Hoosiers approach conference tournament with different mindset

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During Tom Crean’s first three years in Bloomington, the Big Ten Tournament was the Hoosiers’ last-ditch effort to make the postseason.

They had the mid-major mindset. Make a run through the conference tournament, surprise everyone, and make the tournament. Don’t, and you go home.

“We had a big chip on our shoulder and we had really nothing to lose,” said sophomore guard Victor Oladipo.

This year, though, No. 15 Indiana is approaching the Big Ten tournament as an extension of the regular season. They’re already a lock to make the Big Dance, and they have a legitimate chance to win the tournament.

“There’s no speech about ‘it’s a new season, it’s a new time,'” Crean said. “No, we’re staying right with what we’ve done. In the past when you’ve struggled, it gives your team a little bit different ray of hope. … It’s just the next thing.”

The 5-seeded Hoosiers (24-7, 11-7) open the tournament against No. 12 seed Penn State at approximately 2 p.m. Thursday at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. The Nittany Lions have eliminated Indiana from the event in two of the last three years. While Crean acknowledged his veteran players are probably well aware of that fact, he said it’s not even on his mind.

“It’s a different year,” he said. “We don’t even bring it up.”

Even though they’re playing the conference’s lowest seeded team, a win would be huge for the Hoosiers considering no current player has won a postseason game at Indiana. Plus, a victory on Thursday could give them added confidence heading into the rest of the weekend.

“It’s big for us, it’s been a while since we’ve done that,” Oladipo said. “For what this program has gone through, it’s big for the program. But at the same time, if we win one game, we can’t be satisfied. It’s just the beginning.”

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  • sams212

    Go Hoosiers! Ill be watching 

  • anyone know what station I get a Don Fischer call on in the Chicago area? if thats possible at all. I am in school during the PSU and Wisconsin games and need a way to listen!!!!

  • mrjonessodaandme

    Along the lines of what Joe said, I can’t seem to find a station that broadcasts it on their online feed. Do they not do that? Can they not do that?

    Any direction on finding an online feed would be appreciated.

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    Watching the 07-08 team on BTN right now. I forgot how truly undisciplined they were compared to our team now. Guys we have a team now who plays the game. The red on the jerseys was way too dark too. Glad we are closer now to the traditional red color. Go IU!!!

  • WatchingYogi_atYogis

    Doesn’t seem like Victor Oladipo is emerging as the vocal leader of this team?

  • Bjt42

    I believe all radio feeds are asked to not stream the IU games on their regular website because http://www.iuhoosiers.com/allaccess/ broadcast the games for a fee. Again, this is what I believe and not what I know.

  • Bjt42

    I believe all radio feeds are asked to not stream the IU games on their regular website because http://www.iuhoosiers.com/allaccess/ broadcast the games for a fee. Again, this is what I believe and not what I know.

  • Guest

    For online streaming of the radio feed during most Hoosiers games, try http://www.willie1035.com/, or the IU student station, WIUX.org

  • CutterInChicago

    Try WHCC 105.1 out of Bloomington online

  •  Go to the WIBC website and you can listen live there. Hope that helps

  • Derbus

    Solid article on IU Hoops, Cody is becoming a legend his freshman year!

  • InTheMtns

    I think stations that are part of the IU Radio Network are not supposed to broadcast it online (the rights belong to the Internet provider), but I think some stations sometimes live stream it anyway. In the past, it has often been available on the student station – wiux (dot) org. It’s likely WIUX will stream these games as well but I don’t know for sure. The for-sure thing, if you can afford $9.95, is to subscribe for the month to the Hoosiers All Access broadcast through the IU Athletics website. They automatically renew subscriptions each month but it is easy to cancel.

  • Geoff_85

    This game is bigger than I had anticipated. I guess I never really thought about the fact that no one on the roster has a postseason win. The reason for that I  guess is that I never really thought about the postseason until now, the first game. Well it’s high time you get one fellas, then about 9 more in a row would be good.

