Towson coach comments on Kenny Johnson to Indiana

  • 04/30/2012 9:04 pm in

The Hoosier Scoop: Towson’s Skerry praises IU’s hire of Johnson

Exactly what procedural matter or human relations department formality that is keeping Indiana from officially announcing its hiring of Kenny Johnson as assistant coach is uncertain, but Towson coach Pat Skerry is now publicly resigned to the idea of trying to fill Johnson’s spot.

Skerry and Johnson have only been at Towson for one season after taking over for Pat Kennedy, and it was a rough one. The Tigers finished 1-31, losing 22 straight games to start the season. Still, Skerry said he believed there was progress made in program building, and that Johnson was a big part of that.

“Kenny’s done a very good job,” Skerry said. “I’ve known Kenny for a few years, and I was ecstatic to get him on board here. He did a really good job. We had inherited a challenging but exciting task, and he really helped lay some good ground work. Guys have gotten better. He’s an incredibly bright guy. You don’t have a lot of coaches with biology degrees, which is what he has. He’s a family guy, he’s a very good person, he’s a very well connected guy in this fertile recruiting area.”

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