IU makes an impact on 2014 forward Dwayne Morgan

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A couple years ago, a scholarship offer from Indiana may not have stood out from the rest for some recruits. Now, after a run to the Sweet 16 and a preseason No. 1 ranking, when coach Tom Crean makes a visit or an offer, they listen.

Crean continues to be active early in the fall recruiting period as he makes trips to see some of the nation’s top recruits. On Friday, Crean offered a scholarship to Dwayne Morgan, a 2014 forward from St. Francis Academy in Baltimore, Maryland.

The stop at St. Frances by Crean to see Morgan certainly had an impact, further evidence that the Hoosiers continue to be viewed more and more favorably around the country.

“It was monumental. How often do you get the preseason No. 1 team in the country’s head coach tell kids that they’re a priority?” said Dwayne Wise, director of Morgan’s AAU team, UA B’more Finest. “To see Tom Crean, it makes a difference, man. Indiana has a great history long before Tom Crean got there, but to see Tom Crean there, what kid would not consider that? That means a lot to a kid. I’m quite sure that’s something that’s going to stick in Dwayne’s head.”

Morgan, the 20th best player in the 2014 class according to ESPN.com, is an athletic 6-7 wing who is still growing. Morgan played center for most of his life, but moved to the wing when he and his coaches realized that was where he would likely play at the collegiate level.

Morgan’s mother is 6-5 and played at Clemson, and Wise said Morgan is expected to grow to be “6-9 or 6-10.” He missed several months over the summer due to knee tendonitis caused by his recent growth, but Wise said he is healthy now and should be fine for his junior high school season.

“He’s a bona-fide wing that’s still growing,” Wise said. “He just passed his mom in terms of height, so it’s scary. He probably has the prettiest jump shot of any wing forward in the country in terms of form. If he didn’t fade, he might never miss a shot.”

Wise said Morgan has developed more quickly than most kids he’s been around during his coaching career. He said Morgan was still “raw” in April and he would give Morgan’s ball-handling a ‘4’ at the time. Wise said it has improved a great deal since then.

Morgan’s recruiting is still “wide open” as schools continue to make their pitches to the rising junior. Morgan currently has offers from Georgetown, Florida, Florida State, Kansas State, Maryland, Missouri, among others, and North Carolina has also shown interest.

Wise said he expects Morgan to narrow his list in January, and he believes IU will likely be in Morgan’s “top three or five.”

“With kids, it’s up and down,” Wise said. “One minute, you’re the flavor of the month, the next minute, you’re not. It’s all about consistency from this point on, who consistently recruits him and shows they really want him.

“He’s just tapping the true potential. He’s going to be a program-changing type kid at any program in the country, whether it’s Indiana, Maryland, or wherever.”


· 2014 Indiana Basketball Recruiting Board

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  • Evansville Hoosier

    His coach certainly seems to be playing him up, as he should, but all the same I think Morgan would be a great addition to the class. The wings we’re looking at/have committed include Russell, Blackmon, Blueitt, Booth, all of which are smaller, quicker guys who rely on elite offensive skill. We’ve yet to look at a guy like Morgan in 2014 (unless you count Vonleh, who, even with his recently improved ball handling, I still consider a 4). A wing with size is always a great addition; if they have the athleticism, they can develop the skill later with a good work ethic.

    That being said, my ideal 2014:
    Jones or Lyle
    Alexander (pipe dream)

  • Evansville Hoosier

    Also, I just watched some video of this guy. Looked really impressive athletically

  • Sure seems like we are looking at about half of the top 25 for 2014 right now. I think you are seeing Crean’s recruiting approach focusing on more of the elite’s because he knows he has a sold ’12 and ’13 base of mostly 4-year players. He’s looking to add a couple of high-end talents to that group.
    The 2014 class will be top 3 when it’s all said and done. The monster has been built……just got to keep feeding it now! Dont foresee Crean having any trouble there!

  • Kris

    Preseason #1. Preseason #1. No matter how many times I hear it and read it… I still love it. And apparently recruits are noticing too. Anyone else think that Maryland alumni are not big fans of Tom Crean? Creek and Oladipo already wearing candy stripes and potentially BJ Anya, now Morgan is in the mix. The Indiana brand has credibility nationwide again. Kudos to Crean.

  • N71

    After watching the video below and taking into consideration his projected size…ah…who wouldn’t want Dwayne as part of their program.