  • InTheMtns

    These guys are ready to win this. Four games in four days is a tough task, but I know they are going to give it everything they’ve got. They sound to me like they are still hungry.

  • Kevin

    It’s always easy to follow a guy with that type of confidence and that “swagger” everytime he steps on to the court. I’m not sure what happened with him during that bad stretch, but it all seems fine and well right now. He’s playing some great basketball and that energy is carrying over to our team.

  • NervousWreck

    If WIUX does broadcast the game – it will definitely be streaming online at wiux.org.  However, just remember that it will be students calling the game and not Don Fischer.  It’s a way to hear the game and not pay…

  • wyohoosier

    I’ve got a good feeling about this weekend. We are playing great at the right time of the year,lets win it Hoosiers!!!!!

  • SCHoosier

    I really do believe these guys now “get it.” Sure they might shoot badly one game..have defensive lapses..but it would shock me to see a total emotional/mental collapse like at Neb or Iowa. With 9 players in the mix..some combo ought to be effective. Of course..it will continue to revolve around the defense..if the effort isn’t made there…any game could be “trouble”. Go Hoosiers…

  • millzy32

    I think you mean 10 more in a row man.  9 in a row would have us losing to somebody in the National Title game.

  • millzy32

    Nevermind I just read that you had the PSU game in first and then 9 more in a row, my bad.

  • millzy32

    Nevermind I just read that you had the PSU game in first and then 9 more in a row, my bad.

  • millzy32

    If anyone watched the Tournament preview last night Gary Williams and Jim Jackson were asked to pick winners.  Jackson went with the obvious, his alma mater, and Williams said I tihink Indiana is going to win it.  Nice endorsement there.

  • HoosierSkywalker

    let’s hope the boys remember the cheap shot, hard foul on cwat in the waning moments of our last game with psu and come out motivated for a blowout!

  • JerryCT

    Not taking anything away from Hulls but over the last several games I have sensed a new LEADERSHIP has taken over and it has taken many forms:

    + CWat defending small driving point guards is inspirational to our defensive effort

    + WS shooting with new confidence and accuracy

    + CZ defending out on the floor

    + Roth shooting at every open look

    + VO level of effort on every possession

    + VJ3 aggressively playing within himself and maybe the most surprising defense on the team right now

    + FInally , CTC seems more stable on rotations and decisions vs having to gamble on something

  • Some stats to ponder since I’m home sick today….

    Not surprisingly, Indiana is 24-2 when scoring 69 points or more. Those two games? The two that most irk IU fans – Minnesota at home and Nebraska on the road.

    The Hoosiers are 22-1 when scoring 70 or more. (Beat ND and Minny with 69 points, lost to Nebraska with 69 points). 

    IU should have no problem pushing tempo against Penn State and winning. However, it’s going to be a bigger challenge against Wisconsin. That’s what concerns me about the Wisconsin game. If they grind it down to a halt, IU is in trouble as Indiana is 0-5 in games where it scores fewer than 69 points. Small sample size, but when a team can slow IU down, the Hoosiers struggle.

    Wisconsin has only allowed ONE team all season to eclipse 70 points, and that was Iowa. Iowa won that game in Madison. The  8 losses were by scores of 60, 61, 72, 63, 59, 58, 69, 67. That’s an average score of about 63.6.

    The most points Wisconsin allowed in a win was 63. Four teams broke in to the 60s against Wisconsin and still lost (62, 63, 61 OT, 60). 

    So that means 10 times all season Wisconsin allowed teams to break the 60 point barrier with a record of 4-6 in those games. 

    Obviously, IU needs to beat Penn State first, but against Wisconsin, they’ll likely have to do something they haven’t done before – win a game scoring less than 69 points. 

    I’m going to say if Indiana scores at least 64 points, the Hoosiers win against Wisconsin.

