Meeks recaps in-home visit with Indiana

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Class of 2013 West Charlotte (NC) center Kennedy Meeks hosted five schools for in-home visits over the past eleven days.

North Carolina State and Georgetown had their shot last week, followed by North Carolina and Kentucky earlier this week.

Indiana, the final school to visit the five-star big man, made a favorable impression on Wednesday night. The visit took place after the staff watched Meeks work out at his high school.

“They’re very family oriented. You can really tell they care about Indiana basketball,” Meeks told Inside the Hall. “They just love everybody. They’re really good people and I really appreciated them coming in. I really like the way they operate.”

The most important part of the in-home visits, according to Meeks, was getting a better feel for each of the coaching staffs recruiting him and also getting the opportunity for those staffs to meet his family.

“You can tell what they’re all about. There’s a lot of stuff that comes into play when they come on the home visits,” he said. “It’s a good thing that my whole family is there so they get to hear what the coaches have to say.”

Meeks, who said over the summer that he hoped to visit IU, said that a visit will happen, but that a date hasn’t been set at this point.

The visit will likely be one of his official trips.

While Meeks said the staff did discuss a plan for him — focused around strength and conditioning — he also noted a topic Tom Crean discussed that other coaches did not.

“He’s a cool dude. He’s probably the only coach who really sat down and talked about God,” Meeks said. “Just the spiritual part and how we need God in our lives to keep striving for the best.”

The next step in the process for Meeks will be lining up his official visits and making a decision, which could come either this fall or in the spring.

“Just whenever I feel comfortable,” he said of a timetable. “After I go on my official visits, I just want to take my time and see what school is right for me and that’s the one I’ll go to.”

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  • inLinE6

    Come to Bloomington, Meeks! There’s nowhere else making you feel more like home than Indiana.

  • Kelin Blab

    Meeks is an interesting recruit and I would not compare him to the Cody type of center giving Cody relies more on agility while Meeks and Anya are more power. Interesting Crean shares his faith in his recruiting pitch…you have to be very comfortable to do so. Tough call here..IU, KY, UNC…good to be in the conversation

  • I wanted Semi and Kennedy a month ago. Now you will get Stan, BJ, and Troy Williams on Hoosier Hysteria and it will be interesting to see if Kennedy takes his the same night. Really want to see him at IU. Think he’s going to be a really good player. Glad to see Coach and staff pushing here.

  • I personally hope God helps Crean take one away from Kentucky. Next year Calipari will do in house visits wearing a Priest Outfit.

  • N71

    He’s obviously a great player and wanted by the best programs. We seem much further along though with BeeJay who is similar in the role he would play. BeeJay also has Stanford who he knows coming to IU and his cousin I believe it is, planning to play for IU’s soccer program. There’s also Victor and Kenny Johnson. I mean, wow, if we got both, you’d definitely think twice before driving down the lane against IU…but I can’t imagine that happening, BeeJay is coming to HH, you layer in the possibilities of Troy Williams joining the crew, it just seems like things are pointed toward BeeJay. The comments by Kennedy were very encouraging I admit but I also remember my meeting Anna Kournikova in the Detroit airport accidentally taking her boyfriend Sergei Federov’s seat, we had a moment, I thought it was love. Turns out she wasn’t interested, just being nice. I miss you Anna.

  • SCHoosier

    Well I thik the sharing of faith thing probably is welcome in a lot of households especially with the mom’s. Have to admit though..Coach’s twitter accout is geting pretty hard to “follow”..altho I’m all for personal and spiritual motivation..I’m really looking for b-ball news.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    Meeks = Nix?

  • Kris

    I realize it’s not for everyone, but personally I love that Crean shares his faith openly. It’s who he is and he doesn’t keep it in the background. He walks the talk and seems to make decisions based upon his faith, the way it should be IMO. If you’re going to follow him on Twitter, it’s not going to be all-basketball stuff with CTC. +1 in my book.

  • Kris

    The contrast between Crean and Calapari gets more obvious with each passing day. And Meeks took notice and even shared publicly that Crean did something other coaches don’t do… hoping that pays off for IU when Meeks make his decision down the road.