    He’s a little more athletic then Trey Lyles but probably not as skilled yet, hence his being ranked lower I guess. Boy what a tandem Noah Vonleh and Dwayne would make. Add James in the backcourt and I can begin to see the class take form in the wake of Trey’s recommitment:

    Guard: James Blackman – point or scoring guard, can do either
    Wing/Shooter: Trevon Blueitt – great shooter but much more to his game
    Big Forward – Dwayne Morgan – springy, good skills, long, etc.
    Canter: Noah Vonleh – very skilled center

    If these 4 all committed then I’d like to add Theo Pinson as an athletic slasher but I have to admit, I’ve never seen him play in person. Trevon is a slasher somewhat, but not a Kobe type athlete, more a super smart player instead that has freakish anticipation. This would also put a ton of point guard responsibility onto James’ shoulders until either Hyron Edwards or Jalen Coleman arrived the following year (fingers crossed) but I’m sure he’s up to it with a team like this around him.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    i know it’s been going on for a couple years now, but still feels darn good to know we’re once again one of the heavy hitters in top 100 recruiting. Top 25, actually! and what’s scary is this year’s team is only going to make it that much easier for CTC bring in quality players.

    pUKe, UNC, dook, UCLA, UL, etc… will still get theirs, but we’ll get our share too.

  • b_side

    Why so much pressure on Blackmon to play point in 2014? Are you assuming Yogi will be gone after two seasons? Remy will be a senior then too.

  • b_side

    Don’t forget Stanford Robinson.

  • HoosierTrav

    I haven’t seen much of this kids game. The fact that he is still “raw” and ranks #20 in the nation, says that this kid is bound to be a monster. I dont think any coach in the country has a better eye for kids who have untapped pro potential. 6’7″, still growing, can really stroke it, McD’s potential…… good enough for me. What really excites me is the fact that CTC is getting these kids genuinely excited about being offered by IU. The whole Trey Lyles situation has taken its toll on me as a fan until now. I’m no longer concerned about Treys recruitment. Not one bit. You get with the program, or get run over by it. We are a well oiled machine and our gears aren’t going to stop turning over one kid. I’ve seen blue chips! I don’t want CTC to get involved with a situation like Trey’s. It’s sad bc I feel the kid wants to be a Hoosier in the long run but the demons in his camp are feeding him a load of bull cloaked under the veil of “putting you in the best position to be successful.” The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, its green where you water it and CTC and the Indiana program commited to your talents long before a certain someone had enough faith to offer you. We’re no longer desperate for ANY player. Its nice to finally have options!

  • Kris

    Thanks @b_side. I did forget. Love me some Stanford Robinson. I tend to lose track of all the great players that will be wearing candy stripes in the next few years. My amnesia merely indicates how darn good Crean has done at recrutiing.

  • N71

    Yep, figured Yogi would be gone playing for the Knicks or someone. Point taken on Remy.

  • We aleady had a presence out there, but KJ has helped us take it to a whole new level.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    The last time Crean coached a kid named Dwayne, it turned out all right.

  • SCHoosier

    Speaking of Trey..since I live in SC..can somebody tell me what the hell that thing with Dan D was late Friday. It sounded like the final nail going into IU’s
    coffin on Lyles s recruitment): I can’t believe DD would put some info unconfirmed on the air..but to intimate that Lyles and his father had deliberately broken an NCAA rule..plus questioning their integrity by saying they asked for an an IU staff position is just crazy. Trey’s dad’s response was reasoned and to the point from what I’ve read. Now if you told me somebody from UK planted that story just to drive a wedge between IU and the Lyles family…and DD took the bait…I might believe that. Just have to believe that this entire episode has the Lyles family totally po’ed?? Info please.

  • SCHoosier

    Looks like a baller to me! If IU keeps up its interest/impact in the Maryland area..the nutritionist is going to have to include crabcakes and oysters on the training table:)

  • Dos

    Well, Dwyane. But still…

  • Evansville Hoosier

    I think, based on his Twitter handle, that Stan would like for you to show him that love.

