2012 Indiana Basketball Recruiting Board

The 2012 Indiana Basketball Recruiting Board, inspired by the Football Recruiting Board on mgoblog, is a collection of information on recruits that Indiana is believed to be recruiting for its 2012 class.

Information that appears on school lists is collected from public recruit profiles on ESPN, Rivals, Scout and various news outlets. School lists only denote reported interest, not offers. The board should not be considered a complete list of prospects being recruited and is not endorsed by Indiana University.

If there is a prospect we should consider adding, please drop us an email at [email protected].

Last Updated: 10/24/2011

Projected Class Size: 6

The Board:

Peter Jurkin (Committed on August 9, 2010)

Center, 7-0, 205-pounds, United Faith Christian Academy (NC), Indiana Elite
ESPN: 3-star (NR); Rivals: 3-star (NR); Scout: 3-star (NR)

Notes: Indiana’s first 2012 commit is an impressive shot blocker and his length makes him an intriguing prospect. Jurkin announced for Indiana at halftime of the adidas Nations championship game. His offensive game is still developing and he’ll need to work on his upper body strength before arriving in Bloomington. Jurkin took his official visit to Bloomington for Hoosier Hysteria.

Ron Patterson (Committed on August 15, 2010)

Guard, 6-3, 200-pounds, Broad Ripple (IN), Indiana Elite One
ESPN: 3-star (NR); Rivals: 3-star (131); Scout: 3-star (NR)

Notes: The second addition to Indiana’s 2012 recruiting class, the Broad Ripple guard committed to the Hoosiers on an unofficial visit in mid-August of 2010. He’s excellent at finishing in transition and can knock down shots from the outside in the halfcourt when he’s given room to operate. He was named Indianapolis player of the year as a junior and is expected to take his official visit on homecoming weekend.

Hanner Perea (Committed on October 31, 2010)

Forward, 6-7, 205-pounds, LaPorte La Lumiere (IN), Indiana Elite
ESPN: 4-star (47); Rivals: 5-star (16); Scout: 4-star (31)

Notes: After the buzz of potential NCAA rules violations by Baylor in his recruitment subsided, Perea attended Night of the Living Red with Austin Etherington and Cody Zeller and committed to the Hoosiers just two days later. Perea is a high-level athlete who is only beginning to scratch the surface of his potential. Offensively, he’s arguably the most explosive finisher in the 2012 class and defensively, he can be a nightmare to try to score on in the post due to his athleticism and length. He’s also a close friend of 2012 commit Peter Jurkin.

Yogi Ferrell (Committed on November 24, 2010)

Guard, 5-10, 170-pounds, Park Tudor (IN), Indiana Elite
ESPN: 4-star (33); Rivals: 5-star (17); Scout: 4-star (32)

Notes: Ferrell’s timeline accelerated after the Cody Zeller decision and the Park Tudor floor general made the pledge to IU just 13 days after the Zeller signing. Ferrell’s size hasn’t stopped scouts from falling in love with his ability to score and make plays for teammates. He’s an explosive playmaker who will command immediate minutes upon his arrival. Ferrell led Park Tudor to a 2A state championship in March and took his official visit to Bloomington for Hoosier Hysteria.

Jeremy Hollowell (Committed on March 24, 2011)

Forward, 6-7, 195-pounds, Lawrence Central (IN), Indiana Elite
ESPN: 4-star (58); Rivals: 4-star (48); Scout: 4-star (36)

Notes: The latest addition to Indiana’s 2012 class, Hollowell is a complete wing who can do a little bit of everything: Score, handle the ball, play defense and rebound. He chose the Hoosiers over Ohio State and Purdue at a March press conference at Lawrence Central. Hollowell participated in adidas Nations in August and is expected to take his official visit on homecoming weekend.

  • IUfanPurduePhD

    We'll have three open scholarships plus the oversign, so look for us to add four of these studs. Just about any combination of these guys would certainly rival the '09 class of Creek, Watford, Elston, and Hulls, and could be–in my estimation–the best class in more than a decade.

    Thanks Alex & Co.! Go get 'em Crean!!!

  • jgongora86

    I wonder why Jurkin is ranked so low. He's not like project like Bawa, and the man knows how to run and up the floor effectively. If he gains some muscle this kid could be a force.

