• thewisej

    Anyone have a game link? I’m away from my TV for the night. Our chances of winning will increase if I am able to watch.

  • Laueb

    Well an important win, defended the the ‘House’ and all of that, but IU had no intensity until the last six minutes (thank heaven for that) What was up  with Hulls probably his worst game?  Love the way Vic ran Surna until he was out of ‘gas’. Cody had a nice game but three turnovers. Jones made an important contribution, late!! Pritch 6 reb’s (4 offensive boards)  and two big put backs. The long layoff obviously didn’t help IU’s game and may have hurt it. It’s a win, 20 so far this year and that’s great. Go Hoosiers!!!

  • Guest

    I think it is safe to say that Verdell integrated himself back into the lineup nicely!  Huge buckets, several smart passes when running the break, and playing hard on defense!  Glad to see him back!

  • Southport65

    Coach may have just found a way to better use Verdell. He had great energy and used his minutes wisely to help win the game. That is just what a senior should do. If he had played 30 minutes he would not have been able to give IU the lift it needed to win #20. Yes #20!!!
    Know matter who you like or dislike this Coach and Team have learned how to win as a team and it is fun to watch them play again.

  • phil ross

    What do you mean no intensity, I think they played their hearts out.. The problem is that Northwestern had it too.  I love this team, Hulls who u say had his worse game was dogged all evening and the 1-3-1 zone was used to stop the 3’s.  In case you didn’t notice Hulls stepped up when needed and hit the 3.  This team has someone new almost every night step up and make baskets, steals or play good defense when needed.  Tonight we don’t win without contributions from Jones, Pritchard and Sheehey.  This is a really good team and I wish the naysayers would leave them alone.  If you have ever played sports you know that sometimes you get the bear and sometimes the bear gets you.  What is really nice is that people are stepping up.  Haven’t seen  that at IU for awhile.  Go Hoosiers

  • phil ross

    Amen brother they  are a TEAM!!!!!!!!!

  • GoColts88

    Not enough ball movement, spacing, hedging.