• Stephen

    Go Hoosiers!

    Quick question for you all-anyone have a link for a radio stream for tonight’s game I can listen to on an iPad? I am working abroad, and the CBS app doesn’t work unless you are in the US. Any help is much appreciated!

  • bfoutty


  • Mikeast1

    Apology from Seth Davis – Super Sweet Sixteen.

  • Kenneth234

    Let this be a lesson to all who was saying that this team was beat from the 15 minute to the 3 minute mark.  Stop doubting, have faith, and focus on pulling for this team rather than pointing out their flaws!

  • Shime

    My God  I freaking love CTC for calling out Seth Davis. This team and his coaching is unreal.

  • InTheMtns

    Amen, amen! Thank goodness the team doesn’t give up the way some fans do.

    Sweet sixteen . . . sweeet!

  • Kenneth234

    I swear, some of the people in the chat forum tonight seemed like they had been waiting for a chance to say how much IU sucks and/or how badly we miss a guy that is just out, or ready for Yogi.  I think Yogi can wait…at least until next year.  I don’t want this season to end any sooner than it does.  I vow to not criticize players for making mistakes (especially from the highest pressure defense team in the country) and will not give up on this team. 

    So far we have went through the toughest conference in the country and held our own.  We have beaten  a #1, #2, and # 5 ranked teams and numerous tournament teams along the way.  We have overcome doubters coming into the first game against NMST (definetly one of the biggest teams in the country), the best team at forcing turnovers in the country, and will likely have to go through pUKe (the consensus best team in the country).  If anything, we are far more prepared than we were the first time we beat them in December and if we make it through there will not be a team that deserves to win it all in the country (not that there isn’t a team already that deserves it more).

  • InTheMtns

    I don’t even follow the live chat any more. I used to, but it became too depressing to me the way IU “fans” trash talked about our own players. I don’t have a problem with making note of a bad play or questioning a decision or wanting something to happen differently but going ballistic every time a player misses a shot or turns the ball over is too much for me. Saying a player stinks or sucks or is lazy or doesn’t care just isn’t being a good fan in my book. I followed a live chat of a different team a few weeks ago and their fans were saying things like “__ seems to be off tonight, I hope he can pull it together” or “I bet __ wishes he had that shot back”, etc. Their team still won even though (insert appropriate amount of sarcasm here) there weren’t any chatters present who needed to show they knew more about basketball than the head coach or the players.

    I don’t know how anyone could ask this team to do more than they’ve done and I can’t fathom why any fan thinks that they want to win more than the players on this team do.

    Looking forward to the game against UK. Go IU!!