Fischer hopes to return early next week

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It’s been just four weeks since Luke Fischer suffered a chipped bone in his right knuckle that required surgery, but the 6-foot-9 junior from Germantown, Wisconsin says he’s nearing a return.

“We know that I get my pins out next week on Monday [the 13th]. We have a game on the 14th, the next day,” Fischer told Inside the Hall. “If the doctor releases me, we’re hoping to get out there a little bit and see what it starts to be like. I don’t think I’ll be playing a lot, but it will just feel good to get back out there.”

Without Fischer in the lineup, Germantown (18-0) has continued to dominate the highest level competition in Wisconsin.

The Warhawks, ranked No. 1 in the latest Associated Press Division I top ten poll, have not played a game closer than 11 points all season. Watching his teammates succeed during his absence has only made Fischer more hungry to return.

“It’s terrible [being out],” he said. “Even during practice now I’m getting bored sitting out, I just want to get back in there. I never thought I’d ever say that but I just want to get out there and play again.”

Through 12 games prior to his injury, Fischer was averaging 16.8 points per game.

Fischer’s been unable to do much with his right hand since suffering the injury on Jan. 12. So he’s increased work on other parts of his game.

“A lot of running. We have our strength coach come in and do some like band work with me,” Fischer said. “Dribbling, speed and quickness stuff. A lot of left-handed hook shots and left-handed tips. I’m getting real good dunking with my left hand, too. It kind of feels weird, but it’s going to help my game a lot.”

One thing Fischer hasn’t had to worry about in recent weeks is recruiting. The 6-foot-9 junior made a verbal commitment to Indiana on Dec. 31 during an unofficial visit for the Ohio State game.

Still, Fischer found himself wearing a Wisconsin T-shirt recently thanks to his teammate Zak Showalter, who will walk-on for the Badgers next fall.

“We always mess around with each other,” he laughed. “When Wisconsin and Indiana played, we had a bet. Whoever lost had to wear the winning team’s stuff the next day. I actually ended up wearing a Wisconsin shirt the next day. I didn’t like it at all, but we have fun like that.”

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  • HoosierPat

    As long as he continues to work hard, this could actually help him down the road.  Being able to go with either hand well will be an advantage.  Hopefully he gets back in soon and does well.

  • A.Schick

    Yup. Breaking either hand forces you to put in work with the other. I already love this kid and his mentality. We could use a Wisconsin-style big man to support Cody and Peter. 

  • A.Schick

    Yup. Breaking either hand forces you to put in work with the other. I already love this kid and his mentality. We could use a Wisconsin-style big man to support Cody and Peter. 

  • SCHoosier

    Work with the alternate hand will only make him a better player..this guy gets serious in the weight room..he can be 6-10 and BIG by the time he’s a Soph in College.


    If he worked his nonshooting hand hard while the other hand healed it will be a good thing in the long run. My son broke his right arm, his shooting arm, and was of course out for an extended amount of time and with some consistent nudging he used a lot of  that time to work on his nonshooting hand and while he knew he had gotten better he didn’t realize just how much it had helped him until he got back in actual competition and once he seen just how much it had improved his game getting him to work his off hand took no nudging at all. It added another whole dimension to his game. Here’s to hoping that Luke sees this and continues to work on his off hand even after everything else is healed up.

  • Hoosieraccipiter

    Lol. I like this kid already

  • Hoosieraccipiter

    Lol. I like this kid already