Open Thread: Predict IU’s regular season record

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This topic, unlike a year ago, is sure to produce a great deal of optimism.

It’s not that there wasn’t some optimism last fall — a couple of you accurately predicted IU’s regular season record — but expectations are sky high for 2012-2013 as some of the early preseason rankings having the Hoosiers in the top two nationally.

And so we open this thread again to get you on record with your prediction for IU’s record for the upcoming season.

Once again there are 13 non-conference games. 18 Big Ten games. A total of 31 contests. The schedule, for those who wish to give it a once over before locking in your prediction, is here.

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Here’s how it’ll work: This thread will remain open until the end of the month. Your guesses will then be locked in on October 1 and following the Michigan game next March, we’ll revisit the comments and pull out all of the correct guesses. Everyone that gets the regular season record correct will then be entered into a drawing for the prize.

Feel free to provide an explanation with your prediction, but please post the final record it as the first part of your comment. It makes for easier record keeping. Also, one entry per person, please.

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  • 27-4

  • 29-2, I think mich state and ohio state have down years. Minnesota and michigan will be much better. Theres always a possibility they could lose another game versus another team but they should at least go 2-2 against the aforementioned teams.

  • LonestarHoosier


  • 31-0
    Kentucky lost 1 game in regular season last year. This IU team is better than last years KY team! MSU and MICH will be able to keep it close in the first half. But when IU can have fresh bodies on the floor playing fast paced with 10 players talented enough to start, no team can keep up. Zeller, Hanner, Olidipo, Creek, Jordy, Elston, Will, Yogi, Watford, Hollowell, Remy, Jurkin.

  • Sherronhasaheadache

    what illinois? minny? cmon man. wake up and have some coffee!!

  • Sherronhasaheadache

    lets see last year i said we’d win 16-18 games so…. 29-2 at worst

  • Sherronhasaheadache

    boom baby!! now that would be season to remember!!

  • 27-4. This team will be GREAT but they are human, and like some have said, the B10 is no joke. Wins on the road will still be hard to come by, especially when everyone will be gunning for #1. I am worried about the early games in Brooklyn…. anyone else?? IU is definetly one of the top 5 teams in the country – and it has been a long time coming, baby!


    26 wins & 5 losses

  • jasonwehlage

    they were 5-1 in vegas…just wanted odds on them going undefeated and couldn’t get anyone to take the action

  • Nick B


  • Joshmofo1

    31-0 baby!

  • 27-4

  • Daburns0

    I will go with 27-4. I think they will lose some road games and a couple we don’t expect. I do think they will go undefeated at home and in the preconference.

  • ThisGuy23


  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    Undefeated. Yes that goes against rational thinking but I just don’t want to pick against our team this year after the last half decade. I like it better when the losses are painful because we expect to win versus the painful losses because our win total was in the single digits for the season. So yes undefeated. My name isn’t The_REALISTIC_Assembly_Hall so I am just going to with the positive thinking and then just be crushed for a few days after each of our 2-3 losses this year. Go IU!!!

  • swishinj

    29-2 . We drop 2 on the road during B1G play.

  • Mike Coleman


  • richard b

    27-4 Go Hoosiers!

  • 27-4

  • Guest


  • 28-3

  • 23-8

    While a lot of the guys are upperclassmen and have tons of experience, the “superstars” are freshmen and sophomores and the high expectations may get to them in the big games, especially if they try to do too much. Great leadership and energy from guys like Hulls and Oladipo will get us through the season and deep into the tournament, hopefully a Final Four birth. I’m guessing no banner this year, but big things are on the way.

  • Eastwood88_2

    27-4. 5-4 on the road in conference. Losses to Michigan, Ohio St and Mich st for sure. I am thinking the 4th loss will be Iowa on the road. My biggest fear is that we lack true role players. Guys who will rebound and play defense. Everyone can score and there is only one ball on the floor.
    Opening day starting line up
    CW CZ

  • HoosierTrav

    Corey Brewer, Al Horford, Joakim Noah were the last to stay and win 2 straight.

