HD Video: Will Sheehey on expectations, his role, more

  • 10/11/2012 11:08 am in

Indiana junior forward Will Sheehey met with reporters at last Thursday’s IU media challenge and talked about a variety of topics including the national hype surrounding the program, the Hoosier Hysteria dunk contest, his role on this year’s team, what he worked on in the offseason and much more.

Watch and listen to his comments in the embedded media player below:

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  • N71

    Setting aside athletic abilities I can’t help but think I’m watching Bob Knight getting interviewed when he was a player at Ohio State. Smart, knows the game, work ethic, edgy, no nonsense, etc. I imagine Will is going to have a bright future in whatever he does down the road.

  • HoosierTrav

    I’m looking forward to seeing you at HH. Hopefully you give Hanner and Vic a run for their money. Thanks for being awesome!

    P.S. No! I will not be bringing my girlfriend anywhere near you. I wont risk it.

  • Post of the year.

  • N71

    I met him as well with my 10 year old son and he was very nice but confident, with an edge. I’d describe it as a type of intensity versus arrogance.

  • HoosierBballNut

    Honestly.. I agree with you.. His comment on the VO2 test came across as arrogant to me as well… But that takes away nothing from his work ethic and his great BBall and athletic abilities

  • HoosierDavey

    He said that he wanted that all along, but Kory Barnett had the # already. Is his favorite #.

  • HoosierPat

    For those of you saying Will is cocky, arrogant, over-confident, or whatever, I think you are looking at it the wrong way. Sure, he comes off a little cocky, but that isn’t always a bad thing. He brings energy to the court. He has a certain edge and attitude that sparks the whole team. A little cockiness is good as long as his ego doesn’t become bigger than the team. I love the way he plays and I look forward to seeing the improvements he has made.

  • marcusgresham

    It came across to me as a challenge to his teammates to work like hell to see if they can beat his record.


    Here’s a quote, from the smartest man I ever met, my father. I feel like it applies here, ” if you can back it up by actually doing it, and can do it consistently and correctly, it ain’t bragging”.

  • iufan12

    i met him last weekend for the first time. he is not that cocky. like many of you said, he has a sort of edge to him. i love his game because he plays with a chip on his shoulder.