Video: Tom Crean on loss at Iowa

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Coach Tom Crean met with the media following Indiana’s 78-66 loss at Iowa on Sunday night. Watch the full press conference in the embedded media player below: (Special thanks to for assistance with footage.)

Quotes after the jump.

Opening statement:

“The overall disappointment in the game is the way we didn’t rebound or block out the way we needed to. That’s how you establish the tempo of the game. We knew we’d be pressed, we knew they’d be aggressive on the glass and we didn’t answer that bell. It was 11-to-1 second chance points in the first half, they doubled us over the game. We were better with it, but it was never where it needed to be. We did not attack pressure the way we had practiced and prepared for or the way we’ve been attacking it the last few weeks. So those are always disappointing things when you don’t carry out what you needed to carry out.

“But this wasn’t going to be a game about any one individual or any two individuals in any certain way. It was going to have to be a good team effort. We made a good run in the second half and cut it to ten. We were playing in shifts, we were playing in quick segments to try and get back into the game and I’d like to have a couple of substitutions back, basically. But I didn’t and at the same time we allowed some buckets.

“And then Matt Gatens, who was the most determined player on the floor in my opinion the whole day anyway, just took it to another level. And sometimes with guys on him and sometimes when we were a step late. But he got extremely hot. It broke our backs in the sense of coming back. We continued to play hard but when we cut it to ten we still felt like we were right there in the game. We felt like we could continue to pressure them and then when he hit those shots, we just couldn’t overcome it. But it started with our lack of ability on the glass and our lack of attacking the pressure the way that we needed to. And that’s where we’ve gotta improve as we get ready for the next game.”

On the problems Iowa’s zone created:

“We weren’t in the right spots a couple times. We really weren’t. You’ve got to make shots, but we wanted to get the ball inside, get it swung. And again we didn’t have great flow because there were a couple of guys where it just wasn’t their day to be on the court for an extended period of time, they just weren’t playing as well.”

On the early turnovers:

“We just didn’t attack pressure. We were straight-legged. We didn’t attack pressure the right way. We didn’t look for the opening that we’d worked and prepared for. That’s where the disappointing thing is on the day. It’d be different if it was something we hadn’t worked towards. There’s places that we attack and there’s places that we don’t. We started trying to hit it in areas that we knew they would take away. We got it adjusted a little bit but we just weren’t as aggressive in the attack mode as we needed to be against the pressure and against the zone.”

On whether the early fouls knocked Jordan Hulls off his game:

“It probably knocked him off his game quite a bit because it just wasn’t his day for the most part though he had an even plus/minus. They looked to go at him and Iowa does a good job of that. They game plan for people, but again, the fouls, that hurt him and we’ve gotta sit him extended minutes in a game like this when he’s one of our best guys against pressure. That hurts. No question about it.”

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  • CTC is right. The team is still young and is maturing.  The difTficult thing for me to understand is why CWatt and Jordy underacheived on the offense end.  The need for an athletic forward to attack the boards (ie Anya) is also obvious.  Not to harp on DE too much but one rebound is sad for a 6’9″ PF (he averages a little over 2).   He is 7th on the team for rebounding and Pritch has more offensive rebounds than DE in the few minutes he has been out there.  We have good jump shooters (Roth) and DE needs to step up on his rebounding  if he is to project that “tough guy” image.   We need this void filled.  CZ is doubled down low and the weak side rebounding is poor.  Could use more of Pritch.

  • Wlinette

    Did we watch the same game yesterday? Elston was the only one awake for awhile. The others were deer in headlights…I agree he needs to rebound more but dont harp on a guy who was actually into the flow of the game yesterday.

  • Oldguyy

    Elston had a bad rebounding game yesterday, but he’s actually one of our best defensive rebounders.  The statistics you cite are fairly meaningless, since they aren’t adjusted for minutes played.  You need to look at offensive and defensive rebound percentages, available at and elsewhere.  It is true that he and Watford could stand to improve their offensive rebounding.

  • IU1972

    Watford could stand to improve just showing up every game

  • Jrush

    Agreed.  Elston actually looked like he wanted to play.  Watford wasn’t playing a bit of defense and should have been benched the entire second half because he just wasn’t there.  This team is missing a leader that can hype everyone up and make them focus.

  • Kokomo_Joe

    Coach, the team didn’t play well.  You can’t play for them so some of these guys need to get it together ASAP.

    But in the meantime, can you please play AE some minutes when these guys like CW are no shows.  CW shouldn’t see the floor if he has no heart on game day.

    AE on this team any of the last 3 years would have gotten PT.  yes we are a better team but still the same ole’ guys are being inconsistent.

    With the depth you have, make a statement, bench CW and play AE 10 or 15 min.

    The kid deserves it, especially when CW is MIA.

  • Robbinsmark

    Watford only shows up about 50% of the time. He still feels he is a guard and is too lazy to play the inside and help Cody! Hulls is Hulls, if he is not hitting he hurts the team as he turns the ball over and can not plany any defense at all. I wish Cody or TP  would step up and take the lead as Jones, Hulls and Watford can not do it!

  • CreanFaithful

    Watford still thinks he is a guard??? He played the 4-5 last year… 

  • Thanks for the link.  He is 6 9 and talented.  He will be the difference maker for the rest of the season.  DE is the player who can impact the game on the boards.  He has the strength, hgt, and athletic ability.  If the team wants to move fwd he needs to focus on weakside rebounding and boxing out, and cleaning up on some garbage baskets.  That should free up CZ as well. Same logic applies to CWatt but DE is stronger.   If he stepped up in this regard it would certainly help the team, and DE if he wants to take the next step.  I am a big DE fan and just wish he would improve this part of his game.  No way we win with that rebounding differential in the opponets favor.  CTC favors a quick game and that all starts with a rebound.