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  • 02/29/2012 12:09 pm in

If there was ever a game to solidify Indiana’s return, last night’s 70-55 win against No. 5 Michigan State was it. Tom Crean earned his first victory against friend and mentor Tom Izzo, but will the momentum carry into Sunday’s contest against Purdue?

Podcast On The Brink hosts Matt Dollinger and Greg Rosenstein discuss that and more with ESPN college basketball writer Dana O’Neil. The three recap IU’s latest win and debate who should win Big Ten player, coach and freshman of the year.

Among the topics discussed in today’s show:

· How Victor Oladipo’s energy sparked the Hoosiers to a victory
· Players – in particular Verdell Jones, Tom Pritchard – fully understanding their roles
· Bounce back performances from Jordan Hulls and Christian Watford
· Which teams could surprise in the Big Ten Tournament
· The players and coaches who deserve conference hardware

So tune in and enjoy. As always, let us know what you think about this week’s show and drop us a note at [email protected].

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  • Stlbam

    As much as I appreciate ESPN giving IU some publicity I hate how they sensationalize stories. They have a headline titled “Can Hoosiers win it all?” on SC right now. Come on? Give these kids a break. They just played probably most complete game of the year and now we have expectations being set at a rediculous level. For the record I would say if they play like last night in the tourney a 6th banner is possible but I’m not about to go hyping that.

  • plane1972

    Yeah, I saw it too. Doug Gottlieb is a tool. He really doesn’t like IU, but even he had to be somewhat effusive with his praise. He still loves pointing out the “horrendous” losses to Iowa, Nebraska and Minnesota.

  • A_Schick

    Even though Wisconsin lost to Iowa TWICE. I don’t watch ESPN anymore except for live events. Can not stand their self-proclaimed “experts” and “insiders.” 

  • dtfreed

    I like the fact CTC has played VJIII as a spot player since he has come back. I think if VJIII is in for to many minutes that is when things go wrong. Just like CW had to figure out early [and still is] his new role on this team, so is VJIII. 

  • SCHoosier

    Lot of speculation this time of year..Kellogg of CBS has designated IU as “A sleeper to watch”. Afterall when you beat 3 top rated teams u show potential…..and pointing out the bad losses is fair game in my mind..altho just about everybody in the conference has lost two “they shouldn’t have.” Hey..those ESPN guys have 24/7 of air time to fill….for the past 3 years nobody even mentioned IU expect in a really negative light. I’ll take the “turnaround story”..even if it comes with some lumps.