Podcast on the Brink: What’s wrong with the Hoosiers?

  • 01/19/2012 1:11 pm in

The Hoosiers have lost three in a row and are coming off arguably their most disappointing defeat of the season in a 70-69 loss at Nebraska. To discuss Indiana’s recent skid, Zachary Osterman of 247Sports and InsideIndiana joins Podcast On The Brink to give his take on the team’s play.

Hosts Greg Rosenstein and Matt Dollinger ask Osterman about what went wrong in Wednesday night’s loss and the team’s poise down the stretch. Osterman also talks about the importance of Sunday’s matchup against Penn State and how the outcome of the game could affect the remainder of the season.

The group also discusses the team’s decision-making at the end of games and tries to figure out why IU has struggled after a 15-1 start. At the end of the show, Rosenstein squares off with our guest once again in a Hoosier trivia contest. Unlike last time with Alex Bozich, Rosenstein fares slightly better.

So tune in and enjoy. As always feel free to drop us a note at [email protected]. We will be back next week after the Penn State game so be sure to check back.

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Note: In case you missed it, check out Tuesday’s “Recruiting Special” podcast with Evan Daniels of Scout.com and Kyle Neddenriep of the Indy Star.

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  • Silkyslim

    The problem?  It is called youth.  Our Hoosiers have had NO experience with winning.  Being consistent is not as easy as it seems.  Plus, we were over-rated as we sneaked out some exciting games against some good teams at home.  Top 25 yes, top 10 no.
       Reality can be a tough pill to swallow, but this team still has some major growing pains to endure.  Still, this will be an exciting year, just not the illusions of grandeur that many enthusiastically thought.

  • Casey B.

    I’ve never bought into this school of thought. The whole “they’re not used to winning” argument is overblown, in my opinion.

    Zeller’s a three-time state champion. Oladipo comes from one of the most prestigious high school programs in the country. Jordan Hulls played on an undefeated team and won a state championship.

    Undoubtedly, there is a huge difference between those two levels, but consistency in winning requires the same things at any level – hard work, toughness, focus, etc.

    I think it has more to do with how well they execute based on those principles that it is them not having enough experience winning. I don’t think it’s that deep.