  • Tom

    Alex…why do you include Wanaah Bail in your July Evaluation period for 2012 kids, but not on this hot board? How strong is the interest from Indiana in this kid and vice versa?

  • Haven't updated the 2012 board since the beginning of the month, which is why he's not included. He should be on the next board when it's updated at the conclusion of July.

  • iu fan

    4 the 2012 class ther will b 6 scholarships

  • Anonymous

    1.) Does anyone now feel bad that IU didn’t get Kaminski?
    2.) Love seeing a crooked number on the first digit in Jurkin’s weight.
    3.) Did Hammons shrink 2″?
    4.) If Harris has designs on playing basketball and football in college that would eliminate XU from his list, and I would assume IU would be more willing to let a kid do both than football snobs OSU and ND (I know the precedent has been set by several at IU—Buckner, Hales, Randle-El, Hardy, I’m sure others I’m forgetting. I obviously have a lot less knowledge of Notre Dame & Ohio State but I can’t recall anyone doing both at either of those schools, although Harangody should have been a tight end.)
    5.) There’s something about looking at Yogi that reminds me of Zeke.

  • Casey B.

    Remember that Jurkin’s got two years of high school left. My guess is he’ll be up there when it’s all said and done, especially with two years of motivation and input from the IU staff.

    Bawa was ranked something like #111 his senior year. I imagine Jurkin will be ranked higher.

    And remember, more than anything, that rankings mean about as much as your daily horoscope. I’m excited to have Jurkin in an IU uniform.

  • Casey B.

    Remember that Jurkin’s got two years of high school left. My guess is he’ll be up there when it’s all said and done, especially with two years of motivation and input from the IU staff.

    Bawa was ranked something like #111 his senior year. I imagine Jurkin will be ranked higher.

    And remember, more than anything, that rankings mean about as much as your daily horoscope. I’m excited to have Jurkin in an IU uniform.

  • 323Grant

    There is a nice free video of Wannah Bail at HardwoodElite.com

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    I remember reading recently Gary Harris has no interest in playing college football, he knows his bread will be buttered in basketball.

  • Evan

    It kinda shows how unreliable the rankings really are. As Casey pointed out, Bawa was actually ranked higher, and having seen Peter play multiple times, he is much more ready to play at the next level right now than Bawa was ever was.

  • I believe that’s correct. I only included the football note because he’s been contacted in that regard.

  • Spiderman0551

    The Zeke comparison is very apparent for those of us that saw him play way back when. Change the clothes and hairstyle, and he looks very similar in terms of how he looks on the court.

  • Luke72

    Not say’in Yogi has all the skills Zeke had but I do believe he could be just as important to helping us hang banner # 6!!!!!

  • Plane1972

    Cam Cameron is another for your list of two-sport guys at IU.

  • Plane1972

    Playing off the posts from yesterday, I had crazy dreams of Tom Crean in a hair net and black horn-rimmed glasses serving Sloppy Joe’s to Hollowell and refusing service to the Illini staff.

  • GFDave

    What a smorgasbord of players! So many choices to satisfy a hungry hoosier palette. Start the meal with an appetizer of Yogi and then have a main course of Jurkin and a side of Patterson and some Perea wings. Lastly, finish at the rim with your choice of Hollowell or Harris. Yummy.

  • I agree with the Zeke reference…his handle and shot make Yogi a must get. Hanner and Harris on board with Yogi would be an effective group for CTC esp with Jurkin and Patterson on board. Cody would be the glue and if we could add a wide body (eg Goff or likeness) to rebound than the table for CTC is set for a big ten and NCAA run. Anything else would be frosting on the cake.

  • Anonymous

    i’ve always read that hollowell lacks athleticism, and from his highlights it had seemed that way too..but then i saw him dunking at open gym in vids posted on his facebook page. HE’s ATHLETIC…don’t be fooled. i think they were right about him looking lazy on the court. i’m not going to say he has VO type hops…i would say he’s probably a little less than gambles at HH last year.
    is hollowell the same position as AE? if we land all the guys we’re aiming for…and no one declares…nothing short of a national championship will be disappointing.