  • lord disick


  • Hoosiers__1

    31-0. Yes, the Big Ten will be strong, but it was stronger last year. The team is much more improved/experienced. During A Night with Tom Crean, Crean said Cody and Will were the most improved. A lot of people are underestimating the loss of Roth. He was like Reggie, you could count on him to make the big 3 to keep IU in games. Although, with Yogi at the point, Jordy should have more opportunities to make more 3’s.

  • The_Dukester

    28-3. Ever one needs a few loses to get their head on straight.

  • Janz


  • Yosi W.

    28-3, will have some trouble on the road definitely against the other elite teams in the Big 10, but I can definitely see them having an undefeated home/neutral court record.

  • 27-4, I think they lose @MSU @OSU @UM and @Illinois. Road games are nasty in ths conference, they could definitely have tough games at Mackey and Minnesota but I think they pull those out.

  • 28-3 They will lose to @MSU @OSU @UM.

  • CincyHoosier


  • 5bannerfan

    29-2. And I’ve got dibs on username 6bannerfan

  • jaywiz


  • MSU, UM, & OSU maybe more maybe less… Basketball is like life in general there are no guarantees… So we might go undefeated or we might lose every game… But I know 1 thing for sure somewhere in between lies our answer…

  • jmfriedman

    29-2 Let’s do this….

  • 27-4
    With the B1G as probably the toughest conference this coming year and with 20 home games (I’m including in Indy v Butler), They should have no problem winning 8 games on the road because they will be the toughest team in the conference. I believe we will struggle only on the road with losses at OSU, MSU, UCLA/Georgetown, and Michigan.

  • jwcasey


    Banner #6 will be hanging at this time next year.

  • faithguy19


  • 26-5, tough road contests in the B1G… @Illinois @OSU and @Minnesota will be tough this year just like always. Every road game for any B1G team will be a challenge

  • NervousWreck

    28-3. Though those 3 losses will likely give me a heart attack, so I’m hoping better.
    Think they’ll go 15-3 or 16-2 in Big Ten. They’ll be way to good to lose on the road at all three “big venues” (UM, MSU, OSU) – so hoping for them to pull one of those off. However, pre-conference I think they might let one slip (UNC, UCLA, Butler) just from an early season “off” game. Then, hopefully, Banner 6. Chaos in the street of Bloomington. Everything will be right and good in college basketball again.

  • Rocky

    25-5 Lets be realistic here. Winning on the road in the BiG is tough. 5 vs 5 + refs and crowd. 14-4 would be a winning BiG record. Do better in the BiG tourny and be a Final Four team and I would call it a better result than last year. To go from where we were last year to #1 would be a huge leap.

  • b_side

    Wait a sec, the only way for Jordy to get open is to play at the same time as Yogi? Hmm, not so sure how you came to that conclusion. It sure seemed like he got plenty of open looks last year.

    That said, I do agree Yogi should start with Jordy being our super sub.

  • 27-4.

    I guess it’s time to return to posting. Been trying to avoid letting it consume my life!

  • Marc Abrahams


  • Yogi should start? Over a guy with 3 years Division 1 experience, over 400 pts last year and the leader in the big ten on 3pt FG % and FT%? Yogi should be the super sub. At least until he is proven a super starter!

  • They’ll probly move jordy to shooting guard, yogi at point, round out with vic, cody, cwat. With Will as the 6th man. I hate to say that casue Will is so talented and deserves the start. But he will be great off the bench energy!

  • b_side

    Should and according to Crean, most likely will. During his speech at the Auditorium, he said, “I probably wouldn’t put it in a Sharpie pen just yet, but I might use a fountain pen that we’re probably going to start a freshman because that’s probably what’s going to happen.”

    Albers and nearly everyone agrees that he was referring to Yogi. The guy is a game-changer, bottom line. He brings an element to this team (speed, dribble penetration) that wasn’t seen last year, and quite frankly hasn’t been here for years.

  • b_side

    I don’t see it happening, not with Crean gushing over Will’s improvement this summer. I just can’t see us defending a pre-season #1 ranking with two 6’0 footers in the backcourt. Maybe in the first three games against the likes of Bryant or N Dakota St.

    I think Butler would give us serious trouble in the backcourt with Jordy trying to defend the likes of Kellen Dunham.