• iupuiHOOSIER

    I love the fact that Will Sheehey took the comments of Mckinnes personally and used it as fuel.  I have to say that I got a decent laugh out of his reply to Mckinnes saying, “no mammal can guard me.”  Will replied, “well I guess Victor is not human.”  

    We have our work cut out for us with VCU and their “havoc” style of defense, but Jordan Hulls seems extremely focused and so does Remy Abell of the bench, so I believe our ball handlers will be able to handle the VCU pressure.  Looking at their lineup, I think we also have some size on them and with Zeller down low playing aggressively we should take this one and head to ATL afterwards.

  • marionhoosier

    Love wathcing Hulls and Zeller as Sheehey made that comment.