• baukev55

    A class act… He will be a great leader for years

  • g_bo

    Class act, glad he’s on our team

  • Humble and appreciative. The tone is set and he is growing up quickly. Smart articulate player. I hope Quinn Buckner gets to spend some time with him as well. He will have some growing pains but he seems motivated. I like the way the program pushes these kids to get better. I like the way they embrace this. It shows the character CTC is developing. The character and desire to succeed.

  • HoosierTrav

    He’s gonna challenge Cody as my favorite Hoosier!

  • Evansville Hoosier

    Did I hear correctly that Hoosier Hysteria is free with the donation of a canned food product?

  • Yes, that’s the way it’s been for years I think.

  • N71

    I can’t imagine him faster then he was in high school, he was already the fastest player on the court in every game. His pace of play reminds me of Jason Kidd where the split second he gets the ball on defense he’s off to the races, end-to-end. Perhaps this is why Will has worked on his cardio so much, he’ll be about the only guy who will be able to keep up on the break. Yogi is an electric player to watch but he’s much more than just a player, he’s a great dude…a star in the making. Some of this is due to his high school coach who is way too qualified to coach on the high school level but does it just because he loves it I suppose. This is one of the key reasons I want Trevon, he’s being developed by Ed Schilling and will not only be a great player, but a great dude as well.

  • HoosierTrav

    Well said sir!

  • MillaRed

    If only he and Cody could stick together for two years. A man can dream……..

  • I’m happy he is a class act too. I can’t wait till he’s running the point.

    I overheard some woman on the subway this morning say that she really thought the Hoosiers basketball team needed a “criminal element” to it. Not sure where she got that idea. I disagree with her. She was wearing a UK fanny pack btw.


    That statement and Kansucky apparel go hand in hand. With that train of thought I’m wondering if she stole the fanny pack off of another ethically deprived Kitty Cat fan or if she is the mother of a prospective Kantuckee recruit and it is just a small part of the “incentives package” that Calislimy handed out to her kid.

  • hoosier1158

    Yep, but you are going to have to get there very early to get a sit.

  • remy Willing and Abell

    I hear ya Yogi …… I get chills too !

  • 888

    Thats the UK philosophy. If you cant beatem cheatm. They dont see itas cheating. They see it as you should have been better at it then they were. Their time is coming when they will be put in their place and have to realize that their state sucks at hoops. When the NCAA finally puts the hammer down and they will. Cal will be made to leave and the next coach wont be able to rob other states of their talent. The only coach theyhad that refused to cheat was Tubby and we saw how that worked out for them. Cal is same as Tarkanian in the NCAAs eyes and they brought UNLV to their knees. Its not jealousy either its just everybody knows they are dirty and want it stopped. Did UNC just get caught giving extra benefits to Hansbrough? I thought I saw something yesterday on ESPN about it.

  • 888

    Yep me too. Theres been alot of doubters on here about how good Yogi is. They will soon see that he is Codys equal in the impact he will bring. He will be better in college than in high school. His game is perfect for college. His speed with his ball handling and passing will simply destroy defenses. They will have to try to stop his penetration and when they collapse in on him ourweapons will finish.Its pretty much not gonna look fair at times. Unlike UK we will have a blend of upperclassman and 1 and doners and thats what you need nowdays to win titles. Were gonna be the team of the decade. Im predicting 3 titles at least and thats where a state that produces as much talent as Indiana should be. Not being the middle of the pack in the BIG while other schools use our talent to beat us.

  • CreanFaithful

    Well said. There is something to getting playesr with the right mind set. Something that Crean has put emphasis on his recruiting that is now coming to fruition. No doubts here,,,

  • Knuckledrager

    Coach Crean said (more or less), “…he’s (CZ) is on pace to get his degree in 2 1/2 years.” I just hope it he hangs for the full 3. A 7 foot front court. Peter, Luke, and Cody. Almost sounds biblical doesn’t it. And they would almost be a force of nature. With Hanner and Noah…we could floor a team with an average height of 6’11”. Almost sounds delusional doesn’t it. Probably is. Heavy meds starting to kick in. Visions of back to backs. 75′-76′ Only better.

  • SCHoosier

    Not sure Crean’s offense would work well with all bigs up front…he likes the wings who can slash and shoot etc. But man..that roster would give IU depth few could match. Love to see Cody stay..but can’t ask a kid to pass up what he will have waiting for him in the NBA after this coming season.

  • marcusgresham

    Sheehey–former state qualifier in the 400 if I remember correctly.
    Zeller–best running 7-footer in college, maybe the best in college in years (his brother wasn’t bad, either.)
    If Yogi keeps his head up (and he always has his head up,) he won’t hurt for options. In this regard Hulls’ footspeed isn’t even that much of a detriment, as he’s only going to run to the 3-point line for a kick-out anyway.

  • marcusgresham

    I don’t really think Pitino was breaking any rules. Especially not coming off the probation they were on when he was there. He’s just a hellacious salesman.


    You are kidding right ? Give some credit to a group of KY kids ? First off none of them, that were real contributors, were from their state. Secondly, they did not do it with class & diginity. Thirdly, even if one was so inclined, why waste our time doing it on a title that will more than likely be vacated in the not too distant future for things that most don’t call dignified.

    One somewhat complimentary short sentence about Yogi to keep the comment from being removed ? Then the rest of the comment saying how we should give “them” credit ? I smell a troll, and if you’re not, my apologies, cause the last thing I would want to do is call an IU fan one of “those”, even if comes about from an opinion that is way different than mine. I think you will find that most of us on here disagree with you more than just a little bit.

    Wish I could use the dislike button more than once.

  • b_side

    I don’t think he meant Kentucky as in the state. Besides, it’s not like Watford, VO or Sheehey are from Indiana for that matter.

    Regardless, I’m curious how you perceive class vs. classless. In your opinion, what did Davis, Kidd-Gilchrist, etc. do to demonstrate a lack of class?

  • N71

    It’ll really be difficult to game plan for us I would think. I’m not sure what you do to stunt the fast break assuming that will be our style with all the speed we have. If the other team misses its shot and we get the rebound hardy anyone will be able to keep up and if they do, as you mention, there’s a kick out to Jordy, Jeremy, or Austin. You could try to get physical with us but only a handful of teams would have that kind of beef, OSU, MSU, and Wisconsin. I think if we are to loose any games this year it will be us beating ourselves versus some team just being better than IU.

  • MillaRed

    This might be the worst post I have ever seen ITH

  • Katie M.

    Not afraid, just don’t want people to forget where we were last year. Hardly anyone thought that we would make the tournament, let alone the Sweet Sixteen. I would hate for us to do really well in the regular season and then somehow lose in the finals or something and have everyone start trash talking the team. We’ve come a long way in two years, and people should just bear that in mind.

  • b_side

    I’m sorry, but that kind of logic is absolute nonsense.

    You do realize that 2 out of our best five players ever are not born and bred Hoosiers right? Where would Knight’s legacy (and the Hoosier blue blood program) be without Scott May and Zeke?

    I agree that we (the state of Indiana), produce an unheard of talent pool per capita. That said, undergraduate classes at IU have nearly 30% out of state students.

    All things considered, I’m not a fan of the one-and-done thing either, but it’s not like we haven’t had any outside help either. I think the rivalry you’re referring to is best answered by the annual high school all-star games – which we obviously dominate!