Grantland looks at IU’s late execution vs. VCU

  • 03/19/2012 8:27 pm in Indiana’s Late-Game Go-To Play

With three minutes left in Saturday’s second-round game against VCU, Indiana was trailing by five points. The Hoosiers were struggling to get Cody Zeller, one of their best offensive weapons, any touches, and he seemingly disappeared for minutes at a time. But down the stretch, Indiana coach Tom Crean used set plays to get his star player the ball, giving way to seven points in the final minutes and a two-point, 63-61 victory. The key was a play that got Zeller the ball on the elbow.

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  • HoosierMitch

    Great breakdown on the last minutes of the game.  Great job by Coach Crean.  I heard somewhere else this is called ‘Lebron’ and that CWat suggested it.  Lovin My Hoosiers right now.  Go all the way

  • Shime

    I love it when people do not think that CTC is a good X and O guy.I think he is an excellent X and O coach. I really do not know how that rumor got started.

  • Shime

    I love it when people do not think that CTC is a good X and O guy.I think he is an excellent X and O coach. I really do not know how that rumor got started.

  • SCHoosier

    Don’t mean to to be snippy..but what took Crean so long to figure that out? in these posts I’ve been screaming for Zeller facing the basket for the last month. Those little turn around layups have been figured out by most people and he needs to expand his offense. Driving is one way..he can shoot the 15 ft shot (better than VO)..and in the off season needs to develop his jump hook with both hands. Taking the ball to the hole against Davis is begging for trouble..but IU has to challenge him.

  • KevOMG

    Perfect name for college basketball because there is no fourth quarter in NCAA

  • Daburns0

    I think people thought he didn’t do a good job “in game”.  Most coaches rely on the players on the floor to implement what they already know.  That is why Bob Knight never called a timeout at the end of the game.  He thought they already knew what to do.  As Coach Crean gets a consistent group of seniors, the X and O thing will look better.  I think that this being his first group of true seniors is a major reason for the turnaround THIS year.  Plus, a freshman from Washington, IN.

  • Kenneth234

    You cannot shy away from a shot blocker.  You have to take it into his chest.  That is how you keep them from blocking the shot, and even pick up a foul or two.  I do agree that Cody needs to start taking that 12-15 footer to make the defense respect it.  That will only increase his ability to drive the ball from that area of the floor.  I am sure there is a reson for him not taking it a lot, maybe he just feels that if he is out there taking that shot that if it is off, there is not much help rebounding it.  Against UK on Friday night, I am thinking we are going to see Pritchard, Zeller, and Watford on the floor together.  Looking back to the first game, Pritchard did a nice job inside, setting picks or screens and on the defensive end too.  I just hope that foul trouble is not going to be an issue in Friday nights game for Inidana.  I think for the most part Hulls will be chasing Lamb around the perimeter again, leaving Olidipo/Sheehey or Watford to keep Teague in front of them. 

    Actually as far as being able to play Terrance Jones and Davis inside, I think a similiar stradegy that they used against New Mexico St. will be effective, minus the steal attempts of course.  Overall, we need to be good on the glass again.  On the defensive end we got to prevent them from getting second chances.  On the offensive end we need get a few, because I think that is where Jordan Hulls will get his most open looks for his shot (he killed them on second chance looks in the first game as well).  We have to limit them to as many break aways as possible. 

    I think that there is a lot of misconceptions about the first game from the media analyst.  I keep hearing different people talk about Indiana slowing the pace of the game down in the first, and how that would be a key once again.  I have watched the game several times now, and I rarely seen Indiana as slowing it down.  They seemed to be pushing the pace with Kentucky, but trying to force Kentucky into a half court game on the defensive end.  If anything, Kentucky was the team looking to slow the pace because we were getting open looks in transition without their defense being set.  I think we play best up tempo, but we also have to be careful not to give up silly turnovers trying to be cute with the basketball. 

  • InTheMtns

    I heard CTC say in a recent interview (sorry, can’t remember which one) that Cody only has confidence (in game time) when he’s totally comfortable with doing something. He said he is getting more comfortable with various part of his game with every new game. The coaching staff seems to be letting Cody grow at his own pace. I’m sure they push him but are careful not to over-push. We haven’t seen much of Cody facing the basket and I think that’s been Cody’s choice. But we’ve seen a little of it in the last two games and I think the final few minutes of the VCU game might have been a break-through for Cody. His team mates asked for the play so Cody knows they have confidence in his ability to do it. And he did it. I think we’re going to see more of it in this next game.