Late steal by Ferrell helps Indiana All-Stars prevail, 90-85

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LOUISVILLE, Ky. — The Indiana All-Stars entered Friday night’s meeting with the Kentucky All-Stars at Freedom Hall as heavy favorites.

The 13-man Indiana roster features 13 Division I signees, nine of which will attend high-major programs.

The 12-man Kentucky roster, by comparison, has just four Division I signees.

But for most of the second half, the talent discrepancy didn’t seem to matter as Kentucky led for several possessions in the final ten minutes.

And just as the Kentucky All-Stars seemed poised to take a lead after R.J. Hunter missed a pair of free throws with 24.7 seconds remaining, Yogi Ferrell made a play.

With his team clinging to an 86-85 lead, Ferrell intercepted a pass from Kentucky’s Adam Wing which led to a transition dunk by Glenn Robinson III to give the Indiana All-Stars an 88-85 cushion.

“I forget who else was down there, but they came up to the ball, so I knew he was going to pass that down. He had no other option,” Ferrell said Wing’s pass that he was able to intercept. “I just ran down the floor as quick as I could. I figured he’d pass it and I just stole it.”

Kentucky could only manage an off balance 3-point attempt from Alan Stenzel in the final seconds and two subsequent free throws by Hunter with 1.3 seconds left sealed a 90-85 win for Indiana.

Mr. Basketball Gary Harris paced four players in double figures for the Indiana All-Stars with 20 points.

Ferrell finished with 10 points, six assists, five rebounds and two steals. Ron Patterson added nine points, three rebounds, two assists and a block and Jeremy Hollowell had two points and six rebounds.

With a narrow win in Kentucky’s home court under their belt, Ferrell said he and his teammates must defend better on Saturday night when the series shifts to Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis.

“We can pretty much score really well on the offensive end,” IU’s future point guard said. “But if we’re just trading baskets, it’s just going to come down to the wire like it did tonight. We just have to play better defense.”

Harris, who will play at Michigan State next winter, believes a more complete performance is on tap for Saturday.

“We knew it was going to be a battle coming in here,” Harris said. “We got up and we made it a lot tougher on ourselves than it could have been.”

Indiana now leads the all-time series 87-42.

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  • HoosierDD

    Yogi, Buss, and Hollowell!  Love Yogi’s comment about playing better D, and his clutchness (if that’s a word). Ohhh Gary, ya could of been part of something magical.  No hard feelings though.  The best of luck to you!

  • Indiana_Banners

    I love hearing Yogi talk about his thought process on his big steal… He has the athleticism, speed, and smarts to make the CEREBRAL play. You can tell that this kid is bright and it shows on the court.

  • Robert Sales

    I agree. At least Harris isn’t going to a school like pUKe.

    Yogi is going to be special and stay 4 years!

  • KellBell

    Next time you hear a UK fan talking about Indiana basketball. Remind them of this series, and that Hoosiers love all levels of basketball and the sport itself. Not just a single college team.

  • marcusgresham

    I’m suspecting those guys will be more than a little embarrassed to have only beaten that team by 5 and tonight may be a whole lot different.

  • Arch_Puddington

    Jeremy Hollowell, WHERE ARE YOU? Please feel free to show up at any time.

  • All-Star games aren’t always the easiest situations to get involved offensively. I wouldn’t worry about Hollowell.

  • ScoopGeoff

    But not nba size…

  • Kelin Blab

    Hollowell had 6 rebounds, what is wrong with that. He is on a team where most of the guys lead there high school team in scoring.

  • Arch_Puddington

    Two points (and no free throws) is a notably small output for an elite offensive talent, especially after a 5 point performance in the first warm-up game against the juniors. Unless he is hurt, which is of course possible, even he would admit it has not been a banner sequence. I suspect tonight will see him do much better.

  • Kelin Blab

    If we based it on those points and F/T stats….ALL of them underperformed.

  • Kelin Blab

    Same size….John Lucas of the bulls, Nate Robinson, and others like Avery Johnson etc. Yogi has some good intangibles that NBA scouts will like. Definitely pro potential.


    Was at the game, and yes better defense will for sure be the key to putting away the game in a much easier fashion. Harris may have been the leading scorer for the IN all stars but let me tell you he gave a awful lot of that right back in some very subpar defense, all star game or not. At the beginning of the game he was scored on at will by the KY Mr. Bball. The IN coaches finally had to assign someone else to guard him after he scored on Harris numerous times, and IMHO, rather easily. Again I know it was just an all star game but, one, this is not your run of the mill all star game to most people and players, and two, it was bad defense, all star game or not, and I’m not trying to dog him simply cause he didn’t pick IU. Anything even slightly resembling the defensive effort he showed in this game will have Izzo eating him alive.

    Though Patterson played an overall pretty good game, especially considering that, in the second half, he turned his ankle bad enough that he was not able to just walk it off and had to come out of the game. He did return later in the game and did some nice things but you could tell the ankle was still bothering him enough that he didn’t trust it enough to try and do certain things. Thought Yogi and him were two of the very few that played decent defense. RP may not be the most heralded of the guys coming in but he may very well end up being the biggest surprise of them.

    Yogi was all smiles when he seen that they were going to try and press them. He may not have made the pass that led to each of the easy baskets against the press but he started the the scenario with the way he broke their press and passed out of it. He had a stretch in the second half where he seen that the IN team was settling for perimeter shots or just trying to go one on one and not getting anything from it and I think he tried to do a little bit too much by himself. He came out of the game for a short while but when he returned you could tell that he had the I’m gonna do whatever it takes to get the W attitude and when he made the steal and made the basket while getting fouled at the end of the game you could tell that this wasn’t just another all star game to him. He also made another really nice steal late in the game and made a very nice outlet pass that led to an easy dunk to maintain our slim lead.

    JH’s first shot was an air ball and then he bounced one into the rafters off of the back of the rim when he tried to dunk it on a fast break and those two things seemed to throw his game into a little bit of a funk from there on out.

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  • Arch_Puddington

    The team scored 90, including 4 in double figures. Not sure anyone defended, but some were scoring.

  • ScoopGeoff

    I’m not saying he can’t play in the NBA. I’m saying it’s highly unlikely he leaves early. You can find a handful of guys in the League at any point that are similar size, but take a look at their roles and how they got to the NBA. They are usually 4-year college players, many go in the second round or undrafted (Lucas & Johnson), and often they have to fight just to make a team. Nate Robinson is kinda an exception. He was a late first round pick after his junior year, but he is also one of the most freakish athletes ever to suit up in the NBA. Yogi is VERY fast and that might end up being his ticket, but he is not half as explosive as Robinson. NBA execs RARELY use first round draft picks (and therefore guaranteed contracts) on sub-6-footers, so what would Yogi’s incentive be to leave early?

    So, sorry that I wasn’t clear enough. Does this suffice?