HD Video: Crean addresses media at Huber Farms

  • 06/07/2012 7:17 am in

STARLIGHT, Ind. — There was plenty to talk about for IU coach Tom Crean on Wednesday night at the IU Tailgate Tour at Huber Farms.

Just a day after Kentucky coach John Calipari commented on the end of the IU-Kentucky series, Crean had a response and he also discussed the scholarship situation for next season, preseason expectations, the progress of Maurice Creek, Cody Zeller and much more.

Watch and listen to Crean’s comments in the embedded media players below:

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  • MillaRed

    Everyone, and I mean everyone needs to get over the Kentucky series. It’s all on Calipari, IU trying to protect it’s students, and that’s it. There is more to college basketball than playing against that d-bag.

  • marcusgresham

    I heard Kentucky is petitioning Oregon to see if they can use the “Duck” nickname

  • marcusgresham

    I heard Kentucky is petitioning Oregon to see if they can use the “Duck” nickname


    Egg-zack-ta-moon-dough, could not have typed it any better myself.

    I’m beginning to think that they taught you how to take over someone’s keyboard on one of your convent starys.  lol

  • N71

    I hear sound bites on how Cody is getting bigger and better which I would assume to be the case after watching Vic and Will making a leap after their freshman years.  Missing though is any commentary on Remy or Austin…what’s going on with their development?  Remy was already put together as a freshman, he must be a 6’4″ Ray Lewis/Bob Sanders looking stud by this point.  Austin must be shooting like Matt and Jordy as well.  Any word out there???

  • Alberthice

    It just seems a shame that the series between IU and UK mens basketball will not continue. UK and IU fans should have forum to voice there opinion on this. If they don’t keep traditions alive like the rivary between IU and UK, then what’s next to go? Maybe they’ll do away with the Army and Navy football game. It shouldn’t be up to the coaches or Atheltic Directors to decide this anyway. It should be up to the students, allumni and the fans, their the one’s paying all the bills.

  • iufan4life10

    I’m curious to know what this made for TV game is all about.  Syracuse, Florida, Notre Dame??

  • I need more explain about Crean’s comments

  • I need more explain about Crean’s comments

  • WestCoast Hoosier

    I like the comment someone made that Calipari wanted to impose one more new rule for playing any team – that no one except freshmen could play!

    Actually, IU would still have a decent shot even with that Calipari rule!

  • HoosierTrav

     you mean threatening through litigation based solely on the fact that they are the University of Kentucky?

  • rgd213

    I don’t understand…….If it is the most important thing for the students to be able to see a Kentucky at Assembly Hall and its not happening, Then shouldn’t the most important thing be to let them see Louisville, Kansas, U Conn, Syracuse, UCLA ,Arizona, Texas at least someone of that caliber in its place? But just from CTC comments I can till we’re going to get a Buy -in game….Which make no sense, and goes totally against what Glass and CTC are saying is important to them.

  • Benhyoung14

    They’ve had most of those tournaments set up for a while.  After you start scheduling more and more away from Assembly Hall it becomes more of an issue. Kentucky was more of a priority this year bc of the history to keep it going.  Next year we will prolly have a Kansas, UL, or Uconn.  We’re already booked up with marqee games this year.

  • rgd213

    Oh , ok…..So which marquee game is replacing us going to Rupp?

  • IU’83


  • Benhyoung14

    UNC at home and prolly UCLA.  We will play Butler and possibly G-town.  Big Ten will be the best conference next year.  Our schedule should be top 15.  After that we need one of the games mentioned above.

  • rgd213

    That also makes no sense ….We would have played those teams anyway…..Even if we go to Rupp and play Kentucky we still play UNC and possibly UCLA , Georgetown and Georgia….Therefore those are not replacement games.

  • Pritch24

    We would play UCLA, UK, and UNC all in one season, we lose UK but that’s still a heck of a schedule right there, not to mention Butler is going to be a team to wrecken with again.

  • CreamandCrimson

    I am curious as well. I highly doubt it will be Notre Dame. The Crossroads Classic was extended so that sort of counts as already having a series with the Irish. Syracuse doesn’t really leave the state of New York until Big East season so I would be surprised if Boeheim would agree to play at Assembly Hall in December.

    I know the B1G and Pac 12 agreed to a series that will begin soon where schools will play each other (not like the challenge we have with the ACC). Could someone like UCLA be in the cards. I know we might be playing them in the Barclays Center this season…could that shift to a home and home series. They are a blue blood program, the B1G and Pac 12 want to work with each other, Pauley Pavilion will be newly renovated, ESPN/CBS would love the game. It makes sense to me but I don’t think anyone will know until after this coming season.