2014 Recruiting Board: Post-July evaluation period

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For the first time since the July evaluation period, we’ve refreshed our 2014 recruiting board. There’s plenty of movement in today’s update following Trey Lyles’ decision to re-open his recruitment back in August and the emergence of several new targets in the class.

The latest version of the board, complete with updated player photos, national rankings, notes, school lists and links to recruit profiles, is available at the link below:

2014 Indiana Basketball Recruiting Board

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  • SCHoosier

    Lot of talent there. Looks like Trey shrank two inches since he decommitted. Serves him right!:)

  • twarrior87

    Yeah, other schools do this… Oklahoma recently opened (or are getting ready to open) one of these for football players… the catch is you have to allow a certain percentage of non-athlete students stay there as well in order to keep from breaking any rules

  • Kelin Blab

    Oh how things change…

    + I think the full court press will be put on Vonleh, Bluiett, and Pinson which I am MORE THAN happy to see.

    + A 2014 name to get to know is Phil Booth….again the Team Takeover connection and I think Amhed Hill is another.

    + Very happy to see IU went to see #sloppyjanitor today and he is back from his knee injury.

    + My gut feeling is Lyles follows Lyle wherever he goes. I know he is coming to Hoosier Hysteria which is great but just a gut feeling he will follow Trey Lyles.

    + Dion Wiley…..is a under the radar kid to me that could continue to garner IU’s attention

  • Hardwood83

    I would love an all Indiana class of: Lyle, Blackmon, Blueitt & Lyles. Also impressed by Pinson. Not sure if that will address needs, of course, & I have a feeling Lyles has flown the coop. Hard to get back that lovin’ feeling.

  • Kelin Blab

    I think people are responding to Trey, his coach, and dads comments recently that have rubbed people the wrong way. He is a kid absolutely and nothing good comes from trashing him….however as I always say to kids…just play ball.

    Dad professing his love for Kentucky doesn’t help nor his coaches & Treys comments about IU not visiting either.

  • MisterSlippery

    I want Vonleh. I am thinking about him a whole lot.

  • DarkSouth

    Agree, he’s a kid and I can understand him being emotional about IU not being there. Wanting to be popular and liked is an aspect of many people’s teen years.
    However, the adults should know better and just come across as playing games.