  • Anonymous

    What about RJ Hunter????? Kid is a sleeper in a deeeeep 2012 class. classic case of name that gets lost in the mix because Indiana has such a loaded class. I really think this kid is going to rise through the rankings..what you guys think?

  • Yogi Kelin Zeller

    I see the entire staff visited Wannah Bail recently….He is Hanner with a jumpshot. Interesting

  • get real

    Zeke was the best under 6′ player in the last 50 years. Yogi may physically resemble Zeke but I doubt that he is even the best under 6′ player in his class. We tend as fans to over hype players.

  • get real

    bail is better than Perea and plays similiar to Cheaney.

  • Anonymous

    I haven’t even seen Yogi play so I was referring strictly to appearance, no hype considered. I wouldn’t expect that he’ll play to the level of Isiah, either, but Isiah was 6’1″.

  • get real

    He may have been listed at 6’1″ but I stood next to him in the Detroit airport and was the same height—I’m 5’11”.

  • Kemberwalker

    indiana is also on 6foot5 point guard michael carey, great size for position nice handles and one of the top pg in his class also one of the smoothest

  • cooper

    I’m personally hoping for Wanaah for the name factor alone

  • get real

    If for some reason we miss on Perea and Yogi , but reeled in Bail and Carey—– we would not suffer any. The 2 bahama guys are ballers!

  • Jmfriedman

    I hope we hear some good news soon. I am starting to get nervous about the negative possibilities if we don’t hear good news from Cody. I know the “rumors” and so forth look good, but I assume from a player perspective, there has to be some anxiety about getting left out in the cold without a ride if IU was the place they REALLY wanted to be. I don’t know, I just assumed we would have heard more by now from someone….Hanner, perhaps……. I can’t take another huge letdown over a recruit.

  • Outoftheloop

    Wasn’t there a kid who played with Tarczewski named Murphy who is very good?

  • Outoftheloop

    No, 4 plus the oversign = 5 for 2012: Roth, Jones, Pritchard and Guy. With Ron and Peter committed that leaves 2 more plus the oversign. How do you come up with 5 plus the oversign = 6?

  • Yeah, I wrote that back when it looked like our 2011 class was going to be 3 people.

  • M&Choosierfactory

    Can someone clue me in? I have been reading on other sites that Parea may have made a commitment this weekend. Where is this rumor coming from? If true, why would it be kept quiet?

  • Anonymous

    #teamharris lets go baby, lets get that verbal baby!!

  • Anonymous

    Very nice job.

  • Anonymous

    Is Indiana not having any interest in Malik London? Just wondered since I didn’t see him on this board?

  • Anonymous

    2012 is good, CTC should invest time in 2011. We will all see this season that we need immediate help…the sooner the better

  • Anonymous

    A new name to consider: Joel James, 6’10, junior Center at Dwyer, in Palm Beach County, FL. He will likely grow to 7’/285 before he graduates. He could be a “Beast” in the paint.

  • Anonymous

    What about #13 Tarczewski 7’/220, and #74 Sherron Dorsey-Walker who both still list IU?

  • Don’t see either as much of a possibility at this time so both have been removed.

  • millzy32

    Bail’s rankings are all over the place. 91, 61, 15???? Does he have a relative working for Rivals? I wish there was more consistency between the ranking agencies.

  • Hoosiers1111

    Didn’t Hollowell switch to Indiana Elite? He’s still listed with the Eric Gordon Stars on here.

  • Have not verified that and he’s still listed on the EG All Stars site. We’ll find out this weekend.

  • Noted.

  • Anonymous

    I know that you are well informed, can you share what your opinion is based on?

  • Anonymous


  • Ronniephilebaum

    Its great to see kids from the hoosier state stay home and play for Indiana.Move over Duke here we come.We have a great coach,and Indiana has the greatest players in the world.Bobby got three championship.If we can just keep these Indana boys here,we will be back on top.Just so happy we have a couch who gone after these kids from the hoosier state.I LOVE INDIANA BASKETBALL…..GO BIG RED

  • Camdencoldren

    my first choice would be Yogi Ferrell

  • ufo3

    Ron Patterson is flying in under the radar to IU.
    A long defensive athlete who has only scratched
    the surface of his raw explosive athletic potential.

  • ufo3

    IU could use Yogi now!