• Dagwoods

    Looks pretty damn good to me.

  • How in the world could that many young men be ranked ahead of Luke. Geez! He is looking more and more like Cody Zeller every time I see. Oh well, its like many on here say, high school rankings are wtong ALOT!

  • Arch_Puddington

    The Cody comparisons are inaccurate and unfair. Zeller is among the most talented and most important players in the history of the program. He may well lead the Hoosiers to a B1G championship and/or a final four, and he will soon be an NBA lottery pick. Fischer is going to be really good, but saddling him with those kinds of comparisons is totally unreasonable. Yes, he looks dominant in this video, but seriously: look at the players guarding him. Let’s give him a chance to be his own player and establish himself against B1G competition before we anoint him the next CZ.

  • SCHoosier

    Good fundamentals..notice that when he get’s the ball in he post..he seldom brings it down low or on the floor where he can be stripped. Just does a drop step and shoots with a very ncie touch. Not much athleticism in the competition on this tape..but this kid with some coaching and weight work is gonna be outstanding.

  • Shop7

    Looks more impressive every time I see him. I’ll be shocked if ESPN doesn’t have him ranked in the top 100 when it’s all said and done.

  • DarkSouth

    couple of thoughts after seeig that: really impressed by his footwork and ambidexterity. At 0:22 he make a dribble right to create space and get his defender leaning, then spins over his right shoulder into a left hand hook. That’s a pretty tough move for a lot of big guys and, speaking from experience, is pretty near unguardable if you’ve got a counter (say, an up and under).

    His ambidexterity really opens up options. For a lot of bigs you know they’re right handed and will make a move over their left shoulder if they’ve got you on their back. It makes it easy to lean on that left side and overplay them. Most of them aren’t comfortable taking a left handed dribble that goes anywhere and they spin over their right shoulder the ball will be right their without their body to create space, much easier to block and it’s a little more awkward for shooting.

    A guy like Fischer makes you play straight up and you’re more susceptible to his feints or counters, his options increase exponentially. He’s not strong enough to pull some of this stuff off in the Big Ten yet, he’ll be pushed out by bigger bodies into some tough shots. But a year or two in the weight room combined with the moves he has will make him a really tough match up.

  • jacobdetroy

    I’m glad this kid isn’t going to wisky, because YOU KNOW the dude would go for 30. Also, I wonder if this kids would get similar hype to Cody if he had 2 other D1 brothers, and was from somewhere other than Wisconsin. Cody wasn’t playing against taller opponents. His senior year I watched him get triple teamed by three 6’0″ dudes. I think Luke will be just fine and is an extremely underrated player.

  • I kind of see it like you do. I am very happy that we have in in our recruiting class and he will be a solid player for 4 years. That said, a redshirt may be in his best interest especially if CZ returns for a 3rd year. Even if CZ goes pro you are going to have Hanner, Jeremy, PJ, Will and Vic for sure and BeeJay, Troy and Noah all possible. That’s alot of talent looking for minutes in the front court in 2013-14. With the strides he has made in the past year, a year in the weight room and practicing daily would in all purposes make him like a top 50 recruit in 2014 and have 4 years left.

  • I love his skill set and old school fundamentals. Will be a great addition to Hoosier Nation.

  • CreanFaithful

    Olidipo and Sheehey will certainly not be taking minutes from him. They are combo guard/wing players. Fischer will play 4-5 spot. I don’t know how we could sign more that 1 of the BeeJay, Troy and Noah group. We are already over signed. He may not see a ton of freshman minutes, but he is a skilled big, who still has another year of development before he laces them up for the Hoosiers.

  • ScoopGeoff

    I really lik his fundamentals as well, but my original thought was that he brought down the ball a little too much. So I went back and watched and he brought it below his chest in the post 12 times, which was roughly 50% of the time. That’s too much, but he also looked from the other 50% that’s it’s something he’s consciously working on, so I wouldn’t be surprised if the habit is broken by the time he get to IU.

    What I lived we’re his soft hands, his outside touch, and his high post passing ability. Those are things that translate no matter how athletic you end up being.

    Ink he is a steal!

  • Brklynhoosier

    What I’m most impressed by is the growth I’ve seen since CTC first started tracking him last summer. Then it looked like he had a decent frame and was still growing into his body/putting it together. I was thinking he made a nice get and would be a good player for us by the time he was a jr/sr. He’s gotten so much better in a yr, though — I think he still needs to put on 30-40 lbs, but I’m wondering if he might not be ready to contribute (in a serious way) by the time he’s a sophomore. Another great recruiting steal from the Master! Thx CTC, and thank you, Luke! I can’t speak for all Hoosiers, but this one here is really looking forward to seeing you down on campus!

  • Arch_Puddington

    Excellent points. What I would add is that his outside shooting will complement his ambidexterity nicely. You’re right too say he is not quite ready to make some of these moves down low against the monsters in the B1G, but even as a freshman he will be able to pull guys away from the block because they will have to respect his shot. Once he gets them out in space, his ambidexterity will be a nice weapon. I also get the impression that he passes well, which will just add to the problems he can create. If his strength and athleticism are up to B1G standards — and I believe they are, or will be — he could make for some interesting matchup problems.

