HD Video: Devin Davis at Indiana All-Stars exhibition

  • 06/05/2012 5:08 pm in

It was a strong showing for class of 2013 Warren Central forward and IU commit Devin Davis on Monday night at Lloyd E. Scott Gymnasium at Seymour High School. The Junior All-Stars fell short — 104-97 — but Davis was one of four players in double figures with 14 points and led both teams with 13 rebounds.

Watch over a minute of high-definition quality of Davis from the exhibition in the embedded media player below:

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  • inLinE6

    Nice rebounding. I didn’t see his passing though… Need some improvements on court vision.

  • Hoosiered

    You got that from 1;44 of tape?

  • 888

    If the Good Lord would just give him 2 more inches hell be a rich man.

  • 888

    If the Good Lord would just give him 2 more inches hell be a rich man.

  • ScoopGeoff

    I like the way he rebounded consistently with 2 hands, and how he seemed to come away with rebounds that were hotly contested. He seems like one of those guys with a great motor and strong hands that other guys just sorta give way to after a few minutes.

    You can tell he likes contact.

    I was a little surprised by how often he rebounded and then led the break… Not sure that will translate much at the next level, but its better than not having the ability at all.

    This guy will be a serious fan favorite.

  • Luke72

    Now that he is healthy again Devin is showing that he’s a Big Time talent. Not exactly under the radar but from time to time I see alot of Woodson like smoothness to his game!

  • Love his tenacity. He will be active on the boards and a good defender. Just need to work on body and shot obviously. Not telling him anything he doesnt already know looking at his motor.

  • IUisAwesome

    Why does espn have him as a 3 star, close to a 2 star?  That is crazy!  This kid is no question a 4 star recruit.  Anyway, Luke Fischer rose from a 2 star to a 4 star in espn’s rankings. 

  • N71

    The more time goes on the less faith I have in the rankings.  Devin for a couple years now has been battling injuries and he’s healthy again now and you can see how good he really is.  Hartman is a similar case where he and Davis were both highly ranked when they were younger but they started to get injured.  I wonder if this is a result of playing up so much when you’re young.  They both played heavy minutes for the high school teams and their teams played the best programs in the state night in and night out.  As they get older now they are starting to fill out and dish it out more so-to-speak versus taking the beating.  As they play more now healthy, they are starting to elevate again in the rankings.  Hartman is still dealing with injury (concussion I think was the last thing) but the core of a really good player has always been there.  The rankings seem to be unkind to injury or missing a key event yet the player remains the same dude he was the day before.  I’m beginning to think the general populous of Indiana is a better determiner of basketball talent versus ESPN or Rivals.  I don’t really even know what their metrics are, is it stats, potential, have the committed or not, etc.  Quite confusing.  Fortunately we have a coaching staff that knows what they are doing.

  • SirEric

    If he can find a little better touch around the basket and on his shot, he could be a REALLY special talent.