• Beard

    Lots of interesting comments regarding next year’s team and the overall depth.  It is hard to see how CTC will be able to get minutes for everyone.   I believe there may well be about 7 rotations with each getting 5 minutes of time for the first 35 minutes.  It’s just my opinion, but I would divide the roations up mainly like this in order to get experience on each set of five guys per half

    1) *Here I want to get out quick in the first 5 minutes with an athletic set of guys all capable of scoring in ways and 4 of the 5 consistently good on defense.  Also I want to get these guys in the flow with a full 5 minutes before I make any subs. 
    PG — Yogi
    SG — VO
    SF — Watford
    PF — Perea
    C —   Zeller

    2) *This unit is about getting experience with Hulls and Sheehey on the court with the younger guys.  The defense is solid and you are counting on Hulls to shot well, with Hollowell as the best pure scorer on the floor and Sheehey able to put up points too. 
    PG — Hulls
    SG — Abell/Patterson  (Abell for 2.5 minutes then Patterson for 2.5 minutes)
    SF — Sheehey
    PF — Hollowell
    C —   Jurkin

    3)* This is my best defensive unit and one that I want pressuring the opponent for most of the court.  Other than Zeller I want all of these guys to be totally gassed when they are done with this five minute stretch 
    PG — Yogi
    SG — Patterson/Abell (Abell and Patterson split minutes again with Patterson getting 5 straight.  This will be hard for Abell to get into the flow offensively but his contribution like Patterson is mainly on defense. 
    SF — VO
    PF — Perea
    C —   Zeller

    4)* I want to close the half out scoring well so I have veteran guys who are experienced here with a solid offensive presence
    PG — Hulls
    SG — Sheehey
    SF — Hollowell
    PF — Watford
    C —  Zeller


    Zeller        15 minutes
    VO           10 minutes
    Hulls        10 minutes
    Yogi          10 minutes
    Perea        10 minutes
    Watford     10 minutes
    Sheehey   10 minutes
    Hollowell   10 minutes
    Patterson   5 minutes
    Abell          5 minutes
    Jurkin         5 minutes


    So how do you guys think CTC will manage to get playing time for all of these talented players.  A nice problem to have is what a majority of posters will say and I agree.  But I’m actually looking to see how others thing that the minutes will get divided up amongst everyone.  I do believe it could be a real issue. 

  • Matt

    I guess i don’t see a reason why yogi HAS to start next year – you definitely can’t start him and hulls becaus you have no one to guard the two.

    Minutes will be hard to come by next year for sure, and thats a good thing. Let the freshman sit a little bit – don’t want to expose them to NBA scouts too early…

  • Matt

    Also want to point out that theae guys are dominating against hs players but D1 ball is a step up. To say hollowell will start next year I think is a little shortsided considering we will have upperclassmen swing men in will, vic and cwat whose bodies have matured.

    The guard/wing position is our deepest. Buss and hollowell will really have to fight for minutes – we’ll see how committed both of them really are to the program.

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    I agree. I would love to see the Roth walk on scenario happen. Keep in mind redshirt players still count to scholly numbers and we are over one. I would hate to be in CTC’s position. Heart strings will be pulled.

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    Horrible position to be in. I still believe Creek has the trump card. I see AE cheering the guys on like a kid on Christmas and it breaks my heart for him to think what may happen. Ball State might be on his future if no other solutions are found. This had been tearing me up for about a month. I hope a solution is found so we can keep the team intact completely.

  • Tcooper387

    1. Yogi
    2. Hulls/ olidipo/ sheehey
    3. Olidipo/ sheehey
    4. Watford
    5. Zeller

  • Kennydescombes

    I actually think that the lineup will be pretty steady all year.  But I see Hulls starting at point every game, and Yogi coming off the bench early and often with Hulls switching to the 2 spot.  The rest of the starters will likely be Zeller, Watford, Oladipo and Sheehey. 

  • Kennydescombes

    I think that Creek will come back and be a nice addition off the bench next year.  If he actually stays healthy for a year then he may be a huge factor with a really athletic second unit. 

