Crean on scholarship issue: “It’s not an easy process”

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STARLIGHT, Ind. — When the five freshmen in the class of 2012 arrive on campus to begin taking classes in the second summer school session, Indiana will have 14 scholarship players.

The NCAA allows 13 scholarship players, but a Big Ten rule allows conference members to oversign by one player to help plan for early departures or other attrition.

Indiana coach Tom Crean said on Wednesday night at the IU Tailgate Tour at Huber Farms that a lot goes into planning for scholarships on a year-to-year basis.

“We have a lot of things that we have to look over and that we have to pay attention to. It’s not an easy process,” Crean said. “You go into the season last year and we completely felt like Christian Watford, that would very likely be his last year. And it could have been if he wanted to go to the (NBA) Draft. But he wanted to do more than go to the draft. He wants to be a first round pick, which is what he should be. You have to balance that a little bit when those decisions were made.

“We’ve had the injury to Maurice (Creek). There’s a lot of things that hang in there and we’re working through all of that.”

Creek, who missed the entire 2011-2012 season after suffering his third major injury in 22 months, continues on what Crean called a “long and tedious” road to recovery, but isn’t behind schedule.

Crean acknowledged that Creek’s status is a part of the equation when looking at scholarships for next season.

“There’s a lot of different factors that go into those things. Roster management, it’s here to stay. It is. There’s a lot of things that aren’t the way they were five to ten years ago in the world and college basketball is the same way. There’s a lot of uncertainty and you just have to deal with it.

“You always have to have a plan. Then you have to be able to work that plan, fix the plan, tweak the plan, whatever you need to do inside of it and at the same time, you’re trying to make everybody better, every day. There’s not one person who works with us, for us or works at Indiana that is not trying to make the program better that has a direct hand in it, every day. And that’s what we’re most focused on. The things are going to work out.”

Each member of IU’s highly regarded 2012 recruiting class is expected to arrive on campus in the next week.

Hanner Perea and Peter Jurkin are already in Bloomington while Jeremy Hollowell, Ron Patterson and Yogi Ferrell all said earlier this week they plan to go following the completion of the Indiana-Kentucky All-Star series.

“I would imagine that they would. That’s the plan right now,” Crean said when asked if the freshmen would all get started next week. “We’re waiting for final transcripts to come through. Things have to go through the (NCAA) Clearinghouse. The Clearinghouse is working on football right now. So those things always go through it. But as far as where everybody’s at, there’s no surprises with anything that we’ve seen.”

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  • HoosierDD

    Every freshman gets burned from time to time on defense.  Nothing I saw from Remy made me think he was a defensive liability at all.  I’ agree with Kelin that he will make the Sophomore leap.  Often times last year he was asked to come in the game cold of the bench in the second half, and he performed farily well in that scenario.  That’s tough for experienced players to do let alone freshman.  He didn’t do anything flashy, but he was solid.  He made open
    shots, was able to drive into the lane and finish, made his free throws,
    and most importantly didn’t make any big mistakes.

    As you can tell I’m a big Remy supporter.  I’m from Southern In right across the river from Louisville and was aware of him from his high school days. 

  • HoosierDD

     Sorry for the awkward format.  My mistake.

  • Outoftheloop

     No way. When was the last time you heard of a major college basketball recruit going to prep school AFTER he moved into his college dorm and started some classes? Never!

  • Outoftheloop

     No way. When was the last time you heard of a major college basketball recruit going to prep school AFTER he moved into his college dorm and started some classes? Never!

  • Outoftheloop

    The players do not have the first move. First the Coach has to notify each returning player if he is extending a scholarship to that player by July 1.

  • Outoftheloop

     I respectfully disagree. The medical hardship is a “non-counting” scholarship and the person can “never” play. The medical red-shirt is a “counting” scholarship and the player can play the following year.

  • 888

    Exactly. People need to quit acting like were losers who couldnt handle any pressure. This is Indiana and we should expect to be #1. I think the guys on the team will work even harder to protect that ranking. Get over it whinners!!!

  • hardcore_hoosier

    What I meant was that I doubt if a player who is not extended another years scholarship willingly stays.  If they are told there is no scholarship and likely little to no playing time available they will probably transfer.  There is a lot of talk of someone giving theirs up and I just don’t see that happening once they are told there is no room for them.  Either way, it was all hypothetical.  We will know something in a few weeks.

  • If someone was going to transfer, I think we would have known that by now. Seems like it comes down to Creek losing his scholarship (which would be a major downer) or someone paying the way. 

  • marcusgresham

    An athlete cannot accept an academic scholarship.  It has to be an athletic scholarship that counts against the number allowed. Otherwise, they would have several of these guys already doing that and there’d be about 32 guys on the team.

  • K B

    These kids could have committed as three-year-olds and that still doesn’t mean any of their documents can be submitted to the Clearinghouse until after their final grades from the spring semester of their senior year are posted to transcripts.  If you had ever played college sports or coached a college sport, I would think you would know that the NCAA needs grades from core classes like Economics and English 12 that are often not available until after a kid has taken his last final on his last day of his senior year of high school.  However, it’s not like the Clearinghouse is some game show where the kid shows up and pushes a big button and they’re only eligible if the green light is the one that randomly turns on — there’s a very clear formula and it’s not at all a secret.  IU staff members have been keeping track of grades by being in close contact with staff members from recruits’ high schools…they know exactly where kids stand…ALL of the recruits have had test scores and now FINAL grades submitted from the high schools to the IU staff…and ALL of the calculations done by IU staff members show that ALL of the incoming recruits will be academically eligible when the Clearinghouse gets around to making everything official.  No one is going to prep school.  No one is reclassifying for academic reasons.  There’s no second gunman on the grassy knoll here.

  • K B

    You have to be taking a minimum number of credit hours to be eligible, so even if you’ve earned a degree, you have to be taking undergrad courses toward another degree or graduate courses toward a masters degree.  I think it’s 12 hours of undergrad or 9 hours of graduate courses.

  • Tom S

     I’ll respectfully disagree with your respectful disagreement. :^)

    If you search “medical hardship waiver” you’ll find any number of references on university sites that describe the medical hardship waiver as what we commonly refer to as the medical red-shirt.  The below link is from MSU’s.

  • IfLarryHadntLeft…

    but isnt that what Ivy League teams do? They dont offer athletic scholarships, but kids get achademic/financial aid to afford the school, why can’t it be done in BTown?

  • HoosierKen73

    Mr. Outoftheloop…..(hope I spelled that right, you might have me fired), are you so important, you’re actually telling telling the Director what to do? Are you the President of Indiana University and we just didn’t know it?

  • marcusgresham

    Hadn’t thought of that, but the fact that they don’t give athletic scholarships may be the way they can do that.

  • iucharlie

    What would IU have done if we landed Gary Harris? I think he is a great player, but that would have been a real dilemma!

  • Outoftheloop

    There is a lot you don’t know. I am not sure what “telling telling” might mean. If the advise is good advise, it is always good to think carefully about it, regardless of your title.