  • HoosierTrav

    Dakich claimed that the Lyles family took a visit to the UK campus, while still committed to IU, near or around the end of July, which was a dead period(Only a violation if he came into contact with coaches and the university facilitated the visit.) Reported that someone, not knowing exactly who but someone from the Lyles camp requested a job on the Hoosiers staff in return for Treys commitment. Also mentioned something about going to a Nike affiliated school. DD claims his source is VERY reliable. Who knows? I find it hard to believe that DD would risk his credibility airing something like this. The fact that CTC has not been at ANY Lyles “showcase” and was visiting another top forward in the 2014 class instead of Lyles all of last week screams that IU is steering clear of this situation all together. I don’t believe for one second that CTC is pouting and avoiding Trey Lyles bc he’s upset Trey wanted to open up and do it the right way. He’s avoiding and moving on for a reason. I think DD could have waited until these claims were more solidly substantiated but like i said, who knows! If these things are true, then i feel terrible for the kid. If these things are true, then these demons in his camp are putting him through a much more unfair position to succeed than he realizes. If this is true, what is UK offering that IU is refusing to offer. It definitely raises some serious questions. Personally, I just find it too hard to believe DD would commit career suicide over something that had the slightest chance of being false. Truthfully, Im over Trey Lyles. Lets just move on and go get Vonleh! We have to get over this before it hurts our image and good standing with other blue chippers. This situation is going to end up hurting one of the two sides. I like that CTC is steering clear. It tells me that he is avoiding putting the university through another scandalous matter. It hurts to say but let UK have him! we dont need these situations AT ALL! Not even the slightest hint of scandal. We have come so far from the rubble that was the Kelvin Sampson era and we do not need to risk all the hard work for Trey Lyles. Lets go get the next great out of Indiana. after all there is one born every year or so. I will admit, it does sting pretty bad. I like many of Hoosiers fans invested alot of time watching his videos, dreaming of the day he wore the candy stripes, and the fact that we will most likely lose him to the Kentucky Wildcats just throws salt in the wound. Fret not hoosier nation! Banner #6 will heal this wound.

  • HoosierTrav

    I truly believe that the only thing that could even put a minor dent in our progress in the DMV area is if the Harrison twins commit to Maryland. It would create an excitement and majorly build the terp brand. In the end of things, I believe that they are Wildcats IMHO.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    I did check the spelling before I posted (and I noticed the difference), but figured it still counted as the same name (just like Chris/Kris or Jeff/Geoff).

  • N71

    That’s just about my understanding as well. What I find really mind numbing though is how is Calipari getting away with all this right under the NCAA’s noses? Set aside UK’s rumored involvement with Trey (he tweeted his wearing a UK sweatshirt by the way), the list of suspicious player involvement is LONG and goes back to Memphis and UMass. What’s also mind numbing is that UMass and Memphis paid penalties due to evidence the NCAA had against Calipari, and then Calipari really experiences no negative impact for what is classified, by rule, from the NCAA, as cheating. Instead, he’s rewarded by getting one of the best coaching positions there is. He goes on to win a national championship with an amazing collection of talent, which we beat I might add, and now he’s reaching into a “friends” player/school/relationship playing the spoiler…if this isn’t the literal definition of outrageous, I’m not sure what is. I don’t really blame Trey, I blame Calipari. Look at the list of others that have been lured by the same mechanisms, there’s something appealing clearly. My problem is that its VERY likely illegal according to NCAA rules and yet continues to go on.

  • DD most likely has a good source. I wonder how many people UK has “employed” like this. Cal is smart enough to have some booster doing the soliciting for him and I am sure he has his denials and alibis lined up…sooner or later Cal will get caught. The unfortunate aspect of this is that a seemingly good kid and family are caught in the middle. Trey will probably do ok – look at AJ Mayo and Cam Newton. I doubt they (UK) are sending cash in the mail anymore! The unfortunate aspect is if BBall doesn’t work out for Trey than his back up options at UK are somewhat limited. Doubt there are high paying jobs in Kentucky for a ex BBall player with a bumb knee that his father can negotiate….Whereas I always go back to RMK who taught players to be succesful in life first and BBall 2nd. He also won. CTC is doing the same thing and I do like that especially if kids like Dwayne get it.


    Trey Lyles in a pUKe sweatshirt = FAIL !!

    Even though I’m pretty much over the whole TL thing, as the word describes, that imagine does cause me to feel somewhat nauseous, but then again, just about any decent and talented kid in a sweatshirt of that kind would.

