Etherington leaves Saturday’s game with “significant” knee injury

  • 12/08/2012 9:07 pm in

Indiana sophomore guard Austin Etherington suffered a left knee injury late in the first half of the Hoosiers’ 100-69 win against Central Connecticut State on Saturday evening.

Etherington attempted to take a charge under the basket, and then went down in agonizing pain as the Indiana medical staff quickly surrounded him.

Indiana coach Tom Crean called the injury “definitely significant” after the game, but said it would probably take until later Saturday night to learn just how significant the injury is.

“It’s gonna take a little time to make that determination,” Crean said. “They’re fully in the process of that. He was in a lot of pain when it happened, so it takes a little time for that to settle down before they can get to the degree of where it’s at.”

After Etherington was loaded onto a stretcher, his teammates surrounded them and shared words of encouragement before he was taken off the floor.

Etherington, an Indiana native, stuck one finger up in the air and received a standing ovation as he was wheeled off.

“When you have a close-knit group, it affected everyone,” Crean said. “And I’m proud of the way that they bounced back because they were really bothered. It wasn’t as much about the win or anything, they were just really concerned for their friend. They’re all close friends.”

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  • IU_Fan_99

    Feel so bad for him… Your first game playing significant minutes and you get injured?? Not fair… Not fair at all.

  • HoosierPat

    I hate to see that happen to Austin. He seems like such a great teammate. This kind of thing happens and it happens to people who don’t deserve it. In a game filled with positives, this glaring negative sticks out most to me. Prayers going up for Austin.

  • Rick Myers

    He helped Tom Crean recruit Cody Zeller and Yogi!! All our thoughts and prayers to Austin!!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    I think Austin will make a full recovery. It looked like a split knee cap like Mo Creek suffered but it looked like it was triggered by banging knees. Austin has strong, big legs more like a Blake Griffin than Mo so hopefully he recovers quickly. Prayers go out to him and his family. They’re local and good people so here’s wishing him a perfect situation recovery!

  • This is a tough blow. Austin has shown so much promise in the limited minutes he has been given thus far this year.
    Although if there is one positive that I was forced to discuss concerning this is how quickly Crean rushed to the floor to be by his side.. Man these guys are truly there every step of the way. And to see all of the guys on the floor and the rest on the bench all surround him as he was being set on the stretcher was very encouraging. 2 players really stuck out, Oladipo bowing and praying and as Etherington was being rolled away, I saw Sheehey start walking with him patting him on his shoulder and if I had to guess, he was probably saying something like “We’re here for you, and we’re going to leave it all out on the court in your honor the rest of the night.”
    I know it’s been stated before,but we are really blessed to watch this team play. They’re so tight knit, play extremely hard, and all embody the Hoosier ideals.. It’s an honor to watch these guys play. Whether they end up going undefeated and getting Banner 6 or lose a bunch along the way, I would never trade this team or fanbase for any other school across the country. Prayers for a speedy recovery and a less severe injury for Austin than what it seems at the moment coming from this guy these next few weeks.

  • Dustin Dopirak is reporting Etherington has a broken knee cap and will have surgery today