2013 forward Reggie Cameron talks Indiana offer

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Indiana’s pursuit of Hudson Catholic (NJ) forward Reggie Cameron began in June and according to Cameron, last week the Hoosiers offered the 6-foot-7 standout a scholarship in a telephone conversation with his father, Reggie Sr.

Cameron, ESPN.com’s No. 66 player nationally in the 2013 class, now holds offers from 16 schools.

“I was real excited,” he said of the IU offer. “Indiana basketball has a rich history. Last year they had a phenomenal team. Everybody’s coming back. They’re a favorite to win the national championship this year.”

In five games at the Nike Peach Jam, Cameron averaged 13.8 points and 3.8 rebounds for the the NJ Playaz Basketball Club. As a junior at Hudson Catholic, he averaged 20.1 points, 10.1 rebounds and 2.4 assists per game and was named the North Jersey Player of the Year by The Star-Ledger.

Cameron told Inside the Hall he’s heard from both new Indiana assistant Kenny Johnson and Tom Crean and also from one his closest friends on the AAU circuit who also happens to be committed to the Hoosiers.

“Stanford Robinson, he’s headed to Indiana,” Cameron said. “We’re real close and talk all of the time. They’re definitely headed in the right direction. He wants to raise some banners at Indiana and they’re trying to get the pieces together to do it.”

The next step in the process for Cameron is to narrow his list of schools to a more manageable number and begin taking visits. Thus far, he’s only been to three local schools.

“Right now, I’m considering pretty much everything, but I’m going to narrow my list down to probably between seven or eight schools within the next couple of days,” he said. “The only schools I’ve gotten a chance to visit are the local schools — Seton Hall, Rutgers and Villanova. So I’m probably going to start traveling and taking visits within the next week or two weeks.”

One of those visits will likely be to Bloomington, although he was non-committal on whether it would be one of his five official visits or an unofficial trip.

“After I cut my list down to seven, I’ll probably be able to tell you that,” Cameron said. “Either way, I’m definitely going to get to Indiana.”

Known as one of the top shooters nationally in the 2013 class, Cameron said he used the spring and summer to diversify the ways he contributes.

“I like using my shot to get other teammates involved. I can see over the defense well and I pass it really well for a player my size,” he said. “I’ve just been working on utilizing the pump fake to get some drives and dribble moves toward the rim. I’ve been working on my footwork so I’m a better perimeter defender.”

While he’s only taken three visits so far, Cameron already has a pretty clear idea of what he’ll be looking for in the school he’ll attend.

“I’m just looking for a place where I can win a lot of games, get a chance to win a national championship every year, grow individually as a player, get a good education and be comfortable,” he said.

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  • Offers keep flowing for 2013. I like it. Would still rather have Semi, but this is a signal to someone that we keep offering wings for ’13. Anyone heard any news on how we are going to make the numbers work for 12-13? We’ve got about 3 weeks, right, before that has to be worked out.

  • marcusgresham

    Villanova offered? That seems odd because it says he’s 6’7″ and it seems like they don’t ever play anybody over 6’5″

  • grllin

    Okay – so I know this could spark conversations I don’t want to start, but my first reaction when reading this article is that Cameron sounds an awful lot like Collin Hartman: a 6’7″ wing who shoots great and is working to be better on defense/passing. I know Crean loves his wings, but am I crazy to think that this offer seems a bit superfluous given Hartman’s verbal?

  • stroot

    Correct. August 20th is the day I keep hearing — exactly three weeks from today.

  • SCHoosier

    What..he likes to use a pump fake to get open and fouled? There’s a new approach…Wat..did u hear that? 🙂


    If by Wat you mean Watford, and I’m pretty sure you did, consider this an echo sent out in the direction of him. This one small thing is probably the best part under the, “what gets me the most with the least amount of work put in”, section of Wat’s instructional book on how to become a first round pick and make it in the NBA.

  • inLinE6

    The more offers out, the less likely we get Ojeleye or Anya? I got the feeling we may end up with a lower ranked filling the 5th spot soon.

  • Mooks

    Sounds like a great kid but….IMO I think CTC and Company should focusing on finding another PF or C. The class of 2013 already have 2 Small Forwards. Why do we need 3?

  • Zellersheeladipo

    I think they’re going to give him a chance to improve from last year, but Im starting to think he’s going to have to really earn his spot with better play this year. Wont look good, but you do wonder how you pass up top 50 players for an unranked guy. Tough decisions ahead – I’m an Indy guy though and am pulling for Hartman

  • N71

    Averaging 20 pts and 10 rebounds, that’s pretty darn good. To me, he seems more like Davis than Hartman due to the high rebound average. Either way, having really good players interested in IU is just a plus, regardless if we have room or not. I don’t see a downside to overselling the opportunity to come and play at Indiana. The probability of having a talented roster is higher this way versus putting all our eggs in one basket.

  • Im just worried we run out of scholarship room before some of our top recruits make a decision

  • HoosierTrav

    Ideally, Anya commits soon and Crean ends pursuit of 2013’s. The 2014 class is very special. We have a shot at landing some big time talents in addition to the ones we’ve already received commitments from. I really dont think any one of these recruits we are offering in the 2013 class is worth taking if it means that we wont have room for Bluiett, Lyle, Vonleh, etc. I’d hate to see these kids end up @ Michigan or Michigan State bc we over offered the under talented 2013 class.

  • N71

    I’m no expert of course but it sure seems like they control that issue in some form or another. If BeeJay for example is their #1 priority (I made that up but it could be true) and someone who has an offer and is at #5 on their priority list calls and says “I want to commit” I think there’s more to it, but I don’t really know. It would appear they say to that #5 guy, “you’re our #5 guy, we need to wait until #1 through #4 say no, then you’re in”. I’m sure I’m over simplifying things but how could you ever manage this issue without some sort of approach versus just going off willy nilly with offers.

