late, of course Vonleh did so, and there was a kid named Towns who moved from the 2015 to the 2014 class before verbally committing to pUKe. But a few others as well. I just wonder if this is due to the want to move to the NBA as early as possible, or a desire to move to a more challenging level for the purpose of the challenge making their skill level stronger for the NBA. I just think that when we are looking at kids that are scheduled for a few years down the road like Mr. Richardson, we should keep in mind that there is a strong possibility that they may change to an earlier class and reek havoc on a scholarship limit.

  • Evansville Hoosier

    The majority (if not all) of the guys doing that are actually old enough to be in the class they reclassify too, and they are basically just returning to their original class. I also assume that a committed recruit would consult his college coach about that before actually going through with it.

  • Vonleh a two year guy do to age?

  • marcusgresham

    “Malachi. Crean wants you, too!”

  • Evansville Hoosier

    I mean… I’m pretty sure he was just re-entering his original class. We can hope and prognosticate all we want, but I think he’s looking at the NBA right now. If he knows he’ll be a lottery pick he’ll go IMO.

  • Austin is going nowhere, Caleb. He shall be here another three years as they shall make him a medical redshirt. He’s a valued member of this great IU team organization. I love the kid!