Indiana will not play Kentucky next season

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Per a release from Indiana media relations:

Indiana University Vice President and Director of Athletics Fred Glass has announced that Indiana University will not sign a new contract to play the University of Kentucky in men’s basketball next season in light of their insistence that the matchup be moved to off-campus sites.

“While we understand that such neutral site games could be quite lucrative, we think the series should be continued as it is, home and home,” said Glass.  “Playing on campus enables our students to attend these marquee games which we believe is a great component of the overall college experience.  Playing in the historic venues that are Assembly Hall and Rupp Arena is also a tremendous experience for our student-athletes.”

The latest two-game, home and home contract between the schools expired following the Wildcats visit in December to Bloomington.  Subsequently, Kentucky has conditioned the continuation of the series on moving the games to Louisville and/or Indianapolis.

“In the final analysis, we want our student-athletes, our overall student body and our season ticket holders to enjoy this series at Assembly Hall,” said Glass.  “We would be open to reviving the series in the future on a home and home basis.”

“We have a strong belief that this series should be played on campus and is something that should be beneficial for both teams,” said  IU Coach Tom Crean.

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  • cooper

    Why would Calipari be scared to lose one game a year? Argument makes little sense. Regular season hardly matters and he will always out recruit other teams.

    I for one would rather see new matchups. Hopefully IU finds another quality team to play. We have plenty of rivalry games in the B10. New blood is a good thing

  • nathan67

    Agreed they should keep it on campus but disapointing that we won’t play them.
    I really thought we had a chance a beating them at Rupp next season. I’m happy IU held there ground for what is right.

  • IUJeff

    I am fine with only playing pUKe in the final four this year.

  • LDIU

    I have attended several games at the old Dome and they were truly a lot of fun, but I have NEVER attended a game of any sport like I did last December 10. For a 66 year old man, it was a true HIGHLIGHT!!

  • LDIU

    I have attended several games at the old Dome and they were truly a lot of fun, but I have NEVER attended a game of any sport like I did last December 10. For a 66 year old man, it was a true HIGHLIGHT!!

  • HoosierPat

    Just more reasons for me to hate pUKe. I absolutely despise Calipari and their dirty program as a whole. I hope we meet them in the tourney and kick the [BEEP] out of them. Hopefully CTC can find a suitable replacement for the scaredy cats.

  • IUJack

    We can’t seem to win today. SI headline is “IU ends KY series”. Believe we did no such thing. Kentucky forced the end of the series with demands that they knew we would not cave in to. Then on top of the Winn pays us a backhanded complement as next years pre-season number 1.

  • b_side

    First off, love the fact that you’ve come to the board from UK’s perspective without feeling the need to troll.

    Just want to clarify your last point…the neutral site series only lasted from ’91-’05. Could be wrong on the facts, but prior to that, wasn’t it home-home from ’69-’90? So we’ve been playing for 42 years straight, of which only 15 were on a neutral court. Almost 2:1 ratio playing on campus.

  • Andrew

    Great post Mr. Jones. Your first sentence really says it all.

  • Andrew

    Great post Mr. Jones. Your first sentence really says it all.

  • IUJarbo

    I will give one thing to Cal, he certainly knows how to work the system to his advantage. He has spoken before about his disdain for road games and that all tournament games are neutral site. Cal hides behind this to justify never playing an elite opponent on the road when it can be avoided. Even though I think PukE is way overrated next year when you look at the changes to their schedule coupled with an ridiculously weak SEC they are almost guaranteed to finish with at most 5 losses, a top 5 ranking and a 1 seed that should give them an easy pass to at least the sweet 16 with a team I believe should be ranked in the 8-12 range. Yes, I realize they will be higher than that, it’s what I’m giving Cal credit for working the system to turn the 10th best team into a #1 based on schedule manipulation and media bias.

  • Kelin Blab

    That quote says it all. I think UK and Cal were traumatized in someway by the watford shot. I love it….

  • IUJarbo

    Everywhere I look uk ranked top 3 next year, same thing with last years team but that one was legit. Let’s compare-contrast the differences,

    2011- 2 Studs (Jones and Lamb) return to school due to impending lockout, once in a decade center (Davis), best glue guy in country (MKG), Experienced hibachi(Miller) extremely talented but erratic PG (Teague).

