• KokomoJoe

    Why does Crean continue to play Jones. He absolutely kills this squad. Lazy defense and horrible turnovers usually equate to extended bench time!

  • Well, in bettter news….I got the last two pick to click’s right.  

  • RckyMtnHoosier

    Well, that was a bit embarrassing…Maybe just a reminder that the real “Movement” will occur next year. Still 15-2, no reason to be ashamed.  The kids just drank too much Kool-Aid.  I love this site, only now a contributor.   Let’s take the lesson learned and move forward.

    Go IU!!

  • Aceman_Mujezinovic_07

    Wow, that sucks!

  • 888

    Im afraid were gonna see more of this. We should have wiped the floor with this team. They simply outworked IU in every phase of the game. How many times can u forget to blockout. Teams that crash the boards give us fits. They start playn volleyball. Watford and Oladipo had their worst games of the year. We saw an old habit return (dribble the air out of the ball). I really like CTC but Tubby had his team ready and CTC didnt. The zone worked better than man to man but he kept goin away from it. I think if we would have ran a Full-court trap just to get them to play faster the outcome may have been differnt.  This was a terrible loss and will probably cost us a shot at the BIG title. The bright side is Jones is graduating and CTC wont be able to call on him to bail us out  next year. Still love my team though. Theyve came along way and im proud of them. Great teams dont lose to the worst teams in the conference at home though, We got exposed and the other coaches are gonna cram it down low and crash the boards till we prove we can stop it,