  • millzy32

    Hulls is still our best ball handler overall and with everyone else stepping up it allows him to be more of a facilitator instead of a source of points.  We have several players that need to let the game come to them instead of forcing things (Watford, Jones, and Hulls).  We also have some guys that can get their own shot and can force things (Oladipo, Sheehey, Zeller).  If the guys know their roles and play accordingly this is a team that can do great things.  As they’ve shown there isn’t a team in the nation that can beat them if they are rocking on all cylinders.  The postseason begins today.  No more losses or excuses just execution. 

    It’s Crean’s job to settle down the guys when they get out of line.  We all know when Watford starts to lose it he’ll bury his head and drive at the basket and almost certainly get a charging foul.  That’s when coach needs to calm him down and get him back to playing within the game and letting it come to him.  Same for Jones and Hulls is actually a little different.  When Hulls gets in a funk he tends to make extra unnecessary passes and pass up wide open looks.  When Jones and Watford are in a funk they force things. 

    This team has all the right pieces to go a long long way if they just play their roles and coach is able to reel them in once they start to stray.

  • millzy32

    If you’re gonna be out sick today you may as well be sick tomorrow and then again next Thursday and Friday as well.  No need to be at work when your mind is elsewhere anyway. 

  • Very true. I’m going to tough it out tomorrow, then probably sneak out of my classroom (I have a student teacher right now) during the last period to watch the IU vs. Wisconsin game (assuming we win). 

    Next week I’m strongly considering going straight to BWs Thursday after school, then taking off Friday and returning to BWs. 

    I’d say this makes me a terrible educator, but it’s not like there’s much to do by the last period when my student teacher has it all handled, right? I’d say that’s justification. 

    Other than the Super Bowl, I strongly believe the first Thursday and Friday of the NCAA tournament should be national holidays. If I ever run my own business, I’m making them holidays. 

  • b_side

    Started watching the game last night too.  Tough to compare a team in disarray post-Denim vs. what we have now.  Think about those same guys vs. Michigan State when we smashed them at home during the week of Denim’s allegations.  They were clicking on all cylinders and disciplined.  What I forgot, though, is how much talent was on that 07-08 team.  One lottery pick (EJ), one first rounder (DJ) and one second rounder (Crawford).  Armon Basset was no slouch either, leading Ohio U to a massive upset vs. Georgetown a few years ago.

  • CreanMcCracken

    If you are talking about P300, DONT YOU DARE LEAVE THE CLASSROOM! 🙂

  • millzy32

    At least Half Day Holidays from Noon on.  They could be the first National Half Day Holidays ever.  If you start a petition I will sign.

  • HoosierSkywalker


  • EgreenIU

    I’m in Chicago as well and I’ve been able to listen to other IU games using this link http://v4.player.abacast.com/player/player.php?pid=1182

  • Kennydescombes

    I know Indiana did not come out and truly compete against Iowa in Iowa, but I really think Iowa deserves a lot of credit for that loss.  I just think that they were a real buzzsaw that day, and I have my doubts if there was a team in the Big Ten that would have beat Iowa that day considering how well they played.  Certainly IU could have played harder and made a much better game of it, but if I am truly honest about it, I just do not think that was a game given the effort and incredible streak that Gatins was starting on, I just think it was the perfect storm.  It may have been a blessing in disguise that Indiana did not show up emotionally and took it on the chin.   It showed them that they could be thoroughly defeated and embarrassed by a team of inferior talent when they don’t bring the intensity.  I would think it would have been a bigger let down for the team, if they would have played anywhere near as good as they can, and still got beat by Iowa. 

  • Kennydescombes

    If you ever open your own buisness, I want to work for you…I don’t care what kind of work it is! 

  • Kennydescombes

    If you ever open your own buisness, I want to work for you…I don’t care what kind of work it is! 

  • Hoosiers44

    Will IU be in their cream or crimson unis?

  • WIUX sure does. Listened to the whole game in Calculus and Latin