  • When you are dealing with top 100 kids, I seriously doubt that’s how it works. You’re either ready to take the commitment or you aren’t.

  • dtfreed

    It will probably be MC who might be medically unable to perform, he keeps his scholarship and it creates the space. Performing limited as he did before was a lower mark on the performance chart two years ago, compared to where he will need to be now with this team. It really too bad he has had such bad luck with injuries.

  • SCHoosier

    Couldn’t agree more..Wat doesn’t have a lot of “hop”..but he’s money from the FT line..seems like an obvious progression for his game..but he hasn’t pump faked much in his 3 years..preferring instead to get stuffed by lesser talent. Hopefully the coaches will change that this season.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    a lot of doubt surrounding hartman these days. anyone know, is it common for a school to rescind an offer after a verbal commitment in order to make room for a higher valued recruit? regardless of whether or not the verbal lived up to his perceived potential at the time he was offered?

  • inLinE6

    I don’t think this kind of discussion is welcomed here. I guess it is what it is. We already got Hartman on board, and we have to move forward. If he gets back to his level and expectation 2 years ago, we’re good, if not, it’s just one scholarship out of 13, and that won’t chip away a national championship. Early commits are like gambling, it’s not always the way you want to see. Hartman also got early offers from Purdue and Ohio State if I don’t remember wrong. If he ended up committed to Purdue, our people would say “What?! What’s wrong with you CTC? Purdue got the real steal and you haven’t even offered??”


    Exactly, with the high percentage he shoots from the foul line you would think he would be doing absolutely anything he could to get there. When you factor in that it keeps some of his shots from more or less becoming a turnover and that if he draws the foul it puts a good free throw shooting team one foul closer to being in the bonus it sure seems like a no brainer. For whatever reason he just never has done it alot so I’ll be really surprised if he starts doing it this year. This has always been one of the biggest head scratchers for me when it comes to CW and his overall improvement. Would love to know if the coaches tell him to use it and he just won’t for some reason or if they see it as not that big of a thing and that there are other things that are more important. This isn’t meant to be me taking a shot at CW cause we wouldn’t be where we are now as a team without him and besides how could a person talk bad about the guy who hit “that shot” against the Calislimy Crew.

  • Geoff_85

    I disagree with that logic. I don’t think offering to other guys puts pressure on guys that have already been offered one way or the other. They’re taking their time, and they’ll commit when they’re ready. It’s not like these guys have a big limit on schools they can commit to, we’re talking about highly sought after recruits. At the same time, I can’t blame Coach Crean for offering to other recruits. To have a winning program and get good recruits, you have to keep pursuing. You’re looking into this too much. Let’s not get to the point where we’re scrutinizing clean recruiting efforts. Coach Crean is doing this the right way. Let it play out.

  • Geoff_85

    I have to agree with Alex. That’s a slap in the face to #5. Coach Crean has a limit to guys he needs for ’13 (let’s say 2 more for ’13 just as an example). So, let’s say #2 and #5 accept the offers. Then the ’13 recruiting class is full, so Coach Crean now calls #1, #3, and #4 and tells them he appreciates their interest in the program, but now IU has the guys they need, good luck with your recruitment from the other schools and this and that. There is no way the coaching staff sells a kid on the school, offers him a scholarship, the kids says, “yeah, I’d be honored”, then the staff says, “ohh…well, we need to wait to see how these other recruits pan out, THEN you’re in”, especially to a kid in the top 100 or so. That kind of stuff gets you the kind of reputation you don’t want. I realize they have priorities on who they want the most, but you don’t offer to a kid unless you want him. If word gets out that you’re offering to recruits then not accepting those recruits when they accpet your scholarship offer, you’ll be known as a coach who gives empty promises and AAU and high school coaches will not send kids your way.

  • Geoff_85

    Because it’s better to have a really good SF who will give you solid minutes rather than have a C who isn’t good enough to be on the floor. They’re recruiting C’s for ’13, we’ll just have to see who accepts.

  • Geoff_85

    You’ve got to love S-Rob. That dude is getting in everybody’s ear about joining him in Btown!

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    Anybody else misread the article title as “Cameron TAKES Indiana offer” and panic a bit? Adrenaline rush!

  • Mooks

    At least CTC has a lot of back up plans.

  • WhatsUpKnight

    point taken regarding early recruiting, and it’s certainly not my intention to be negative or critical. i don’t have an opinion either way regarding his value or lack thereof. thing is, there has been more than one post discussing this topic and i was just curious if it’s because someone knows something i don’t about reassessing verbal commits. so the question still stands in case someone is reading day old comments. 😉


    No word appetizer worries here my last sentence starts with ” this isn’t meant to be me taking a shot at CW “. Like I also said I just never could figure out why he doesn’t use a shot fake more when I, as well as a large number of others, believe it would help him more than just a little bit and does not require him to put in the time that it normally takes to master a specific type of skill. It also makes a lot of us wonder why he wouldn’t utilize something as simple as a shot fake when it could be a part of securing his status as an upper first round draft choice. I guess it is kinda of nitpicking but these are the kind of things that the people that have the final say on a draft choice at the next level will nitpick even more so. I just want him, and the team as a whole, to have the most success possible. It is the offseason ya know and some of us junkies will talk about the littlest things to make it thru till the start of the season. lol

  • DannerPerea

    Well Casey, then those top recruits ought not fart around.

  • FreeAgentID

    Come to the Hoosiers Reggie!