Elite 2015 point guard recaps unofficial visit

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Friday wasn’t the first opportunity for 2015 East Chicago Central point guard Hyron Edwards to visit Bloomington, but it was the first chance for one of the state’s top underclassmen to get an in-depth look at the campus.

Edwards, in town to play for Indiana Elite Team Indiana in the adidas May Classic, spent Friday evening getting familiar with one of the two schools that has already offered him a scholarship.

“It was great. I toured the campus with all of the coaches,” Edwards said on Saturday morning. “We rode around in a golf cart and they told me about the business school. I saw the weight room, the business school, the arts school, all of that. We saw the football stadium, tennis courts.”

The visit was just days after an unofficial trip to West Lafayette to check out Purdue, the other school with an early offer out to Edwards.

“Purdue, it was pretty great,” Edwards said “It’s not like IU though, it’s not like IU.”

The difference? Facilities, which are a positive for IU, according to Edwards.

“Difference is, like the weight room at Purdue, they’ve got a lot of football stuff in the weight room,” he said. “IU has one just for the basketball team.”

The recruiting pitches from IU and Purdue are also different as the Hoosier staff views Edwards as a point guard and the Boilermaker staff covets him as a combo guard.

The uptempo pace of play Tom Crean has implemented is something the young point guard believes fits his game well.

“They talked to me about the offense. They said I would fit great in their offense,” Edwards said. “They have some great guards in Jordan Hulls and Yogi Ferrell. They like to run, get ball screens and shoot, things that I like to do in my game.

“I like to come off ball screens, attack the rim, (play on the) fast break, get the ball off the rim and go. Just like IU does. I’ve seen the tapes of them from last season.”

Besides the two in-state rivals, Illinois, Michigan, Michigan State, Northwestern and Xavier are also recruiting Edwards. He hopes to visit Illinois, Michigan and Michigan State this summer.

While he’s enjoying the early attention, an early decision seems unlikely despite a push from Purdue to end the process early.

“It’s pretty great,” Edwards said. “I didn’t expect all of this to come so soon, my freshman year. I thought it was going to come my sophomore or junior year. I like it.

“I’m just striving to get better. I’ll make my decision like my junior or early senior year. I’m trying to get better.”

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  • cdog

    “Purdue, it was pretty great,” Edwards said “It’s not like IU though, it’s not like IU.” Boy has IU come a long way from three years ago. Recruits are taking notice that IU overall offers everything that the elite programs offer. It is a great school that has an elite basketball tradition. What more could you want?

  • Mr_Howard8h

    Once he gets a look at our offense with Yogi running the point this year, he’ll like our system even more. He knows it’s a very guard-friendly offense.

  • Evansville Hoosier

    Purdue is great, but it’s not like IU, though. It’s not like IU.

    Doesn’t that sum up our sentiments in this rivalry?

  • Evansville Hoosier

    Purdue is great, but it’s not like IU, though. It’s not like IU.

    Doesn’t that sum up our sentiments in this rivalry?

  • dtfreed

    And per Hyron Great facilities which 3 years ago we hoped it would make a difference and now we know it has.

  • That’s got to be one of my all time favorite quotes from a recruit. Not sure if that’s how he meant it when he said it, but it came across as such a dig toward Purdue. Love it.

  • Kelin Blab

    It would be tough for Purdue to make up in recruiting when a kid says…it’s not like IU though…. I think that statement is loaded as it relates to more than just facilities.

  • i have a good feeling about this kid, think he’s going to be a very good player! Plus well you know…It’s Indiana!

  • i have a good feeling about this kid, think he’s going to be a very good player! Plus well you know…It’s Indiana!

  • LeeTimmer

    “Purdue, it was pretty great. It’s not like IU though, it’s not like IU.” That’s almost like a little brother who has a crush on the girl, but the girl has her eye on the big brother. Sorry, little brother!

  • WisconHoosier

    Love this kid. It’s like he’s already dropped a 30-point game on Purdue.

  • Shizon


  • Shizon


  • N71

    I watched the video of his interview and the comments don’t have the same impact as they do in writing. He’s at Indiana during the interview, surrounded by people asking him about Indiana, and he’s relatively new to the process. He seemed obligated to throw us a bone wanting to answer the questions and not offend the group in his face. He seems to likes Indiana but I wouldn’t say its a done deal, he lives so close to Purdue and Illinois and then there’s Kentucky…

    I like our chances but our competition for him isn’t Xavier, Evansville, or Western Michigan. I always worry about our landing a center and point guard because there seems to be less of them and they are SOOOOO important. If we can land Hyron and have him take the torch from Yogi, boy wouldn’t that be nice.

  • J-Donham

    I have people from my school that talk to him at AAU tournaments every weekend and he said he is just seeing how many offers he can get by his senior year then committing to IU

  • coach c

    Talk to this kid once or twice a week. As of now he is an IU lean, that being said the kid is just a freshman and things could change. Other schools will build facilities that attract recruits, PUke will use E’twaun Moore to their advantage, and once others school (nationally) find out about him the plot will thicken. I still believe he will end up in the candy stripes considering IU will remain a top 10 team and send multiple players to the NBA as well as graduate them

  • plane1972

    I agree. If he waits until his junior or senior year to commit several other PG targets will enter the fray and ultimately have this slot. Nothing against Hyron. Just the law of averages working here, considering how much national attention IU is going to receive in the coming years.

  • Daburns0

    I call shenanigans.  I know you are not making up that someone told you this, but I see it as a line of BS to feed to us overbearing IU fans.  I suppose I am skeptical because I have heard that about 300 times with other recruits as well.  I do think we have a good shot to land him though.

  • Zac Coleman

    Just watched some of his tapes…wow he looks fast.

  • FreeAgentSignee

    Come to IU Hyron Edwards!

  • The Davis/Sampson nightmare is long gone.  Finally!  Creen has revived IU to the point where it is not “just like other elite programs.”   It IS one of only a handful of elite programs out there, and maybe the leader of them all at this point!