Notebook: Rankings update, Florida Atlantic on non-conference slate

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Two of the major recruiting services — and — have updated their national rankings in recent days and several Indiana commitments and targets were shuffled up and down the respective lists.

Stanford Robinson, Indiana’s highest ranked recruit in the 2013 class, moved from No. 54 on Scout to No. 56 and remained a four-star prospect. Robinson rose five spots from No. 60 to No. 55 on ESPN and kept his four-star status.

Luke Fischer, who by most accounts had a very productive summer, fell from No. 74 on Scout to unranked in the top 100 and from No. 92 on ESPN to unranked.

Both Collin Hartman and Devin Davis remained three-star prospects by both services and outside of the top 100.

Indiana’s lone commitment in the 2014 class, James Blackmon Jr., fell from No. 31 overall on ESPN to No. 41. The 2013 and 2014 recruiting boards have both been updated to reflect the new rankings.

· Another non-conference opponent revealed: Indiana’s non-conference schedule continues to come out in pieces this week as opponents make their schedule announcements.

The latest is Florida Atlantic, which will visit Assembly Hall on Dec. 21 according to the school’s athletics site.

The Owls, a member of the Sun Belt conference, are coached by Mike Jarvis and finished 11-19 last season.

Assistant coach Peter Gash served as a graduate assistant at Indiana during the 2008-2009, Tom Crean’s first in Bloomington.

Other non-conference opponents include Georgia, UCLA/Georgetown, North Carolina, Butler, Ball State, Central Connecticut State, Jacksonville, Sam Houston State and North Dakota State.

· New offers: 2014 Park Tudor wing Trevon Bluiett added an offer from Iowa earlier this week according to Kyle Neddenriep of The Indianpolis Star.

2014 Evansville Bosse guard JaQuan Lyle reported an offer from Wake Forest on his Twitter account Wednesday night. Iowa and N.C. State have also offered Lyle recently.

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  • dan

    i don’t understand at all why fischer would drop. he’s been improving rapidly.

  • TriedTrue2010

    A few clips of Will Sheehey in this mixtape from Adidas Nations.

  • 631Straw

    Will really looked like his vertical has increased significantly in that video. Getting up and staying up above the rim. Vonleh and Alexander looked solid as usual as well. As Crean tweeted yesterday morning, we need to get back out and recruit with unseen enthusiasm, or something to that effect. Anyone note the tweets from JaQuan Lyle las night retweeting IU fans “you need to get to Btown” type tweets? Interesting. Long shot at this point, but still holding out hope for Lyle/Lyles/Blackmon. Maybe World Wide Wes’ and Thad’s cash delivery will get lost in the mail….

  • SCHoosier

    After seing some of the summer AAU tapes on which many of these ratings are based..I’m even less impressed with whatever rankings are given. (Robinson gets rave on site reviews all summer and DROPS??!!)Big men have to fight to be involved in the offenses..etc. I have to say that Luke obviously needs to get stronger..right now he gets pushed around by bigger bodies. If Fischer needs motivation..I think he just got it from the rating services..regardless of how bogus they might be.

  • CreanFaithful

    Made my morning watching Will float above the rim like that. Sounds like he has had a great summer… We have a solid veteran class this year that is going to set the bar high for these new guys. Exciting things to come!

  • Brklynhoosier

    Just for comparison’s sake… Think there’s no question he’s getting up higher now. CZ inside, PJ/HP/DE on the block, and YF, WS, VO, CWat, and JHolls just -begging- for you to play it tight on the wing and let them jam it down the lane… Oh, and you want to sag? Put JHulls in. Crap. Why isn’t it November yet?

  • psvirsky

    Indeed – getting up for dunks looks so effortless, like he was playing on a 9 foot rim.

  • luetgenau

    Watch 2:10 for Kentucky’s Wiltjer getting punked by Sheehey. Wiltjer’s face is priceless definitely worth loading the video and giving it full-screen treatment. I made it into a JPeg and sent it to my wife (a Kentucky grad). This season can not come soon enough!!!!

  • HoosierTrav

    Thanks for the post!

  • Mooks

    Ranking System is bogus. Makes me wonder if ESPN is trying to bad-mouth Indiana and its prospects, and lure kids to other schools. How does Luke drop when he had a terrific summer? Stan Robinson was outstanding and Devin Davis was solid too???? How did BeeJay drop from 13 to 30?

  • blazin hazin

    Regarding the situation with Lyle, Lyles, and Blackmon…I think people’s romanticism with recruiting Indiana players has been tempered a bit. I’m sure we’ll see more quality in-state players commit at some point, but I wouldn’t be surprised the the 2014 class is entirely from out of state.

  • 888

    I think CTC has the right idea. Go out of state. You have to make these Indiana kids realize that IU is a top 5 program again. I just dont think most see it that way. Since theyve been growing up weve struggled. Trey was very disappointing and I beleive a sign of things to come. Five star guys keep leaving Indiana at an alarming rate and it seems like out of staters are getting it. Win and put guys in the pros and then they will come but if I was CTC I would still recruit guys like Pinson and Vonleh. IU can get guys of that caliber and we all know guys like Vonleh are NBA ready and it doesnt matter if CTC or Cal is coaching them theyre already developed. After a few seasons of winning and putting guys in the pros you will see Indiana kids begging to be part of IU. I still beleive you should get the best in state and go out of state for the rest. With that said I dont think Blackmon will back out and after this year trey and his dad will see that IU is the place to be. Cody going #1 will be the clincher. Cody was ranked 17th and he was 1a with davis being 1 last year. He developed at iu and thats what the Lyles are looking for guys. DEVELOPMENT OF BIGS!!

  • “These rankings are always so accurate.” – Will Sheehey and Victor Oladipo