HD Video: Victor Oladipo on leadership, perimeter shooting

  • 10/04/2012 9:07 pm in

Junior guard Victor Oladipo met with reporters earlier today at IU’s annual media challenge and talked about a variety of topics including the team’s offseason progress, the boost the program could receive from a healthy Maurice Creek, his leadership, the improvement of his jump shot and much more.

Watch and listen to his comments in the embedded media player below:

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  • Waldo1od

    It is so exciting watching these kids as they mature into men that their W-L record is rather secondary. These hoosiers are morphing into a group that will be talked about for years and will be the basis of the team for years to come. Lets PLAY!!

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    If Vic isn’t already in your personal top ten list of favorite Hoosiers of all time, that’s about to change.

  • I wish they would’ve spun the camera around so we could see the team playing. The intensity of the practices is quickly becoming legendary. Can’t wait to see them next Friday. Seriously, when does ESPN ever broadcast team practices? Hoosier fans aren’t the only ones who know there is something special about this team.

    VO quite his first year? We need some of those D.C. fact checkers to look into this.

    Go Hoosiers!

  • IULaw10

    Favorite player. Anyone else’s?

  • N71

    Listening to Vic and Cody in the previous video you really get the feel there’s a system in place now. While recruiting or coaching in a game are difficult, establishing a new system and culture had to be super hard to do. It would be the difference of being hired as an executive into a well established, well run company to trying to build a new company which is almost impossible. I’m really impressed with Vic and Cody as individuals but I can’t help but be amazed with Coach Crean, this is all a reflection on him and his work. Jordy also comes to mind, while he has stats that are measurable the impact he’s had in all this is something he can be proud of the rest of his life. I can see Jordy years from now like I see Kent Benson or Quinn when there are around Assembly Hall, their body language says “this is my house”. I was a student during the Knight years and celebrated a championship and I’m really, really impressed with where we are.

  • The team wasn’t playing. The media was.

  • SCHoosier

    A talented..maturing and confident player/student. Pay attention recruit parents..because this is the kind of young man your sons will become when you send them to IU…and Tom Crean’s program.
    Glad IU makes the kids available for this interviews. Alex..maybe next year they’ll do it i n an area where the background noise is at a level where you can actually HEAR the entire interivew:)

  • gerald

    safe to say vic is a good kid…

  • HoosierDadE

    Well then I would have still wanted them to turn the camera around…
    Watch you drive the lane for a two handed throw down or Albers knocking down a three
    Would have been SC Top 10 material


    “I’m just gonna say my shot is a lot better than it was last year”.

    “I’ve been working a lot on my dribbling and it has gotten a lot better”.

    “I’m gonna do whatever it takes for this team to be successful”.

    Keep recruiting Coach cause if all of that comes to be, another scholarship will be available for next season.