HD Video: Davis, Graham on Warren Central’s OT win

  • 01/03/2012 10:27 pm in

Led by 27 points and 10 rebounds from junior forward and IU commit Devin Davis, host Warren Central edged Lawrence North 56-52 in overtime on Tuesday night.

It was the fifth straight win for the Warriors, who are coached by former Indiana guard Greg Graham.

Inside the Hall was in attendance and caught up with both Davis Jr. and Graham afterward. Watch both interviews in high-definition quality in the embedded media players below:

(Note: Interview with Davis was conducted outside of the gym after a fire alarm was pulled.)

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  • jgon86

    May the basketball gods give you one or two more inches of height.  This guy could be big time as a power forward.  

  • Shime

    I really like this kid, and with G. Graham working with him the sky is the limit.

  • Anonymous

    Joe, did Devin give any indication on severity of the nerve damage? That’s not something I’m familiar with, is it long term or just need rest?

  • Turtleborn

    GG#20 has put on a few lbs.  🙂 Great Player for IU!

  • 888

    You said it all right there. Devin is one of the players Im most excited about. Itll be tough if he doesnt grow though. I can see him bulking up and CTC letting Calbert take him under his wing to makehim excell.Hes very underrated.Any kid who can put up numbers like him in the Indy area is a player. The gurus who give out stars have him pegged wrong.Guys hes not playing in Boise Idaho against no talent. Hartmans really good too. Just give them both 2 to 3 more inches and wow.

  • randy

    The one thing that stands out to me, something that reveals the potential for Davis to fit into Tom Crean’s system, is the fact he continued to talk about the importance of team basketball.  I feel that says more about his potential to play an important role at IU than whether or not he adds any height.  AJ Moye was undersized for his position, and I doubt many would complain about his career performance.

  • From Joe: 

    “Chatted with to him prior to turning on the camera, and it sounded like it wasn’t a huge deal. I think it’s just a case of being an annoyance and needing time to rest or just avoid hurting it more. Definitely something he can play through.”

  • Anonymous

    I looked at his recruiting profile, and he is listed at 6’6″, but has a 7 ft wingspan.  That is very impressive.  IF he is a true 6’6″, then I think he will be fine, but if he is really 6’4″, then that won’t.  I like his game a lot though.