  • Hack Wilson

    I agree with the above. That doesn’t make Fischer a bad player, or questionable prospect, but Cody is looking at National POY as a Sophomore. That’s elite, not good. That said, it will be very interesting to watch Luke play with a hand in his face on that outside jumper, or a B1G body on his back in the post. It’s a different world at the next level, but he’ll adjust. IU’s strength and conditioning alone gives us a huge leg-up.

  • Stevie

    The competition looks similar to what I see at the local YMCA. With that being said, I think Fischer has improved greatly over the past year or so; and should turn into the type of player who will contribute each year and possibly become a star by his senior year.

  • Kelin Blab

    Luke Fischer makes me feel fine with Cody possibly leaving, IU NOT getting BJ Anya or Meeks. Would love for either of them to come and Cody return, but a combination of a Sophomore PJurkin and Luke puts me at ease.

    If he lived in Indiana he would be ranked higher, buried in Wisconsin and a lack of exposure for their high school basketball. I can see how Volleyball helps his game, plays well in traffic.

  • DarkSouth

    Agree, and his outside shooting leads me to believe he’s a good free throw shooter. His passing skills could put him in position to run a high low with Hanner, for example.

  • cdog

    I agree on all points, especially that he is a steal. Wisconsin has been a top 4 team in the B10 every year under Bo Ryan and their team always has similar players on it. To steal one in their backyard was a great job by CTC. Luke is the kind of player that will develop just like VO and WS. He will be really effective if he can ge to 6’10” or so. I know some sources have him at this height, but I think he is really a couple inches shorter. Really, there is nothing not to like about this kid and he will be a fan favorite of the IU Nation. Good luck to his team as he leads them to state.

  • MPmike

    When I first seen highlights of Luke Fischer, he looked liked an average player at best playing (Third team walk-on type potential). Now, he looks to have the potential to be a very good player for IU in the future.

  • SeattleHoosier

    Cleans up the boards, blocks shots, scores around the rim going left and right, passes well, and hits threes. Uh, I’m in! (Although I realize this is a higlight reel…would love to see a more balanced review).

  • Iumick22

    He reminds me of Kirk Haston in high schooli.

  • Brklynhoosier

    I think that’s a much better (and more apt) comparison than comparing him to CZ…

  • Kirk Haston anyone? Like what I see here

  • While there will never be another Cody Zeller, This kid comes pretty close and with a great outside touch as well. He will definitely need to bulk up to be a real force in the B1G, but that’s something Tom Crean seems to be pretty good at getting players to do. This kid also played with a broken right hand and learned how to use his left down low which will be an advantage as well. Look forward to seeing him in candy stripes.

  • 2 things…he is tall and you can’t teach that and secondly he made it a point to work on using his left hand when he had an injury to his right arm. That really demonstrates his work ethic. Seems like a candidate for making a big year 1 to year 2 improvement.

  • marcusgresham

    While I get your point about Cody’s competition in high school you do have to consider the fact that he was the youngest of three 7-footers and Washington also had Steve Bouchie’s son, who is about 6’8″ or 6’9″, (not to mention playing at the highest level of competition in AAU,) so he had plenty of exposure to playing against big guys.
    I also think Luke’s going to be damn good, though, and he still has a year of high school and a summer with Ja’Ney Jackson before his freshman year to get thicker.

  • marcusgresham

    I’d take Kirk Haston any day of the week.

  • mchoop

    I like Fischer and I’m glad IU picked him up. JaNey Jackson will work some magic on him and get him ready for the physicality of the B10 and college ball in general. But right now, he does need to get stronger and learn to bang. Darius Latham muscled him around earlier this summer at an AAU event. He will see a lot more of that kind of play when he gets to IU.


  • Outoftheloop

    Luke Fischer and Devin Davis will each play important minutes as freshmen, more than Remy Abell did, and Remy was a very nice surprise last season. They are each capable of being in the top 6 of Final Four teams. Does anyone else remember Jordy Hulls as a freshman and his growth and improvement as a player each season? I do! And Trey Lyles thinks that he can’t be a “big time NBA” Lottery pick from IU! I know that he is young, but that is dumb!

  • Wyatt

    After watching all of these highlights of Luke, I just don’t feel the need to add 1 more player to the 2013 class. With players like Fischer, PJ, Hanner, and Hollowell in the front court, I just don’t see why we would want to add Anya or Meeks when we are already pressed on scholarships! Part of me feels like CZ and V.O are being pressured to leave early every time we get another commitment. Basically what I’m getting at is that I would rather see Cody stay all 4 years rather then being replaced by another top recruit. Whether or not that is realistic is beyond me though.

  • jmoran

    And this guy is not a concensus top 150 because??? I find it hard to believe there are that many players better than him in this class!! Can’t wait to see him in the candy-striped pants.

  • Hoosierfan2335

    ugh… why do i feel like everyone of these videos features fischer against little guys. Would love to see him play against guys that are above 6’2″. He does move very well without the ball and can get himself open. He needs to spend the next year at a buffet though.

  • Hoosierfan2335

    Another thing. It makes me hesitant that Bo Ryan isn’t all over the guy. He seems to always get guys like this to play at UW.

  • marcusgresham

    Coach Crean has had a relationship with him since he was at Marquette. I’d guess Bo was just picking his battles.

  • Swishmac IU

    You hit every key point that struck me when i watched this – with the exception of one clip, you dont see this kid out front filling lanes on fast breaks. My only question/concern woudl be his ability to fit Creans track meet system. No doubt in a half court game, he is an asset, just not sure how he fits on a team that will likley average 80+ a game.