    2012- Only real returner Wiltjer averaged a whopping 11.6 mins a game. PG transfer Harrow ave 9.3pts 3.3 ast with 10 starts for 15-16 NC St team. Poythress and Goodwin, both good players, could be comparable to Lamb and Jones only a year younger and Goodwin is not presently as good a shooter. A bunch of guys who saw floor time exclusively at practice and maybe in the waning moments of blowouts.

    No I did not forget Noel, just think his rant deserves it’s own paragraph. I am perplexed how a guy that only ave 12.6pts. 7.8reb. 3.9blk. in HS can be the #1 recruit. His team even underachieved this year. The last few years they have been a perennial National championship contender, this year 22-8 ranked 178 nationally. Wasn’t any better in all star games, way worse actually. In 3 national games ave 5pts. 4.7reb. 3.3 blks. To those who say he reclassified so he is behind a bit, he’s 18 now exactly what age a high school senior is supposed to be when they graduate.

    The only plus I can find on him, he lit up Mitch McGary for 22pts, 8blks in a game, I’m guessing at the same time he was ridiculously overrated as the #2 recruit.

    I know that you can’t exactly quantify the effect that a shot blocker has on a team’s defense but #1 really, seems like media trying to hype up someone to the level of Davis that clearly isn’t that good.

  • Rev_AK

    Most of those people probably weren’t alumni, just people who went for one, maybe two years. 😉

  • SCHoosier

    Overrated?? All the way to the national championship I guess. Maybe if they had won the NBA crown also…???

  • Millzy32

    As fans WE are the only ones missing out. Ending this rivalry for these petty reasons shows bad on both schools but Kentucky looks like cowards in the national media. They were talking about them being cowards up here in Cleveland this morning.

  • Daburns0

    I think UK didn’t want to come back to Assembly hall ever again for one. Plus, they saw it as a way to market Kentucky basketball in Indy, where the HS talent is so high. We gain nothing from letting them play up here, and nothing from playing in out-dated Freedom Hall. That is like IU offering up the Pepsi Coliseum. Plus, the state of Kentucky isn’t that talent rich.

  • DarkSouth

    Thanks, figured it was computer, changed settings and it worked.

    New problem though. My phone doesn’t register the text boxes as an possible text venue. Basically, can’t type because keyboard won’t come up. I did pass info along on diqus survey page but have to respond to this post on disqus page since I cant on ITH. I primarily check ITH on mobile.

  • Outoftheloop

    I hate to say it, but both sides are liars in this instance. If you
    “really” want to play against the other team, then a workable compromise
    is OBVIOUS! You sign a 4 year deal with 2 alternating “neutral” sites
    for 2012 and 2013 and 2 alternating “home” games for 2014 and 2015. That
    gives you 4 years of great rivalry basketball and everyone “wins”.
    However, if you are lying about “really” wanting to play each other,
    then none of the expensive suits making hundreds of thousands of dollars
    can “imagine” this simple compromise!

  • Hoosy

    Ah, you just made my day to say that! Hoosiers was almost filmed in my elementary school (Wavelend) where my parents went to high school. I was in fourth grade at the time, but the school corp insisted moving forward with rebuilding the school. The original gym is still standing.

  • Hoosy

    Big Blue indigNation!!!

  • IUJarbo

    4th line “way overrated NEXT year”

  • IUJarbo

    4th line “way overrated NEXT year”

  • In a way I am mad & in a another way I am glad, weird? If the said LOSER Calipari is-not afraid of little old IU against his behemoth pUKe, why is he running scared? Just wondering my pUKe fan friends said we IU just were no match for any more I beg to defer if I may! We are have always been & always will be there match & more, so suck go on your thumbs pUKe fans!!!

  • marcusgresham

    Don’t forget that Kentucky even has its own court in Freedom Hall with that giant fugly UK logo on it.

  • Hoosy

    I watched the Barnhart interview and at the end of it, he talked about how UK has many games lined up at home because UK fans loves to see games at Rupp. Hmmmm….