Watford’s shot nominated for ESPY award

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Christian Watford’s shot to beat Kentucky last December has been nominated for an ESPY award, according to the following release by IU media relations:

Indiana forward Christian Watford’s buzzer-beating 3-pointer against then-No. 1 Kentucky is one of 16 ESPY nominees for Best Play.

“I’m very glad to be representing the University, said Watford. “It was a great moment for me. My teammates did the job of getting me there. Verdell (Jones III) found me with the pass and Cody (Zeller) set a great screen.”

The 20th ESPYS are LIVE on Wednesday, July 11th at the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles with host Rob Riggle. The event is the one night where the sports world joins together to celebrate the best moments of the year. The ESPYS and related events benefit the V Foundation for Cancer Research in memory of the late Jim Valvano.

Best Play is a bracket-style vote, with the top 16 seeds cut down to the final 8 on Tuesday, July 3rd. The final 4 will be revealed on Monday, July 9th. Voting will remain open through the ESPYS Countdown Show and will close when the show begins at 9PM/ET on July 11th.

Fans may select the Best Play beginning Friday by voting online at ESPN.com/ESPYS.

Earlier this year, Watford’s shot was named the National College Basketball Play of the Year by GEICO.

Down two to Kentucky with no timeouts and less than six seconds to play, Indiana’s Verdell Jones III took the inbounds pass from Watford and sprinted up the court. Jones III dribbled inside the 3-point line, spun in front of his defender and kicked the ball out to the open trailer, Watford. Watford launched a 3-pointer as the buzzer sounded and hit nothing but net. Indiana’s Assembly Hall erupted as a sea of red stormed the court in celebration of the Hoosiers 73-72 win over the top-ranked Wildcats.

“It would be a great honor to get to go,” said Watford. “Hopefully the fans can step up and help with the voting.”

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  • Poo

    Watford for the win !!!

  • iu bball nut

    I visit this website often but never post comments. On this particular article, I felt compelled to post a comment. The impact of this shot (even though lucky per pUKe) deserves the support of the IU bball fanbase. Needless to say this had to be one of the best moments in IU bball history. It would also be nice to give something back to CW since he did return for his senior year. GO IU

  • 5370Straw

    Never noticed it before but CZ had a great block out mid court to clear VJ3

  • that will never get old…glad to say I was there to see it in person…last row upper balcony

  • Kelin Blab

    +Jeney Jackson’s reaction was priceless
    +Cody twisted an ankle and didn’t care
    +The Emotion of Christians family was moving
    +Not sure how Christian survived the pile up being Claustrophobic
    +Closest I ever came to fainting in my life, overwhelming to be there
    +As big a moment than the Keith Smart shot.
    +Still after being at the game, Derek Willis still opted for Kentucky

  • INexpat2001


  • Robert Sales

    I love it! This shot will always resonate with UK . Right next to Christian Laettner’s shot.

    Go IU!!! Thanks Watford.

  • iulineman

    still gives me chills! I LOVE that video!

  • HoosierPat

    Watford has matured so much as a player and as a person. I love the quote because he gives credit to his teammates when he could easily take all the credit. I can’t wait to see how he improves going into his senior season.

  • 888

    Not bad for your first post. Hope to hear from you more. Your right too it was a program (momentum) changing moment. Got things going.

  • marcusgresham

    Oh yeah, that’s why Criminalipari wsa pissed at his players—they were supposed to foul before a three could be taken but Cody took out the guy who was going to do it.

  • HoosierBballNut

    It goes in .. Every time 😀

  • Geoff_85

    It was an extremely heady play by Cody Zeller that made the shot possible. By the time the defenders got to VJIII, it was too late to foul because a shot may have been going up when they did so. Awesome job by greasy cal of placing blame solely on his players.

  • Sdpolley

    Gets me tearry-eyed everytime haveing gone through the worst of the worst not knowing how good we actually could be until this game I’ll never forget the feeling I had standing in the hall with Hoosier nation that night pure exctasy
    On a side note don fischers call epitomizes all of what I just said

  • HoosierDadE

    Nothing earth shattering w/ my response…
    But welcome to the world of ITH comments!

  • Kentc

    I just went through the voting list on the ESPY’s site and did not see the “best play” category. Am I missing something? I saw Best moment, Best upset, Best game…but no Best play.

  • Kentc

    I just went through the voting list on the ESPY’s site and did not see the “best play” category. Am I missing something? I saw Best moment, Best upset, Best game…but no Best play.

  • Kentc

    Last row, upper balcony?! You should win an ESPY for best fan. At that distance the game is almost a rumor…

  • Kelin Blab

    I often wonder what this call would have been like if Gus Johnson had called the finish.

  • well I was right in the middle so it was not too bad…I took along a friend of mine who is a UK fan so that made it even more awesome.

  • Thomas

    This needs to be reposted as voting has started. Everyone needs to go vote for watford.

  • Hoosier3

    Yeah, same here. I think we’re missing something

  • FreeAgentID

    Good luck Christian!

  • FreeAgentID

    Good luck Christian!