  • Napleshoosier

    Don’t forget Stan as well…

  • ScoopGeoff

    Well it doesn’t look like they are lying about his height… He has legit size compared to the other athletes around him and his stroke is definitely pretty. Would be a great replacement for Hollowell.

  • SCHoosier

    Thanks for the info..I tend to agree with your statement on DD..he would not risk damaging his career or his ties to IU. Like I said..sounds like the last nail being driven into the IU recruiting of this potentially great young player.

  • SCHoosier

    I’m sue someone will make a play for Blackmon too as soon as he shows on the court that his knee is good to go. Just the way it is.

  • cdog

    The trouble is that Kentucky will continue doing this until the NCAA either requires kids to stay 2-3 years (football) or allows them to go directly to the NBA from HS. Every top 20 recruit has UK on their short list because history shows (since Slimpari) that if you go to UK you will be a lottery pick (15 first rounders in 4 years). It is hard to argue that you have a better chance of getting to the NBA from UK than playing in the D-league. TL is not the first, nor will he be the last, committed player that gets recruited by UK. Slimpari does not care about stepping on toes when it comes to commited players. He recruits the top 25 juniors and seniors only. Soon college basketball recruiting will be like college football and you won’t know until the LOI is signed. As long as the one-and-done rule exists, UK will continue this practice. The interesting thing will come with the APR ratings as not graduating any players will eventually cost UK some schollys. Not sure it matters as you only need to reload for a 7-8 player team. They can lose a couple without hurting your record. The way CTC backed off recruting TL is all you need to know as to whether DD has credible sources. Let’s move on to the other great 2014 forwards.

  • Wow. I think this kid should definitely be a 2014 priority. Any combination of Morgan, Vonleh, Pinson, Booth, Lyle, Russell, Blueitt, and Blackmon has me excited.

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    If this kid is as good as his acclaimed and hits the 6 10 mark and utilizes the skill set as described he sounds a lot like KG when he came out of high school and went straight to the NBA. I wouldn’t complain about that at all!!!

  • b_side

    It’s possible, but the odds aren’t in his favor. Ty Lawson is probably the closest example. He’s 5’11, but built like a tank weighing it at 195 lbs. Yogi will have to put on 20-30 lbs of muscle while maintaining his quickness.

  • AJ_IU_ColtsFan

    A 6′ 10″ kid with the chops to actually play wing and be successful at it would be scary.




  • Kelin Blab

    The upside alone should make Dwayne a priority….now that he has just outgrown his mom…wow. Really working that area very hard and I love it.

  • Geoff_85

    A Geoff mention…sweet.

  • Geoff_85

    For some reason I always think of Yogi as a 4 year player…probably because of his size, which isn’t fair for me to think really, but he’s small. I think he has a long way to go physically before he is a sure-fire NBA prospect. That’s just my opinion and I’m probably wrong.

  • HoosierTrav

    No doubt! “Thats a Huge Chick!!”

  • HoosierTrav

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  • HoosierTrav

    Not sure about the donations part. I’d assume you could be a guest and make a donation.

  • marcusgresham

    It’s not only Kentucky, and it’s not a new thing. Does anyone remember who the assistant coach was on the 1988 Kansas national championship team? Does the name Ed Manning ring a bell?

  • marcusgresham

    I have a feeling that Stanford will follow BJ Anya everywhere but the bathroom on Hoosier Hysteria weekend. He’s going to play the same role Etherington did with Zeller.

  • marcusgresham

    (edited for content)

  • marcusgresham

    I don’t think he’s leaving early, but if Earl Freakin’ Boykins can have an NBA career Yogi can. My 7th grade team had 8 guys bigger than Boykins.

  • b_side

    Totally agree. I wasn’t debating the merits of Yogi having an NBA career. Plenty of undersized guards in the league. They just usually aren’t given first round promises from teams, especially early entrants in the draft.

  • Wyatt

    thankyou good sir

  • DannerPerea


  • N71

    Every time I watch Yogi in person I say to myself, “he would be difficult to guard even in the NBA, today, as he is at 18 or 19 years old”. Look at DC for the Pacers these past couple of years, speed like that is difficult to deal with. Sure, a 6’5″ point weighing 215 lb could back them down but I suppose that’s the tradeoff. Yogi’s the fastest (good) player I’ve ever seen in person. I never saw some of the classic fast guys like Kidd or Iverson so I can’t compare on that front. I’d have to think he has a shot at the NBA as early as 2 years from now.