HD Video: Ferrell, Hollowell, Jurkin and Mosquera-Perea meet the media

  • 10/05/2012 3:02 pm in

Indiana’s highly ranked 2012 recruiting class — Hanner Mosquera-Perea, Jeremy Hollowell, Peter Jurkin and Yogi Ferrell — met with reporters as a group Thursday at IU’s annual media challenge. The group talked about a variety of topics including the adjustment to college life, the speed of the college game, their progress since arriving on campus and more.

Watch and listen to their comments in the embedded media player below:

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  • jpniles

    In one word… WOW!!!

    I think Yogi is going to be on a lot of ballots for B1G FOY.
    Jurkin is a beast, and will be great by the time his 4th year rolls around.
    Jeremy = CWat 2.0
    HP = Incredible work ethic. Incredible athlete.

    Future looks so bright.

  • MillaRed

    These guys and Stanford Robinson the starting five in 2014?

  • mdtiu88

    i agree with yogi, they are not the movement…in my mind the movement ended when beat nc state last year and we returned to being a legit team only further validated with wins over the pussy cats and OSU. we are truely back, CTC and staff deserve so much credit, we have had and continue to have just great college young men under his leadership….exactly what college basketball is all about…..the story is not over and I can’t wait for the book and movie deal.

  • dbmcubs21

    anyone else think Peter and Hanner speak just as well as some of the UK players who have English as a first language?

  • chip

    this interview is odd in that yogi is addressed 75% of the time. it’s great to hear from him but i felt the other three were shoulder candy. frankly, i’ve been looking forward to hearing more from peter and hanner. along with jeremy, those two guys were all but dismissed. by no means yogi’s fault, he is beginning to sound like a broken record as there’s not a whole lot of new information he can share at this point. please, encourage the other guys to speak, journalists. these four young men are all part of the team and in the context of this interview all four should have been equally addressed.


    You mean that’s English that they attempt to speak ? Wow, would never have guessed that.

    I guess Kantuckeze is some kind of weird and long lost dialect of English.

  • HoosierTrav

    Gonna get a championship or two outta these guys. No Peter! You won’t ever have to guard guys like Cody. There are none other than the one pushing you in practice.

  • Jeremy will eventually be better than CWat in my opinion. Also once CZ is gone to the pros I look for PJ to be a major force inside.

  • Newest addition to Hoosier Nation cheering you on this year! She’s a day old and being raised right.

    Good luck this season guys. Gonna be a fun ride!

  • i thikn anya will start over jurkin next year…

  • Does anyone remember IU is playing football?, they need our support, write someting about them.

  • marcusgresham

    It’s not exactly like their fans are eloquent, either.

  • marcusgresham

    I was thinking that myself—game defense will not ever be any more daunting that practice defense for ya, Big Guy!


    Congratulations ! Great start to what will be the source of great memories for you. Just one thing tho getting her off to such a good start at such a young age she will be expected to be the female version of CZ for the women’s bball team. Better get that toddler age IU bball bought and in the crib ASAP cause that is one tall order.


    One would think that that is very likely…….until one remembers how relentless Crean is on the recruiting trail. The fact that these guys might not be good enough to be a starter in ’14 or had developed their game quick enough to go on to the next level is just another way to remind myself that, we’re back baby !

  • marcusgresham

    As much as I’m glad they’re winning a the time I’m typing this, the “hall” portion of the name of the website indicates that it’s an IU basketball site.

  • marcusgresham

    aaaaand, they blew it.

  • My 2014 starting 5: Will, Noah, BJ, Jeremy and MAYBE Yogi (depends on if he’s in the NBA at that point).

  • My 2014 starting 5: Will, Noah, BJ, Jeremy and MAYBE Yogi (depends on if he’s in the NBA at that point).