  • Kennydescombes

    I don’t have any inside information, but logically speaking the solution that seems quite possible to the schollarship issue is one of the kids from a more wealthy family giving up their scholarship; perhaps Elston or Zeller. 

  • The_Real_Assembly_Hall

    I agree with you. It is hard to swallow that we are needing to associate building our team after an OSU model. Man I can’t wait to own the Buckeyes once again. They better get it done this year because Indiana is going to keep them from winning the Big Ten for some time to come. Go IU!

  • When these 5 arrive next year, they will have been calling themselves the movement for about two years, what happens if ” The Movement” arrives and the team is so log-jammed for PT that some of these freshman or upperclassmen aren’t getting the PT they think they deserve? I’m extremely excited about next year but I’m also a little apprehensive of some of these freshmen coming in and becoming frustrated if they aren’t immediately starters or playing a ton of minutes. 

    Am I the only one feeling this way?

  • Kelin Blab

    I am not feeling this way anymore given these kids know this is a good team they are coming into and the improvements by Will and VO gives an insight as to what their sophomore years could look like. They should also see how Remy and Cody have done.  I am sure Crean knows how to manage this problem.

  • Brklynhoosier

    Yeah, it’s not like he didn’t have Steve Novak his frosh yr deferring to DWade and Travis Dieter…

  • Miamihoosier

    Name one team in the history of college basketball who has been able to do that…….no one….it is actually possible we could sub 5 players next year that are better as a collective than the 5 starters, and that has never happened in the sport before…(UCLA’s freshman team with Alcindor apparently was that good, but freshman didn’t play then)

  • calbert40

    Completely agree; however, I think that Yogi’s talent will eventually put him in the starting lineup by the end of the season.  Practice will be more intense than most of their games, I bet. 

  • calbert40

    I hate to spend too much time RE: next year’s starting lineup, because we have a really solid team playing some good ball right now!  Still, the temptation is a little much…  That being said, though, I believe that the starting lineup is less important to discern than who will be in the significant PT rotation.

    I think that CTC will break it down with at least 2 players being primary ball handlers, but maybe 3.  We will have 2-3 primary post players, and 4-5 wings getting significant time.

    This is how I would classify each player, and then placed in order of minutes played:
    Ball Handlers – Jordy, Yogi, Remy
    Wings – VO, CWat, Will, Hollowell, RP, Etherington, Creek, maybe Roth
    Post – Zeller, Perea, DE, Jurkin

    * I think Jordy and Yogi will play together quite a bit, so that will cut into the wings’ time.  I also think that Remy will find a way to get his minutes too.  How refreshing to have such good options at the Point?!

    * I think VO, CWat and Will will earn the majority of minutes with the others earning more inconsistent minutes. 

    * If Creek is healthy, I think you have to move him up in front of Hollowell in the rotation…at least initially.  It would be nearly impossible for CTC to not at least give him the opportunity to earn his minutes back.  It is easy to forget that Mo was our best player before getting hurt as a freshman.

    * I think that HP will make it impossible for CTC to sit him.  He is EXACTLY what we have been missing: an athletic rebounder and shot blocker.  He will play a LOT!

    I also think that some of the freshmen will struggle to find consistent minutes regardless of position.  The team is too deep to think otherwise.  I think Jurkin will see very limited minutes next season.  I think that RP and Hollowell will play a lot some games and very little in others.  Obviously, I think that RP and Hollowell will be extremely important members of the team next year, but their real value in terms of minutes played might not be fully realized until their sophomore seasons.

  • Kelin Blab

    Crean just raved about Etherington last week getting better. The kid isn’t going anywhere at all. These things always work out.

  • doclibby

    I agree with this line up. Yogi isn’t sure what his spot will be (starting or off the bench) but he ready to play and run the floor when it’s time. I don’t think there’s a team that can hold him and we will see a lot of teams changing up their defense trying. Can’t wait for an exciting season!

  • b_side

    Might be a bandwidth issue from your modem (cable, wireless, etc).  I use Chrome both at home and work.  My home modem isn’t fast enough so the video skips like you describe, but my machine at work is much faster.  I don’t think your browser is the issue.

