adidas May Classic moving away from IU campus

  • 04/19/2012 8:18 am in

No games at Assembly Hall, Cook Hall for adidas May Classic

Assembly Hall and Cook Hall will be off-limits for games at the Adidas May Classic this year, due to an NCAA rule that prohibits summer travel tournaments on college campuses.

The hub of the Adidas May Classic has traditionally been the Indiana University campus, with top teams playing at Assembly Hall and Cook Hall, the latter an adjoining practice facility that was completed in the spring of 2010.

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  • Guest

    I guess I can understand why the NCAA made this rule but it really is doing a disservice to high school athletes. I wasn’t ever going to play major college bball but it was an amazing experience getting to play at college venues like Assembly Hall, Hinkle Fieldhouse, Wright State, etc. I played AAU to improve for high school and had a great experience.

    I really think this rule is myopic as it steals this opportunity from younger athletes like me. These are the only opportunities that I ever had to play in such venues. Sure, the spiece center is cool as are other sportsplexes. There are also all the great high school gyms in Indiana but playing on a major college court was a unique experience. Knew I would never be good enough to play for IU but I’ll always remember winning a game on McCracken Court.

  • Evansville Hoosier

    Well… That’s disappointing, I thought that was a great selling tool. Don’t wanna break any rules though.

  • plane1972

    That’s a bit of a bummer for recruiting purposes.

  • iufan4life10

    I hear of high school kids coming down to Cook Hall for open gyms, are there any restrictions on that?

  • HoosierBballNut

    Are there any events open to the public over the summer ?? Incoming recruits (or) Returning players ??

  • Jsilakowsky

    Just another example where the NCAA makes a new rule that makes no sense and is over the top, ridiculous!

  • Jsilakowsky

    Just another example where the NCAA makes a new rule that makes no sense and is over the top, ridiculous!

  • slojoe

    I’m not sure this rule will be much of a hinderance.  It only prohibits the games being played on the college campus.  The tournament will still be in Bloomington but will be played at HS gyms, etc.  It does not appear to prevent a player from taking an unoffical visit to the campus before, during, or after the tournament. 

  • 323SGrant

    If other schools were jealous of IU they should have had their own on campus event.