  • Crimson&CremeFraiche

    Meeks = Sean May? that might be pushing it but they have similar builds

  • WhatsUpKnight

    based on this brief interview, he sure seems like the type of guy we want on our side. he has too much character to waste it at pUKe

  • CreamandCrimson

    Kennedy Meeks would be a huge (pun intended) addition to our program. Throw in his location (Charlotte, heart of ACC country) and the fact we would be getting him over UNC and NC State would also be a clear indication of Crean’s national recruiting prowess.

  • DarkSouth

    I think Meeks has been a priority since we started recruiting him. With the list of schools after him I he’d still be talking to IU if Crean wasn’t clearly communicating his interest. Both Anya and Meeks fill a need and are very good. Cant predict what a kid will do so go after both hard.

  • DarkSouth

    Not just Crean and Calipari, but between Crean and other coaches as well. Heck, I remember getting a campus tour from a coach who was talking about how hot a current player’s mom was. It was pretty creepy.
    A number of these guys have pretty big egos, glad to hear Crean comes across as humble and honest.

  • HoosierTrav

    IMO i believe Meeks is more of a Nix body with the ability to pass the rock, as well, if not better than Cody.

  • HoosierTrav

    Totally agree. I think the biggest mistake we can make as Christians is to remove ourselves from the marketplace of thinking. He’s a fantastic role model for young guys such as myself.

  • Charlotte is in the middle of the Bible Belt. Openly talking about your faith and how important it is in your life is quite shrewd in that part of the country.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    So what you’re trying to say is … keep my mom away from Calipari?

  • Daddy’sGirl

    But it won’t work for everyone. Does that mean he is only recruiting fundamentalist Christians now?

  • DarkSouth

    A conscience is a mother-in-law whose visit never ends. Unless you’re Calipari and prematurely forced it into a nursing home.

    Spend enough time around coaches and their personality will eventually come out (in this case it was after 4 hours or so). I didn’t want my mom being a factor in my playing time…ugh.

  • MisterSlippery

    The Meeks shall inherit the earth

  • Wyatt

    At this point I’m confident we’re either going to be landing Meeks or Anya. Judging by this interview I wold probably rather have Meeks. Really seems like a good dude. Really glad to see CTC using his faith in God to attract the right guys for the program and instilling Christian values in his team.

  • Wyatt

    anybody remember Deandre Thomas? Although Meeks is a better shooter than he was

  • LOL!

  • I second that motion!!!

  • dtfreed

    At what point is the 13 class full? they have 4 and say BeeJay is 5. If you don’t sign in the fall then. . . But still the 14 class is loaded with talent. Do you cut short the 14 class because your busy signing 13s?

  • marcusgresham

    I’ve got nothing against Meeks at all and will be thrilled if IU gets him, but I don’t know if he looks better than Anya. BeeJay is built like Black Hercules.

  • dmglotz

    I don’t believe that CTC talking about his faith is a pitch for recruting, but he genuinely cares about people. Whether Meeks comes to IU or not, CTC is trying to make an impression on this kid’s life.

  • Wyatt

    Black Hercules? I LOL’d but i just feel meeks is a unique center that can actually shoot. But I do get goosebumbs almost watching Anya. Either one is fine with me or even T. Williams would be nice

  • Bobby Slaughter

    Visit Bloomington on Game day and you will find a different story. I had relatives who lives near Bloomington and I have been there and know what it is like on Game day, a Drunkn’ bunch of Rednecks. Ky played there this past year and it’s fans were subjected to these idiots and now have refused to go back. Tom Crean used to be a gentlemen but has turned into a Ahole just like Booby Knight.

  • Lex B.

    Hey we stole George Leach didn’t we?


    Is there any way Ron Patterson could become part of the 13 class? I mean heck the guy is the one who made up “The Movement” can’t coach find a way to get him back?


    I coach down here in charlotte. Meeks passes well for a big man, but he actually has more of a finesse game. He has very good hands and feet. Mid range shot is above average too. He would be a valuable asset, but not the focal point.