  • b_side

    Yes.  In fact, it was their future lottery pick Andre Drummond who paid his own way.  Great story.

  • b_side

    Given what Burke is doing at Michigan and what Craft did as a freshman at OSU, I don’t see Yogi having problems picking up the speed of the college game.  Both he and Burke are similar in stature/build as well.  More importantly, no team can press us successfully with Yogi at the point like they do now.  

    I also think Watford plays his best at his natural position — the 3 spot.  And the team is playing great ball with Elston at the 4.  That said, if Hanner picks up the game fast enough, he starts next to Cody.  If not, Elston keeps his starting role.

  • jpniles

    I am not going to predict playing time or how it will check out, but we are going to be so deeeeeeeeep next year. I just don’t see a team in the nation that will be this deep barring any injuries. Check it out:

    Ball-handlers: Yogi, Abell, Hulls, Oladipo, Patterson
    Wings & Rebounders: Hulls, Oladipo, Sheehey, Hollowell, Watford, Perea, Patterson, Elston
    Post-presence: CZ, PJ, Elston

    This makes 12 guys that can legitimately play. Crean will finally be able to implement his “next man up” philosophy without losing a whole lot of talent. Plus, if you add Creek (if healthy) and the occasional minute or two from Etherington, there will be so many interchangeable parts that will make mismatches all over the floor. There will be guys that can get to the bucket at every position. We will have the ability to just run people off of the floor. We will be like Missouri is this year but better. We will be longer and have 1.5 legit big men who can run the floor with the guards. Soooooo many shooters + Soooooo many long wings + the ability to get to the bucket + a post presence = BANNERS, PEOPLE!!!! BANNERS!!! As long as this team stays together, we are going to win. There will be some growing pains. However, we finally have leadership for the new guys. We have guys who have lost and know that it sucks. We now have guys that know how good it is to win. SO EXCITED!!! Yes, when I use caps, I am yelling.

    P.S. It will be nice to be able to put a long, big man on Cody in practice. Next year, he is going to be dominant! 

  • FanaticHoosier

    Some people are concerned that some players will get upset if they don’t see enough PT.  I don’t see this as a problem.  Crean doesn’t recruit players who have a “me first mentality”.  I don’t see any of them complaining about PT, especially the current players who already see that they don’t get the same PT from game to game.  This mentality should be passed down to the freshmen as well by the upperclassmen.

    Each player is going to have to realize that their PT is going to be determined by two factors 1) practice performance and 2) game conditions.  We know that Crean bases his minutes on how each player practices, I don’t see this changing.  As far as game conditions, this could be anything from foul situations to match-ups to individual performance.  The best part about having 13 viable options is that it is highly unlikely that all of them will have an off night.  Chances are 2-3 people will be clicking on any given night.

  • 888

    I just dont see how Yogi doesnt start and play most of the game. Its the one peice that this years team is missibg from being top 5. There is NOBODY on this team that can do what he does period.  IF Mo is healthy hes gonna play alot as well. The rest of the country better hope hes not cause if he is its gonna be extremly tough to beat us no matter where we play at. Howmany fouls can we give up to put poor freethrow shooters at the line. We will be ranked top 5 all year and #1 for a good portion of that.

  • Tmaster871

    such a dynamic player. Gonna be great for IU next year.

  • Kennydescombes

    I actually think that you may be on to something when talking about having two distinct units to swap, especially in the firt half of a game.  If you just think about the familiarity of 4 of the 5 freshman playing together against top AAU teams over the past summers, and swapping in Jurkin for the 7’0″ that they were playing with instead.  I do not see it being much of an adjustment to play with a better big man than you are accustomed to playing with.   I certainly don’t think that the sqauds should split the playing time, but maybe the second unit could spell the starters at around the 14 minute mark, and about at the 10 minute mark come back with Zeller, Hulls, and another starter depending on the opponents matchups.  By doing so sliding Hulls to the 2 spot and playing with Yogi.   We will certainly have the horses to run teams into the ground through the course of a 40 minute game.