2015 guard Chandler White enjoys third trip to Bloomington

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Thursday was the third visit to Bloomington for 2015 Ft. Wayne Carroll guard Chandler White.

The first two were for games against Iowa and Purdue this past winter, but this trip offered White the opportunity to see a bit more behind the scenes.

“I met with their academic advisor (Marni Mooney) and strength coach (Je’Nay Jackson),” White told Inside the Hall. “What stood out to me a lot is their strength coach, instead of injury prevention, he calls it ‘pre-hab,’ which is like training your muscles and joints to not get hurt.

“And I saw how intense the coaches were with the players and how they run their workouts. And then for about two hours, I actually got to play with the team (in open gym). It showed me where I was at and what I need to work on.”

The opportunity to interact and get feedback on what he needs to work on from Tom Crean was also valuable, according to White.

“He’s a straight up guy. He tells you what you need to work on and what your weakness is and what your strengths are,” he said. “He likes how I can play every position and guard a lot of positions. And he told me that I need to work on guarding the one and try to get quicker. I like how intense his workouts are.”

White, who averaged close to 16 points per game as a freshman, is hearing from several Big Ten schools including Michigan, Purdue, Michigan State, Illinois and Wisconsin.

Xavier, Wake Forest and Boston College have also expressed interest.

Most of the schools involved early with White have yet to slot him into a particular position at the next level.

“I think they just see me as a guard. Not a one and not a two, but both,” he said.

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  • N71

    This makes for 3 really good guards we’re recruiting for the 2015 class, Coleman, Edwards, and White. As a novice I see Edwards like I see Yogi, a point guard first that has it all, speed, passing, scoring etc. Coleman is a little different, not as quick but bigger and super clever. Coleman is thin though but I assume he’ll fill out. While I don’t know much about White it would be hard to get a bunch of playing time if you had Coleman and Edwards in your same recruiting class at IU. I assume this is all hedging our bets. Coleman I think is IU bound, Edwards not sure where he’s leaning, and While seems to favor IU. We could be looking at Coleman and While if I were to make a projection. Edwards is a special player though, should would to love him at IU. Wow, this is like which super model do you want to date versus the day when we sign some 2 star from Florida that I’ve never heard of.

  • WisconHoosier

    I really like the fact that visiting recruits play in open gym. I’m guessing the IU players don’t go easy on them. How the high school player responds to that intensity is probably what Crean is looking for:

    1. Does the kid pout and sulk, because he’s being thumped by superior players?

    2. Does he learn from the situation? Does he accept the challenge of someday becoming an elite college player himself? Does he look forward to the hard work that challenge will demand?

    I respect the way CTC recruits. It’s so smart.

  • HoosierTrav

    His dad told me that we are his favorite so far. he also has MSU up there.

  • SCHoosier

    This guy could be 6-4 by the time he goes to college..bigger, stronger guards who can play multiple positions and defend people is where its at. Most of them can fill it up…this kid seems to have the tools.

  • FreeAgentID

    Come to the Hoosiers Chandler!